Vow of silence

TOPICS: No outer standard for masters – holding spiritual balance – by raising their consciousness, masters pull humanity up with them – masters do unusual things –

Question: Why do so many gurus and avatars come to earth and take a vow of silence, as did meher baba, or mata amritanandamayi vowing to go around the world and hugging as many people as she can?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

In my discourse on the levels of spiritual evolution I explain that a number of lifestreams on this planet have attained a high degree of spiritual mastery. I also explain that it is difficult to set an outer standard for how such masters should be acting. Such lifestreams will fulfill the needs of the hour, and they might sometimes have to do things that seem extreme based on normal behavior.

The reason so many spiritual masters take a vow of silence is that they have taken on the role of holding the spiritual balance for humankind and the earth. Speaking is an outgoing activity, and it causes your energies to flow outward. Therefore, if you want to maintain the highest possible degree of inner concentration, it is highly beneficial for you to refrain from speaking. There are indeed advanced lifestreams who never speak to anyone. One might think that this does little to raise the consciousness of humankind, but the opposite is true.

You will recall my statement, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] unto me” [John 12:32]. The basic fact of life is that all human beings are connected at deeper levels of consciousness. Therefore, when some people in physical embodiment raise their consciousness to a very high level, they will pull up the consciousness of the rest of humanity. However, until the rest of humanity are able to maintain a certain level of Christ consciousness, it is necessary for these advanced lifestreams to constantly maintain their level of consciousness. If they were to lose their state of concentration, the magnetic pull on the rest of humanity would lessen, and therefore people would instantly start sliding into a lower state of consciousness. That is why such lifestreams do not speak to or interact with other people.

Obviously, not all advanced lifestreams are meant to take this approach. Some of them hold the balance in many other ways, and some of them do indeed serve as teachers who give spiritual teachings whenever they are given an opportunity.

One of the functions of the advanced lifestreams is to show other human beings that it is possible to overcome the limitations that most people accept. In other words, certain advanced lifestreams choose to live their lives in such a way that they demonstrate that there is a different way to live than what is accepted by most people. Walking around and hugging everyone is just one way of doing this, as is allowing people to nail you to a cross and then conquering death.


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