The world will not end on any date in the near future

TOPICS: Earth is in an upward spiral – ascended masters never give prophecies about the end of the world – civilizations might self-destruct, but the world will not end – use spiritual tools to free yourself from fear – heal your relationship with God – the ego’s desire to be special – false prophets – false teachers of Christianity – listen to the Living Christ – those who think they know better than God – seek Christ within yourself –

Question 1: Lately you may have come across people from all over the world prophetically announcing the end of the world on May 21st 2011. Could you please comment on this ‘soon’ ‘event’. It seems to envelope ones mind from a fear based point-of-view.

Question 2: Is it true that the world will end on May 21st, 2011?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (May 15, 2011)

The simple fact, as mentioned in other places on this website, is that the world will not end.

Planet earth is in an upward spiral, and as long as sufficient numbers of people are willing to transcend their current state of consciousness, it will continue to spiral upwards until it can ascend with the rest of the sphere.

Let me state very clearly that the ascended masters never have and never will give prophecies about the end of the world. We have and might again give prophecies about specific events that might affect part of the world, but as Mother Mary explains in great depth in her book, everything on earth is subject to free will. Thus, even though many people are making non-constructive choices, the Law of Free Will mandates that as long as some people are making constructive choices, the earth will not be destroyed. A civilization might self-destruct, but that is a long way from destroying the planet or even the wider “world.”

Whenever you come across a prophecy that talks about the end of the world, you know it is instigated by beasts in the emotional realm, who are seeking to induce fear into people’s minds, so that the beasts can steal their energy. Many of the people who promote such prophecies are those whose emotional bodies are so filled with fear that they are literally possessed by a beast. The beast has induced into their minds the belief that because they are believing in and promoting the prophecy, they will be spared or rewarded in an afterlife.

Quite frankly, if you feel that such prophecies do stir your emotional body, give calls for spiritual protection and give invocations that build your self-esteem. [The Invocation for Loving Yourself or the Rosary for Self-esteem from the Spiritual crisis Toolkit.]

Also consider that you have a distrust of God, and thus you fear that God might indeed be the angry God in the sky who will punish humankind. Thus, consider that you need to make a sincere effort to heal your relationship with God from this doubt and fear. We give many teachings throughout this website – especially the ones about free will – that can help you do this, but I will suggest you study Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, as it is a great anti-dote to the fear of God.

You might also take note that one of the major tricks of the ego is that it is always seeking to set people above others. There are many who call themselves Christians who have fallen prey to this mechanism and have used their interpretation of my teachings to set themselves up as being in a special category, because they have this or that belief or can read this or that “secret” in the Bible.

When I walked the earth, I often challenged the scribes and Pharisees, who were the intellectually and spiritually proud people of that day. Many of these people have now reincarnated as Christian ministers, and they are still completely blinded by their spiritual pride. These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that I warned about, and it should be no surprise that they have now entered into the Christian religion.

Their main agenda is to prevent the emergence of the Christ in this world. Back then, they sought to destroy my Christhood, and in this age they are seeking to destroy your Christhood—by using a perversion of my own teachings to prevent you from following my example. Thus, let me give you a simple measure.

Any time you see a preacher or minister who talks about the Bible being the infallible word of God, you know that you are dealing with a false teacher.

It is really very simple. Why? Well, for several reasons, but the chief one is that these false preachers will use a scripture or teaching from the past to argue that people should not listen to the Holy Spirit in the present, but should instead cling only to certain interpretations of what was given in the past. Thus, such false teachers in the Christian religion use the scriptures that are almost 2,000 years old to argue that people should not listen to the Living Christ today—in whatever form it may appear, including (but far from limited to) this website.

In this respect, it doesn’t matter whether the Bible really is the infallible word of God. Even if every word of the Bible had originally been the infallible word of God, it would not justify shutting down the flow of the Living Word today.

Do you not see the inconsistency? Today’s false preachers are arguing that God has given no new revelation since I walked the earth 2,000 years ago. Yet back then, the false preachers were saying that God had stopped giving new revelations when the period of what Christians call the Old Testament prophets ended. And thus, they argued that I was a false prophet.

Do you not see that this is the kind of inconsistency that only spiritual blindness can prevent people from seeing? And spiritual blindness is caused by spiritual pride. These people recognize that over a long period of time, God has given new revelation. Why did God give any revelation after Genesis, or Moses, or Jeremiah? Well, because people needed it.

So what sense does it make to say that people no longer need progressive revelation? And who are the people saying this? Are they not the ones who are so blinded by their pride that they think they can set themselves up as judges, who can tell when God has cut off new revelation or when God will destroy the world? They think they know better than God what God wants to say to the world.

These false preachers are of their father the devil, and the lusts of their father they will do. He was from the beginning a murderer of the Christ in anyone.

Thus, do not follow these blind leaders, or you will end up in the same “ditch” towards which they are headed. Instead, ditch them and seek the Living Truth through a direct encounter with me in your heart. The entire purpose of this website is to prepare you for such a direct encounter.


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