The vision for Finland

TOPICS: Tuning in to the Holy Spirit, not the spirits in a bottle – great creative potential – universal spirituality –

Question: What is your vision for Finland?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

As Sweden holds the Father flame, Denmark the Mother flame, Norway the flame of the Son, so does Finland hold the flame of the Holy Spirit. So the potential for the Finnish people is to tune in to that flow of the Spirit and dare to express it. And yet, as with the British people, they have to overcome their desire for escapism, their sense that they have no purpose and even, their tendency to drown their sorrows in the bottle.

For my beloved, there is a great potential for expression of art, culture, music from Finland—for expression of the universal spirituality. But again, this must come through an awakening of the top 10 percent who realize that spirituality is a universal movement of self-transcendence that goes beyond any outer religion. And this is what needs to be expressed. For truly, there is very little awareness of that today. So this is where to start.

Seek to reawaken the Finnish people, their awareness of a universal spirituality, seek to help them overcome their fear of acknowledging their spirituality and expressing it in society. And then, on that foundation, you will have a greater clarity of what can be expressed.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels