Transcend a compartmentalized approach to health and nutrition

TOPICS: Compartmentalized approach looks for specific cure to specific problem – see oneness with your physical body – bring spirituality into every aspect of life – the body supports your divine plan – give the body what it needs – if imbalance in the body look for an imbalance in consciousness – not enough to pretend – no magical form of nutrition – let the spirit drive the body –

Question: In a recent dictation you told us that spirituality isn’t really limited to just religion, that spirituality can be in business, social agencies, even in nutrition. Other teachings say that the four attacks on the lower body were sugar, drugs, alcohol and nicotine. Do you have any tips on New Age nutrition, like eating beef, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, any advanced tips on good health systems in general for us?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The ultimate tip, so to speak, is to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. With that I mean that you seek first an entirely new approach to nutrition, where you do not have the approach that is so common in society today—that you see everything as compartmentalized, as separate. Where you think that if there is a particular problem in the body, then you have to find a cure that addresses just that particular problem. So you look for a particular kind of nutrition, or a particular medicine, or a particular natural remedy that will remove that problem.

Instead, you need to adopt a mindset, an attitude, that you are willing to change the totality of your consciousness away from duality into the Christ consciousness, the oneness of the Christ consciousness, where you see a oneness between who you are as a spiritual being and your physical body and your daily activities.

The Piscean age was often an age where people saw a separation between church and their daily lives. They went to church on Sunday, and they thought they had done all they needed to do to be in good standing with God, and then they could go out and have fun the rest of the week. This is not the kind of spirituality that will get you anywhere in the Aquarian age. Spirituality must be something you live in every aspect of your life, including business, including health, including nutrition.

So when you approach spirituality this way, you see that your body is an instrument that supports your spirit and your spirit’s expression in the material realm, including the fulfillment of your divine plan. And therefore, nutrition is a matter of giving the body what it needs in order to be the best possible instrument for your individual divine plan. And thus, you realize that if your body manifests some kind of imbalance or impurity, well then it is not a matter of finding some magical formula that can remove the symptom. It is a matter of looking in the mirror and saying, “Where is the imbalance in my consciousness, so that I can resolve it in consciousness first, and then everything else will fall into place.”

I am not saying you should ignore nutrition, I am saying that nutrition should be the natural consequence of your spirituality, rather than – as some New Age people have come to see it – that nutrition is the means to further your spirituality. For you can go on all the diets you want, you can go on all the cleansings you want, you can go on all the fasts you want, but they are not going to make you more spiritual if you are not willing to look at the beam in your own eye and shift your consciousness.

Then you are simply playing the game of pretending—as religious people have been pretending for so many thousands of years by going to church and thinking that that in itself was enough to get them to the Kingdom of heaven without changing their consciousness.

So what I am saying is, there is no magical form of nutrition. And you will see, especially in the New Age field, that many people will chase after this or that fad, waiting for the ultimate form of nutrition, whether it be this or that or the next thing. Or they believe that if they just avoid this kind of fat or that kind of fat or a third kind of fat, then they will somehow make it to the promised land.

But the promised land is a state of consciousness. And although the body can support your spiritual growth or detract from it, it is not the body that drives the growth, it is the spirit that must drive the body.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels