Where is the Buddhic level?

TOPICS:  The Buddhic level is the level of the I AM Presence – Nirvana is the Allness – Alpha and Omega on two levels – Helios and Vesta and God and Goddess Meru –

Question: How do the levels of the I AM Presence and Christ self relate to what some esoteric teachings call the ‘Buddhic level’? What is really the nirvanic level (and nirvana)? Is it what has been called the unmanifest Absolute? Is it the level where Helios and Vesta abide in the heart of the Sun? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There are different interpretations of the Buddhic level in esoteric teachings. So let me give you my interpretation. The Buddhic level is the level of the I AM Presence. It is therefore above and beyond the etheric level, which is the highest level of the material universe. The Christ self is always where you are.

Nirvana is the Buddhist word for the unmanifest absolute, or as I have called it, the state of pure Being or the Allness. It is God in its unmanifest form.

As we explain elsewhere, the world of form was created as a series of spheres. So there is a hierarchy of ascended beings who are linked to the unascended sphere in which you live. At the highest level of this hierarchy are two beings, called Alpha and Omega. This level is in some esoteric teachings called the Great Central Sun, but this is the central sun of your unascended sphere. There is also a central sun for each galaxy.

There is also a central “sun” at the highest level of the spiritual realm, in what was the first sphere to ascend. And here you also find two beings, called Alpha and Omega. They represent the highest level of the Godhead that is the source of the world of form created by our Creator.

The sun of every solar system in the material universe also has two spiritual hierarchs who serve the lifestreams that embody in that solar system. These hierarchs abide in the highest level of the etheric octave of that solar system. Helios and Vesta have been the spiritual hierarchs for the sun of the solar system in which you live. Yet on July 4, 2012 that position was taken over by God and Goddess Meru, who used to be the hierarchs of the retreat of the Temple of the Sun over Lake Titicaca.


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