Tolerance for homosexuals

Question: Many Western societies are slowly modifying their laws to limit discrimination against homosexuals or transgender, LGBTQ, etc. For example, business owners cannot deny products or services to homosexuals and employers cannot exclude a person from being hired on these grounds, at least in Canada. By contrast, for many jobs, especially those that involve children or a religious aspect of life, many people still want the ability to shield themselves or their children from homosexual influences. Do the masters have a position concerning such laws prohibiting discrimination against homosexuals? What is the ascended masters’ teachings on the gay rights movement? And are there any positive elements to it? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well, if you look at world history, you will see that there has been a long line of discrimination against various groups of people. And it’s clear from an overall perspective that we need to move the world towards a point where there is no discrimination against anyone.  In many cases, it can be necessary to enact laws to prevent this discrimination.  You will see that, in Nazi Germany, there was a certain discrimination against Jews just because they were Jews. There are still people in the world who agree with this today, but most people in the modern democracies, of course, do not agree to discrimination against Jews.

Well there will come a time where also nobody agrees with discrimination because of sexuality. It’s just simply that as you move further and further away from the old consciousness, the duality consciousness, move into the Christ consciousness, you overcome, you transcend discrimination. The Christ Consciousness does not discriminate against anyone. It may have certain discernments and observations but it doesn’t discriminate. And discrimination is based on opinion, to tie into Padmasambhava’s dictation. It’s clear that the gay rights movement was a necessary step just as the feminist movement has been. The reality is that women would not have gotten the rights they have today if the feminist movement hadn’t been there. And the feminist movement you can look at, perhaps was in some ways, too militaristic. But that was because of what they were fighting against.

The same with the gay rights movement. It has not been balanced in all ways. It will not stay in the condition or the state it is in right now. It will evolve over time. But ideally it should come to the point where there is no need for gay rights movement because this is not an issue.  The reality here is that there is so much discrimination from the Christian religion, not only towards homosexuals but towards anybody who is different. And this is not the Christ mind. It is not in alignment with the Christ mind. And therefore it needs to be transcended and in a modern democracy where you have a separation between church and state, it is necessary for the state to enact laws to counteract the discrimination that comes from a particular religion, whether it’s the Christian religion or any other. Certainly, if the Middle East nations ever can become modern democracies, they will need to counteract the discrimination coming from Islam towards many different groups of people.

And this means that you need to overcome this point where some people say they want to protect their children against homosexuals, but what are they actually afraid of? Are they afraid of some kind of contamination from homosexuals, that it’s contagious? That is exactly what people thought about Jews in the 1930s in Germany. I mean, let’s be realistic here and see how much discrimination there has been. You may not agree with somebody. That’s fine. You have a right to disagree, but discriminating against them based on these dualistic opinions and value judgments is just not the Christ mind. And it’s not really what democracy is about, because democracy is based on tolerance of differences. Of course, that needs to be within reason if people start abusing others. Obviously you cannot create a democracy that has tolerance for pedophiles. But nevertheless, you need to still move towards a point where you are not discriminating based on relative value judgments. That’s the process that the modern democracies have been in now for decades. And as it continues, many of the prejudices that people have today will fade away and be seen as being completely outdated and unreal.  



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