What can improve unity in the Balkan region?

TOPICS: Some Balkan leaders must leave embodiment – young people can become nonviolent leaders – unless people awaken, it will take decades to bring change – the potential for armed conflict – how will Europe respond – focusing on oneness instead of differences –

Question: I have a question about the situation in the Balkans and people in the Balkans for Saint Germain. What will it take for the people in the Balkans to take a stand for oneness with each other and take a stand and not allow the power elite that are war-mongering and planning their next conflict? What is your vision also for the people in the Balkans within Europe and what role they have to play?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels.

Well, if I knew what it would take to bring the people in the Balkans into oneness, then it would have happened already. For I too must, as Jesus said, sometimes scratch my head and wonder how long they will keep worrying about what happened hundreds of years ago.

But what it will take – realistically – is unfortunately that some of the people who are now the ones driving the conflict will have to go out of embodiment, and other people will have to incarnate there who can bring peace. There is already a younger generation who is growing up and who have seen some of the wars and conflicts, who are maturing into being able to take over leadership positions and bring peace. But unfortunately, I must tell you that it cannot be done with any amount of decrees or prayers or rosaries, for there are simply certain people that will not change, and as long as they are in embodiment things will not change.

Now, this does not mean that things are hopeless, but it does mean that it is a matter of time. Now, it is possible that the people can be awakened somewhat, and if the people were awakened to a higher vision of peace and prosperity, then it is possible that some of these lifestreams would be taken out of embodiment sooner. But if nothing happens, then they will live out their natural life-spans and it will be a matter of decades before there can be a greater transformation.

As I said, that is kind of the bleak part of the picture. It is, of course, always possible that people could awaken to a greater spiritual understanding. Or that they could awaken to take a stand and say, “We do not want this division, for we see that it is holding us back from joining Europe and taking our rightful place among the nations of Europe.” However, to be realistic, I do not foresee this happening within the near-term future, at least the coming decade.

There may be events that will happen in that decade that will then awaken people, for there is unfortunately the potential for armed conflict in that region within the next decade. And so, depending on how this outplays, there can again be a situation where a conflict can be what is necessary in order for people to finally decide that they have had enough of warfare, bloodshed, and the killing of those who really should be seen as their brothers—even if they come from a different ethnic group or have a different religion.

There is also the question of how the other nations in Europe will respond to this, and whether they will allow a conflict to escalate or whether they will step in, in some way, either through diplomacy or by sending troops in to guarantee the peace. And I cannot predict exactly how it will outplay itself, for again we have free will. But certainly, it would be a great assistance if those who have ties to the region or those who live there will use the invocations to call for the awakening of the people to the need to see beyond these outer characteristics of ethnic groups and religions and truly come into a greater oneness.

For it is only oneness that will solve this problem. It must be an awakening, where the people see that even though they have differences, they actually have more in common underneath the surface than the outer differences they have been focusing on for so long.


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