There is no physical substance, no device or no technique in the physical that can guarantee spiritual growth

Question: I have a question about marijuana. I have read many times that natives have used drugs like peyote and marijuana for religious initiations in their tribes and I wonder if there is any comment on that in relationship to the fallen beings. Is that illusion or is that balanced? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

What have we told you in the teachings we have given you? There are four levels of the material universe. In the ideal situation the energy flows from the identity into the mental into the emotional then into the physical. What have we told you in the book My Lives? We have told you that the fallen beings have set up a system on earth where they take control away from you by exposing you to something in the physical octave that creates a reverse energy flow. Ideally nothing that happens in the physical realm should affect your emotional, mental and identity bodies but the fallen beings are experts in creating this reverse energy flow where they can expose you to something in the physical that affects your three higher bodies – torture, trauma, whatever.

So what I am saying here is this: The real key to spiritual growth is to re-establish the natural energy flow where there is nothing in the physical octave that affects your three higher bodies but where your actions in the physical are an expression of what comes through your three higher bodies from your I AM Presence. If there was a physical substance, any kind of substance, any kind of device, any kind of technique in the physical that could guarantee spiritual growth, we would have told you but there isn’t because of the natural energy flow. There is nothing you can do in the physical that will guarantee your spiritual growth, simply because spiritual mastery means mastery over your four lower bodies. That means mastering your identity body so that it is the one that sends the matrix into your mental body and the mental body sends the matrix into the emotional body and the emotional body sends the matrix into the physical body. There is nothing coming from the physical that is affecting your spiritual expression. That is what it means to be the open door for the I AM Presence. This is what spiritual mastery means.  

So answer me this question, my beloved: How will you gain this mastery by using a physical substance? No matter what it is, it isn’t possible. Now this is where it gets complicated because as I have said, there are no black-and-white solutions and explanations in the muddledstate we have on earth. You have a situation where, as Jesus said, the idea, the concept, of a spiritual path has been obliterated from, at least, western cultures. Many, many people have grown up without knowing about this path. Yet they have an inner knowing, an inner sensation, that there must be something beyond their current level of consciousness.

In the 1960s there was a certain critical mass and a shift where more and more people began to reject the materialistic culture. They actually wanted a more spiritual awareness, a more spiritual culture. This was so threatening to the fallen beings that they attempted to do anything they could think of to divert this from becoming a true influence on society. One of the ways they did this was by creating the entire drug culture where they got so many spiritual people to think that drugs were a shortcut to spiritual growth. It ended up taking them into addiction, pacifying them and they didn’t have the influence on society that they could have had.  

You can look at some of these people and say that while some got into addiction or got into a lifelong use that pacified them, there were a few that could say, “The drug got me out of my normal state of consciousness and it demonstrated to me that there is something beyond that normal state of consciousness.” This led them to ask, “Well, how can I reach that state of consciousness without the drug?” If you use it that way then okay, the drug does not have a detrimental impact on you and you can resume your growth. But I submit to you that all people could have attained this without the drug if they had been a little more patient and if they had been more open to finding a path. It was more difficult to find the path in the past but it is easier today and is hopefully becoming easier and easier so that there should be less and less need to use any kind of drug. The fact of the matter is that many of the native peoples, the shamans, who have used peyote, ayahuasca or other things have not raised their consciousness to a level where they can have contact with the ascended masters. Many of them are working with beings in the emotional realm or the mental realm. So you can say, “What is it I want to attune my mind to? Where do I want to go? Do I want the ascended masters or do I want something lower?”  

It is the same with channelers. There are channelers that channel from the mental realm, some even from the emotional, a few from the lower identity realm. What do you want? What kind of teacher do you want? If you have used drugs, don’t condemn yourself. Realize it was a necessary stage of your path but be willing to say; “That doesn’t mean I have to defend it to others.” Don’t export your subjective experience and try to make it universal. Don’t try to defend the drugs or explain them away; just say, “Well, I did it, I needed it. It helped me but now it’s in the past.” Then instead of recommending that other people use the drugs, recommend they use a spiritual teaching. You have at least one that I would recommend but you have many others.


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