What’s so great about being in heaven?

TOPICS: No average day in heaven – people cannot understand never-ending growth – the ego wants security –

Question: When you try to sell people on becoming spiritual and go on the spiritual path and to the spiritual realm, I understand that we have to give up our carnal mind and our egos completely and the reward is to eventually ascend into heaven, but what I don’t understand is what heaven is like. I mean, a lot of people have a lot of fun in a body, so what is an average day for an ascended master and what’s so great about being in heaven, I guess?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What is so great about being in heaven? Well you will not truly appreciate it until you are here. For I can assure you that there is no way to convey to those on earth what it is like to be in heaven.

But I can assure you that in heaven there is no average day, for every day is new—a new day of glory and joy, of greater understanding of the mystery of life, that is God, that is our own Being individualized. In heaven there is constant growth, ever-expanding joy.

And this is what is most difficult for the people on earth to understand.
This is why you see so many who become stuck at a certain level, even the Christians who cannot understand that I, Jesus, have changed and that I do not live up to the statement in the Bible, “Jesus Christ—the same yesterday, today and forever.”

This is simply the ego that wants to take heaven and put it in a closed box, for once that box is closed then the ego feels that it has things under control. Until, of course, the second law of thermodynamics disturbs the ego’s sense of being in control.


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