What to do when an election does not turn out as you hoped

TOPICS: Practical realism – the masters do not endorse either party as none can bring about the needed changes – long-term changes to the political system –

Question: After listening to many lightworkers today, the day after the Presidential election, we all seem to be extremely sad and heartbroken. It’s like someone has ripped our Spirit right out of us. I thought it was just me that couldn’t seem to understand how people in this United States of America, cannot see the lies and deceit of our government. Many of us have been praying the rosaries, hoping we could somehow change the mindset of American voters. So I ask Jesus, on behalf of all dedicated lightworkers on this planet, please offer us some consoling words, so we can pick ourselves up and go back to our mission of bringing peace and manifesting God’s kingdom on earth.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Thank you for asking this question; it gives me the opportunity to give some important teachings for all who consider themselves spiritual people, whether you call yourself a lightworker, a lightbearer, or a spiritual and religious person. Let me give you some thoughts.

I understand that when you look at certain events through the filter of the mind of a person in embodiment, it can seem very frustrating. Yet we of the ascended masters have been associated with humankind for a very long time. So we naturally have a much broader perspective, and I would like to give you a bit of that perspective. We have seen so many times that individuals, or a group of people, have not lived up to their highest potential. They have chosen the low road instead of the high road. Because we have seen this so often, we have learned to deal with the frustration and adopt an attitude of practical realism.

If you read my previous comments on the presidential election, you will see that between the lines is this attitude of practical realism. I talk about the need for sweeping changes in the American political system. Yet I also realize that it would not be possible to bring about such changes in this presidential election. Therefore, from the standpoint of a practical realist, it wasn’t all that important who won the election.

I understand that many spiritual people have severe issues with George Bush because of the war in Iraq and other parts of his policies. I understand that many of these people are leaning toward the Democratic Party and were therefore disappointed that the party’s candidate was not elected. If you read my discourse carefully, you will see that the ascended masters do not endorse either of the major parties in the United States. The reason being that neither of the two dominant parties are able or willing to – on their own accord – bring about the political reforms that we would like to see happen.

Yet these changes could still come about if enough people raise their consciousness. In other words, nothing is lost and we of the ascended masters do not consider this election as a blow to our ongoing plans. What would be a blow to our plans is if many lightworkers become discouraged and stop doing their spiritual work to bring about changes regardless of which political party holds power. As a spiritual person, you must never forget that the power of God is greater than any political power, but the power of God must work through people.

My point here is that as spiritual seekers it is important not to become attached to either of the two political parties. And if you are not attached, then you really should not be heartbroken or feel like your Spirit has been ripped out of you. That is a feeling I would like to see all spiritual people rise above, and it can only happen when you overcome your attachments to the things of this world.

Instead, you need to take the long view and maintain the vision and keep up the spiritual work for bringing about the long-term changes to the political system that I have outlined in my discourse. You also need to keep working and praying for the raising of your own consciousness and the raising of the consciousness of a critical mass of the American people. This is the only way to bring about political changes. You cannot do this by simply electing one or the other party or one or the other candidate.


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