Who I am and what is my God flame?

TOPICS: Look within to know who you are – follow your highest love – how to get answers from within – your divine plan – not trusting your intuition – certain things not found in outer teachings – a novena –

Question: Would you care to describe who I am, what my flame is or what my Divine plan is?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Consider why you are asking me that question. In other words, why would you ask a source outside of yourself to reveal to you the core of your own being?

The essential realization here is that you cannot fully be who you are by hearing it from an outside source. To be who you are, the understanding and realization must come from within. If you are looking to an outside source for the answer, then you are looking in the wrong place. To find the answer, go within instead of thinking that the answer must come to you from without.

You already know what your flame is; you simply do not dare to trust your intuition and that is why you are asking for an outer confirmation. The key to discovering your spiritual flame is to determine which positive, God-like quality that you love above everything else. Follow you highest love, and you will discover your spiritual flame.

If I was a false teacher, I would give you an answer so that you would come to depend on me and come back for more answers. Because I am a true teacher, I cannot and will not give you the answer because you must find it inside yourself.

This is not as difficult as you might think when you use the technique for inner attunement. Apply that technique and tune in to your Christ self instead of Jesus Christ. Ask your Christ self to reveal this to you and repeat the exercise over several days (see also the 33-day vigil). You will begin to get answers, and when you feel that you get consistent answers, trust those answers.

In terms of your divine plan, the first and foremost part of your divine plan is to discover your true God-given identity and to express that identity in this world. You can build on that foundation by deciding who you are and who you want to be. Again this is not something you can be told from an outer source; it must come from within. Your lifestream can discover this, but in order to do so you must resolve the question of why you do not dare to trust your intuition.

You will see that the answer to this question is that in past lives you felt that you made wrong choices by listening to advice from without. Because you feel your intuition should have warned you (even though you were not listening to the inner warnings), you feel that you can no longer trust your intuition. Use appropriate techniques,  to go back and rediscover the original reason you decided that you cannot trust your Christ self. You will see that it goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden when you listened to the serpentine voice, the outer voice, and used the logic, the serpentine logic, of that outer voice to overrule and ignore the voice of your Christ self.

There is a wisdom in the fact that a spiritual teacher has outer and inner teachings. I taught the multitudes in parables but expounded all things to my disciples because the multitudes were not ready for the full force of my teaching. However, there is another aspect of this. There are certain teachings that can never be spoken as an outer teaching because part of the spiritual path is that the lifestream must discover certain things on its own.

As a spiritual teacher it is my job to help you discover and follow the spiritual path, but it must be an inner path. I am not willing to give you certain teachings from an outer source because the essence of the path is to help you trust the inner source. The outer teacher is simply here to remind you of the existence of the inner teacher.

Yet if you want a practical suggestion for how you can discover your life’s purpose and divine plan, give a novena to the Great Divine Director and you will surely receive the assistance you are ready for at your present level of development.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels