The U.S. political system is outdated and constitutional reforms are needed

TOPICS: Both parties have the same elitist agenda – government must have the consent of the governed – a morally bankrupt system – original political system outdated because of technology – electoral college must go – representative democracy needs modification – major decisions made by popular vote – abandon the Senate – abortion demonstrates the problem – media controlled by power elite – grassroots movement towards self-government – the people do not need a power elite to govern them – take political parties out of the process – no more following the party line – time to abandon black-and-white thinking – gap between people and the government – two-party system must go – Christianity out of touch with Jesus’ true teachings – America sitting between two chairs – both political system and religion must be renewed – bought off with the good life – the middle way beyond dualistic extremes – how dark forces use power elite to undermine democracy – the lesser of two evils is not the greater good –

Question: Beloved Jesus: It is reported: that one of the most underreported but pivotal stories of this election season: Untold numbers of American Christians, conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, constitutionalists and others “on the right” are torn over how to vote in this November’s election.  Some are so turned off by both major-party presidential candidates they are threatening to stay home on Election Day. Others are abandoning, or considering abandoning, their traditional political home, the Republican Party, in favor of a third party. They regard the two major political camps as so similar and unacceptable that only a third-party choice seems worthwhile. After all, they say, “Voting for the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.” Many others, however, plead that the “lesser of two evils” is also by definition the greater good, and that no matter what the mistakes and imperfections of George W. Bush and his administration, it’s light years better than the wholesale betrayal America would experience during a Kerry administration.  The question is: as this is a race in November for a President of the United States, should we condone voting for the lesser of two evils; not voting at all; voting for a third-party candidate you approve of but has little chance of winning; write in your own candidate on the ballot? And any other comments you may wish to share concerning this crucial election.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The members of the ascended masters have different assignments and specialties. Given the office I hold, I am not the ascended master who is primarily assigned to oversee the American election. My beloved brother, Saint Germain, is far more involved with America, including the election, because he was the primary master who sponsored the founding of the United States of America. Yet given that we are all one, I can certainly give you some thoughts to ponder.

Thought 1.
The ascended masters are quite concerned about the upcoming American election. We do consider it a watershed election, but not for the reasons given by partisan politicians and their supporters. We do not consider it very important whether this or that candidate is elected president, because in our estimation neither the candidates nor their parties will be able or willing to bring about the changes needed to bring the United States of America in alignment with the spiritual principles that formed the basis for the founding of this nation.

Simply consider the fact that both candidates have ties to rich families, graduated from the same university and were members of the same secret society at that university. The fact that they claim to be on different sides of the political spectrum only serves to demonstrate what we of the ascended masters can clearly see, namely that both sides of the political spectrum are advancing the same agenda. That agenda is an elitist agenda. It is an agenda that seeks to further advance the state of affairs where a small elite runs the country instead of the American people. This is clearly against one of the founding principles of the United States, namely that this nation should have a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people. Instead, you now have a government that is of the power elite, by the power elite and for the power elite.

Thought 2.
The ascended masters consider this an important election because we hope that the events leading up to the election, and the turmoil that is likely to transpire in the weeks after the election, will awaken the American people to the fact that major changes are needed in the political system. We hope that this will lead to drastic reforms in the United States that will eventually spread to most other democratic nations, as the original American Constitution inspired the founding of many other democratic nations around the world.

The central issue here is that the basic principle in a democracy is that the government must rule by the consent of the governed. The fact that so many Americans are dissatisfied with both candidates and feel like none of the political parties express their views, shows clearly that the American government is currently not ruling by the consent of the governed. If that is not the case, then the American political system is morally bankrupt, and it no longer rules by moral, but only by legal, authority. This is a situation that is not sustainable, and that is one reason why I, in a previous discourse, called for a non-violent second American revolution.

Thought 3.
What should be the ingredients of such a political revolution? As one aspect, it needs to become obvious to a majority of Americans that the political system that was put in place in the late 1700s has become outdated because of technological advances. One example of this is the electoral college, which was practical at a time when the means of communication were primitive and slow. In a nation as large as the United States, the electoral college had some merit 200 years ago. However, in today’s world of instant communication, the presidency should be decided exclusively by the popular vote. It should not be possible that a candidate could win the presidency while receiving a minority of the popular vote. The vote of every citizen should count the same, regardless of which state you live in.

On a more fundamental level, it should be obvious that while a representative democracy was an absolute necessity when this nation was founded, modern communications and information technology has made this far less essential. This should lead to the conclusion that it is no longer correct that the political apparatus should make all major decisions in this nation. There are already several European countries that have various processes in place, whereby important decisions are made by public referendum and simply cannot be made by the president, the ruling party or even parliament.

This should give rise to the recognition that the elected representatives should serve more as administrators and not as policy makers. This could lead to a streamlining of the government, whereby the Senate could be abandoned. The president and the Congress would make the day-to-day decisions about how to run the nation, how to respond to a crisis and how to implement policy. Yet policy should be decided by the people through referendums.

The most obvious example of how major political decisions are out of touch with the will – and the consent – of the people is the issue of abortion. If the founding fathers knew that an issue of this magnitude had been decided by the vote of one single supreme court justice, they would rotate in their graves—to use a popular expression. Given that some of your founding fathers are today members of the ascended masters, I can assure you that they are appalled by this development. Therefore, it needs to become obvious that all major policy decisions should be made by the American people after a free debate.

Such a debate could not have taken place before the advent of the Internet, because the mainstream media has for decades been completely controlled by the power elite who wants to tighten their grip on all aspects of American society, and for that matter the world as a whole. Yet in today’s world, there are far better opportunities than ever before for people to be informed about what is really happening in society.

Therefore, what needs to happen is the emergence of a grassroots movement in the United States which argues for constitutional reforms that puts major policy decisions in the hands of the people. Anyone who would work against such a reform would clearly be against democracy, against freedom and for elitism. Only a power elite who wants to maintain status quo could be opposed to such a reform. I am aware that some people will come up with a range of arguments against what I am suggesting, but these arguments have no validity in today’s information society.

Today’s people are perfectly capable of governing themselves, and they do not need an elite to govern them. This is the lie promoted by dark forces for thousands of years on this planet, and as the consciousness of humankind is being raised, this argument is becoming increasingly weak.

Thought 4.
The change I propose above would serve one more important function. It would signal to the power elite in America that “the party is over.” In other words, we need to take party politics out of the political process. You have a situation today in which many politicians are forced to argue for a case that they either do not believe in or that they realize is not the ultimate truth. Yet in order to support their party, they have to conform and follow the party line. You have a situation where many people are forced to take a certain position in order to distinguish themselves from the other party on that issue. Therefore, you have two parties who each tend to take one of the two extreme positions on any issue.

In another discourse, I argue in great detail, that the most important change that needs to happen in American politics is that America needs to abandon black-and-white thinking. Contrary to what many Christians believe, the Christ consciousness is not an extremist type of consciousness. It is neither the ultra-conservative hellfire and brimstone position proclaimed by some Christian fundamentalist preachers, nor is it a liberal, anything-goes type of consciousness. The Christ consciousness, as I seek to explain throughout this website, is above and beyond the relativity opposites, the dualistic extremes, that spring from the dualistic mind.

Yet in today’s political climate, both parties are often forced to take one of the extremist positions, meaning that neither party can, for political reasons, afford to take the Christed position—if they were able to discern this position, which they often are not. This needs to end, and it could be ended by leaving all major policy decisions to be decided by popular vote.

Thought 5
Another way to approach the problem of party politics is to say that what is currently happening in the United States is that the people are feeling more and more politically disenfranchised. They feel they have less and less say over decisions made by the government and that there is an increasing gap between the ordinary citizen and the government. They feel they can do little to change things because they have no real candidates or parties to vote for. This is again in direct opposition to the principle of having a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people. That is why there needs to be constitutional changes that make it more feasible for the people to challenge status quo.

One step towards breaking up traditional party politics would be to create a process that made it easier for new political parties to gain influence on the democratic process. The two-party system has simply outlived its usefulness. Several European nations have systems that make it far easier for a third party to gain entry into the political process. It is simply not democratic that a number of Americans could vote for a presidential candidate, as happened in the 1992 election, who is not a member of one of the two major parties, and after the election those people had no representation in Congress.

It is necessary to make it easier for new parties to be on the ballot and to have seats in Congress, depending on the percentage of the popular vote they receive. I am aware that in several European nations this has led to a proliferation of political parties that often create political gridlock. Yet this political gridlock could be avoided by letting all major policy decisions be decided by popular vote.

Am I saying this would be an easy transition? I am aware that it is easy to outline the transition and much harder to implement it. Yet what I am saying is that this is an essential transition because you have two simple options:

  • You can allow the current political system to become more and more elitist and to place more and more power in the hands of a smaller and smaller segment of the American population.
  • You can change the system so that you can once again have a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people and that rules by the consent of the governed, meaning a majority of the governed.

Thought 6.
I am fully aware that many Christians find themselves in a conundrum concerning which candidate to support for President. Yet if these people would take a step back, they would realize that their conundrum goes much deeper than political issues. It goes to the very heart of their religious beliefs and how they see Christianity.

As I seek to explain throughout this website, orthodox Christianity has perverted my true teachings by creating doctrines that spring from the dualistic mind. Over the past several decades, humankind’s consciousness has been raised dramatically, and this has helped millions of people, both Christians and non-Christians, to begin to see through the fallacy of dualistic thinking.

Yet at the same time, the rising spiritual light has also forced many people to take more extreme positions. In the United States, this has caused most Christian church leaders to take an exceedingly conservative position. And this conservative position is in many ways out of alignment with the truth of Christ. The best example is that so many Christian church leaders supported the war in Iraq, while the ascended masters did not, as explained elsewhere.

Millions of Christians are beginning to realize the fallacy of black-and-white thinking, and that is why they find it increasingly difficult to support the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. Yet the only true solution to this issue is not a political, but a spiritual solution. What these many Christians need to do is to recognize the simple fact that their Christian churches are out of alignment with my true teachings. Therefore, the key to resolving the situation is that millions of Christians wake up to the reality of my true teachings, namely that they have the ability to know Christ truth within their hearts, to follow my footsteps and put on the mind of Christ. This is the only factor that will significantly change not only the political landscape in the United States but also the religious landscape. This leads to another important thought.

Thought 7.
As I attempt to explain throughout this website, the current conditions found on this planet were not created by God. They are almost exclusively an expression of the current state of consciousness of humankind. The logical consequence is that the government of any country is an expression of the state of consciousness, the collective state of consciousness, of the people of that country.

What is happening in the United States is that millions of people are rising to a higher level of consciousness. They are beginning to see the fallacy of the dualistic, black-and-white thinking. Yet they have not yet broken through to a conscious realization of what is happening, and therefore the changes that are taking place at the deeper levels of people’s minds have not yet been translated into visible changes in people’s personal lives and in society as a whole. One might say that America right now is sitting between two chairs. It is stuck in a kind of no-man’s-land, where the current religious culture and the current political culture is outdated and obsolete. Yet we have not yet had a critical mass of people who have attained a clear vision of why it is obsolete and what it will take to change it.

One major reason for this impasse is that so many Americans have been bought off with the “good life” represented by the good material life. Therefore, they are reluctant to rock the boat by abandoning what is comfortable. As a result, many Christians are in reality seeking to serve both God and mammon, yet as I said 2,000 years ago, you cannot serve two masters. Unfortunately, until a critical mass of Americans decide to leave their nets – of entanglements with the power elite and the good life – and serve the true master of the Christ mind, the nation will remain stuck in its current political stalemate.

What can break this impasse? Only one thing, namely that more people attain a higher degree of Christhood. And the main thing that could bring this about is that my true teachings, as I describe them on my website, LINK would spread as a wildfire and be recognized by a critical mass of people in the United States and elsewhere.

When a critical mass of people in a nation rise to a certain level of Christ consciousness, it will cause a chain reaction that will ripple through all aspects of that society. If Christians in the United States were to consciously recognize the need to follow in my footsteps and put on personal Christhood, it could quickly change the religious culture in this nation. This would lead to a clear, conscious recognition that the mind of Christ is beyond the relative extremes of the dualistic mind.

In the political spectrum, this would lead the way for the changes I have talked about earlier, changes that would lead America away from the elitist political system and put the decision-making power in the hands of the people. This would also cause such a dramatic shift in consciousness that you would suddenly see political candidates that were beyond party politics and had the true characteristics of a statesman. These candidates would be the type of candidates that people with some degree of Christ consciousness could support wholeheartedly.

Thought 8.
What I am saying is that the two candidates that are currently running for president are typical expressions of the state of consciousness of the American people. George Bush represents the one extreme, namely the people who cling to the status quo and the dualistic, black-and-white thinking. The biggest problem with George Bush is that he is unwilling to admit when he has made a wrong decision and change his decision accordingly. He believes that if a leader changes his position, it is a sign of weakness. Yet a true leader will always change his position when faced with decisive evidence, and his mind is always open to finding such evidence.

John Kerry represents the many people who have realized the fallacies of black-and-white thinking but have swung into the opposite extreme. Instead of judging everything based on black-and-white thinking, they now tend to believe that anything goes and that there are no higher guiding principles. This is what makes it difficult for these people, John Kerry included, to take a firm stand on any issue and to maintain that stand. They simply cannot see through the many relative arguments to make a firm decision.

The middle way between these two extremes is the Christ mind, which realizes that all decisions must be based on timeless principles that are above and beyond the relativity of the dualistic mind. Yet it also realizes that you cannot apply such principles in a black-and-white manner. Because humankind is currently so enmeshed in the consciousness of duality, it can be necessary to adapt principles to this temporary reality. The Christ mind realizes that it can sometimes be necessary to make decisions that seem to compromise timeless principles, and this is a temporary necessity that is done to bring society forward. Therefore, the overall progression of society is indeed in accordance with timeless principles and will ultimately lead to a higher state of consciousness.

Thought 9.
Let me say that the lesser of two evils is still an evil. To say that the lesser of two evils represents the greater good shows a complete ignorance of the tactics used by dark forces to control the people of earth, a tactic that is personified by the power elite. Let me make it clear that the dark forces did not want to see the creation of democracies. They opposed this with with all their power, and ever since the emergence of the first democracy, they have attempted to use their henchmen in the power elite to undermine democracy from within. Their tactic is twofold:

  • In a democracy, people can vote, but they can only vote based on what they know. So if you can control information, you can to some degree control how people vote. That is why, for a very long time, the power elite has attempted to gain control over the mainstream media, and they have been very successful, especially in the United States where the media is driven by profit. It is so easy for the dark forces to control people who are driven by greed.
  • In a democracy people can vote, but they can only vote by selecting from the available candidates. So if you can control who can run, you can control who will be elected. And if you do this well, all of the people running will work for the same larger agenda, namely to maintain or expand the control of the power elite.

What has happened in the United States is that a small elite has attained a very high degree of control, and they are greatly helped by the two-party system and the mainstream media. They have managed to create a situation where the only candidates who have a realistic chance of being elected president are those representing the two major parties. And in order to be nominated, you have to sell your soul and demonstrate that you will follow the party line. Despite the alleged differences between democrats and republicans, millions of Americans are beginning to realize that both parties are advancing the same agenda. They simply go about it in slightly different ways.

The result is that no matter which party you vote for, you vote for the same elitist agenda. Nevertheless, if you can make people believe that the lesser of two evils is the greater good, there is little risk that they will rock the boat by demanding widespread political reform.

Thought 10.
What can you do to change the situation? I have said that there needs to be a reform movement that emerges from the grassroots level and gains such widespread support that it cannot be ignored by mainstream media and mainstream politicians. Locally elected politicians will still respond to demands made by the people who voted them into office and can vote them out at the next election.

Nevertheless, such a reform movement cannot emerge in a vacuum. It must ride the wave created by a change in consciousness, and that is why the only factor that can truly break the status quo is that millions of Americans wake up to the need to put on the mind of Christ. So for those open to this website, I am not saying you should start of join a political reform movement, although you could certainly support it.

The most important thing you could do is to work on your personal Christhood and work on spreading the knowledge of my true teachings. In other words, if you want to make a difference, you will make the greatest difference by helping the rise in Christ consciousness both on the personal and collective level. Remember my statement, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32 ). If you lift up yourself, you will lift up your society and bring the mind of Christ into American politics. This is the most valuable contribution you could possibly make to your country, be it the United States or any other nation.

In the short term, it would also be very helpful for people to use our decrees and invocations to call for the exposure and overturning of the power elite and for reform in American politics. It would be extremely valuable to call for the exposure of all corruption in the election and for the enlightenment of the American people.


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