What is my purpose in life?

TOPICS: Individual and overall purpose – personal purpose must come from inside yourself – as above, so below – being a co-creator – expanding your sense of self – true individuality covered by layers of the outer self – uncover true self – your divine plan for this lifetime – balancing karma – your lessons in life – demonstrate how to graduate from the schoolroom – the ascension – Christhood on earth –

Question: I would like to know what my purpose in life is?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Your purpose in life has two aspects, an individual, personal purpose and a general, overall purpose that you share with most other people.
Your individual purpose in life is specific to you alone, and its particular form and expression is unique to you in this present lifetime. Although I could sit down with a person and give that person his or her personal purpose in life, I would not do so. You see, the fulfillment of your personal purpose in life will require all of your attention and commitment, and that commitment must come from inside yourself.

Therefore, if I, as a spiritual teacher, told you about your personal purpose in life, you would have received it from a source outside yourself. This could never give you the internalization and commitment that you would get from receiving it from a source inside yourself, namely your Christ self. Therefore, it is essential for you to establish a contact with your Christ self and through that contact receive your own intuitive insights concerning your personal purpose in life. However, to discover your personal purpose, it is very helpful to understand the general purposes that apply to most people on this planet.

One way to describe the purpose of life is to start with the new golden rule that I released on my website, “Be here below, all that you are Above.”
When your lifestream was created by God, or rather by your spiritual parents, it was endowed with a unique individuality, a unique spiritual flame. This individuality is who you truly are, and no matter what has happened to you here on earth, your spiritual individuality has not in the least been damaged or altered. It is fully intact, because it is stored in your I AM Presence, which is above and beyond the material universe and therefore can never be influenced by any of the energies of the material universe.

Therefore, one might say that your purpose in life is to express your true God-given individuality in this material world. When you do that, you act as a co-creator with God, and you bring a unique gift to this world. At the same time, you will also expand and build upon your true spiritual individuality and enhance it even beyond what was given to you by God. You will, so to speak, multiply your talents so that God can multiply them even more.

The problem that we currently see on planet earth is that most people have descended into a lower state of consciousness in which they have no clear recognition of their true spiritual individuality. Consequently, they cannot express that individuality. For most people, the true individuality has been covered over by layer upon layer of the outer, or human personality, that they have created over many lifetimes. This lower mind, this dualistic mind, has for many people completely obscured their spiritual identity. It has made them identify themselves as mortal human beings who are very different from the uniquely beautiful spiritual beings they were created to be.

Therefore, on an immediate level, your purpose in life is to uncover your true individuality and to leave behind the outer individuality. This is what Paul expressed in the saying that you must put off the old man (of the human self) and put on the new man (of the spiritual self).

Because your spiritual individuality is anchored in a higher realm, you cannot contact that spiritual self directly with your conscious mind. You can do this only through the mediator of your Christ self. Therefore, your immediate purpose in life is to make direct, conscious contact with your Christ self. This will begin in the form of increased intuition, and there is much you can do to sharpen your intuition. I have given several techniques and teachings on this that can help you increase this contact with your Christ self.

So the overall purpose for your life is to be who you truly are as a spiritual being, even while you are still in embodiment in this material universe. However, because you have been in embodiment before, you also have a purpose that is specific to this particular lifetime. You can find much inspiration about this by reading books about near-death experiences or people who have experienced how their lifestreams were conscious before they came into their current embodiment.

It is important for you to understand that before you came into this lifetime, your lifestream had a conference with your personal spiritual teachers. You determined a divine plan, a mission or blueprint, for what your lifestream desired to accomplish in this lifetime. Part of this mission is to increase your spiritual understanding and attain contact with your Christ self. Therefore, by using techniques for increasing your connection to your Christ self and by studying spiritual teachings, you not only fulfill part of your mission, you will also discover other parts of your mission.

Most people in embodiment have made karma in past lives, so an important purpose for this lifetime is to balance this karma. This often means that the lifestream has volunteered to be born into a particular situation and to meet specific people. So no matter what your outer situation might be, it is important for you to make peace with that situation and to realize that your lifestream chose to come into embodiment in these conditions. When you accept this, you can stop trying to get away from the unpleasant aspects of your current situation and instead embrace your situation as an opportunity to move on and to grow spiritually.

So one might say that no matter what your outer situation is, an important purpose for your life is to see the situation as an opportunity to balance karma, to learn specific lessons about the spiritual side of life, to experience certain aspects of life on earth and to bring forth your unique gift to the world or to specific people.

When you accept life as an opportunity for growth, your attitude towards life will be magically transformed. As you go through this inner transformation, you will often see that your outer situation will also be transformed. The simple fact is that life on earth is like going to school. The purpose for planet earth is to help your lifestream achieve its permanent freedom as a spiritual being. To achieve this freedom, you must learn certain lessons and they cannot be learned by the intellect alone.

Your lessons must be fully internalized, and that is why you often need to experience a difficult situation so that through direct experience you can learn the lesson you were meant to learn in that situation and fully integrate it into your being. When you understand this, you realize that once you have fully learned a specific lesson, there is no longer any reason for you to be in a particular outer situation. Therefore, when you embrace life as an opportunity and seek to learn your lessons and fully integrate them into your being, you will see that difficult situations will begin to dissolve as if by magic. Obviously, this is not magic at all. It is simply because you have now learned the lesson, and you need to move on to learn higher lessons in different situations.

Another purpose for life is that you can win your right to ascend from the material universe, so that you do not have to reincarnate. As long as you have unfulfilled business in this world, meaning that you have karma to balance, lessons to learn or experiences that you need to gain for your growth, then you are not free to permanently ascend to the spiritual realm. You will be drawn back here either by the Law of Cause and Effect or by your lifestream’s desire to finish its unfinished business.

An important aspect of my mission on earth was to demonstrate that it is possible for lifestreams to eventually graduate from the schoolroom of earth and win their permanent ascension. Thereby a lifestream becomes an ascended being, an ascended master.

So one might say that one purpose in life is the ascension, whereby you no longer have to come back here. However, in today’s age a more important purpose is to qualify for your ascension, but to do so while you are still in the physical body. Thereby, you attain your Christ consciousness while you are still here on earth. In other words, you can be an unascended master walking the earth and thereby you can give a unique service to humankind and to God’s purposes. You can literally be an unascended master here below as I, and all my colleagues in the ascended masters, are ascended masters here Above. This will give us a unique opportunity to work together and bring God’s kingdom to earth, which is truly what needs to happen in this day and age.


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