What would Jesus say about modern Christianity?

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Question: What does Jesus think about modern Christianity?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

This is a question that all sincere Christians, and many spiritually-minded people who do not consider themselves to be Christians, should be thinking about. And then, they should seek the answer inside their own hearts where I can give it to them directly. However, I will give you some general ideas that will give you a feel for what I, Jesus Christ, think about the religion that claims to be representing me on earth.

First of all, I want to say that modern Christianity is so diversified that it is almost impossible to make any statement without putting forth a sweeping generalization that will inevitably be unjust to some people. I clearly recognize that there are millions of people who are sincerely and devoutly following my teachings to the best of their ability, given the fragmented and distorted versions of my teachings that have been made available to them.

Yet, I must tell you that the Christianity I see on earth today is so far away from my original vision and intention that if I were not a cosmic being who is centered in the peace of God, I would literally weep at the thought of what might have been.

Had my true, inner teachings been made available to the people of earth, this planet would already have entered a golden age of peace, prosperity and progress. I came with a vision of such a golden age, and I still hold that vision for earth. Yet, I must tell you that before such a golden age could possibly manifest on earth, before my Father’s kingdom could possibly descend into physical manifestation, many changes are needed.

I would like to see those who claim to be my followers, those who claim to be Christians, be the very first to sincerely consider and pursue these changes. Yet, from a realistic viewpoint, I think this desire is extremely unlikely to be fulfilled. The sad fact is that most mainstream Christians have closed their minds so firmly that they are not likely to be receptive to my inner teachings. Some people have allowed their minds to become so firmly enveloped in false ideas and doctrines that when I speak to them in their own hearts, they explain away my words or even consider them to be the works of the devil. The sad fact is that even I, Jesus Christ, have few options in terms of turning modern Christianity into the movement that I desire it to be.

I you have studied some of the teachings on my website, you already realize some of my concerns about Christianity. The chief concern being, of course, that the path of individual Christhood has been almost completely removed. Yet, let us try to step back from the incredible diversity of the thousands of churches and sects that claim to represent me, so that we can look at the forest instead of being blinded by the trees.

A horizontal movement

The true problem with modern Christianity is that it has become what I would call a horizontal movement. In my answers to the questions on reincarnation,  I gave you an example of how the scriptures contain a few hints about reincarnation. I also told you how some theologians have gone into a very contrived line of reasoning in order to explain these passages without mentioning reincarnation.

If you will look at modern Christianity, you can find literally thousands of examples of this kind of contrived, horizontal reasoning. It is completely amazing to me how some people will go into the most intricate and artificial arguments in order to prove the point that they have already decided must be right. Why are they going through this effort to prove that their idea is right when it would require less effort (albeit a different kind of effort) to receive the living truth directly from me?

We have now come to a crucial point in these teachings. I will now explain to you what is the very essence of the problem on planet earth. That problem springs from the key characteristic of the dualistic mind.

The very essence of the dualistic mind is that it does not want to know reality. It does not want to know truth. The dualistic mind does not look at evidence and then use that evidence to reason about what might be the truth. The dualistic mind creates an image, an idol, and it decides that this must be the truth, this must be reality, this must be God. Then, it looks for evidence that will support the image that it has already decided must be true. It blatantly ignores, denies or explains away any evidence that does not support its chosen idea.

When you look at modern Christianity, you will see this tendency at work. In all fairness, this is not unique to Christianity. You can see this tendency at work in every aspect of life on this planet. Yet, it was my original hope that the very church that claims to represent me would not fall prey to this tendency of the dualistic mind.

When a lifestream identifies with the dualistic mind, the lifestream makes a decision about what is true. The lifestream creates an image, an idol, of what it wants to be true. After a lifestream has accepted that false image, the lifestream refuses to accept any evidence that does not support the image. Therefore, the lifestream sees only evidence that supports the image, and so the lifestream becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It becomes spiritually blind.


NOTE: The rest of this answer is avbailable in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.

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