The truth about the Holy Grail: Jesus comments on the The Da Vinci Code

TOPICS: Many people open to going beyond mainstream doctrines – shows a shift in consciousness – Mary Magdalene was not pregnant at the crucifixion – many myths about Jesus – Jesus wanted to restore women to their rightful status – secret societies formed during Inquisition – why keep them secret today? – secrecy leads to abuse of power – sex rites not part of Jesus’ teachings – only feeds dark forces – there was a physical cup – cup of Christ does not bestow immortality – the truth about the Holy Grail – false dream of an automatic salvation – no salvation through sex – inner mystical union – your Christ self is the cup of Christ – you become the grail – reality less colorful than legend –

Question from Kim: Jesus, I just finished reading the book that The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, and I would like to ask you some questions about the Holy Grail. The book claims that in reality the Holy Grail was Mary Magdalene, who was pregnant with your child at your crucifixion. She fled to France, where she started a blood line that later became mixed with some of the royal houses of Europe. Is there any truth to this claim?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me begin by saying that I am gratified by the fact that The Da Vinci Code has become so popular and has been read by so many people. This shows that a great number of people are willing to look beyond the doctrines of orthodox Christianity and are hungry for a higher understanding. It also demonstrates that much of the spiritual knowledge, which in ages past was given only in secret, and only to initiates of a certain standing, can now be released to greater numbers of people and can in fact become mainstream. This is good news, and the popularity of this book is one among many signs that a shift is occurring in the consciousness of humankind.

Now for the bad news. There is no truth to the main claim made in the book. Mary Magdalene was not pregnant with my child at my crucifixion. She did not go to France, and consequently she did not start a blood line that is still continuing today.

Kim: So you are saying that the legend about Mary Magdalene being the Holy Grail is basically a hoax? How did that legend come about and why?

Jesus: Yes, that legend is a work of fiction, but it was not a deliberate work of fiction. It was generated and perpetuated by people who actually believed that there was some truth to the claim. You must understand that in the centuries after my crucifixion, there were a great number of legends and stories circulating about me. Some of these stories had their origins in old traditions that talk about the Christ or a God man. These traditions originated in what is now considered pagan religions but which in reality were universal spiritual teachings that existed in the ancient world alongside with the better known mainstream religions.

The teachings of the Gnostics also contained certain legends, and you will see that they also had a variety of Gospels or theories that they claim to have received through divine revelation. I can tell you that some of the Gnostic Gospels and teachings were indeed received as a true progressive revelation that came through the power of the Holy Spirit. Yet there were also some Gnostics who received false revelations, just as there today are many channelers who have contact with lower spirits or even malicious spirits that deliberately seek to deceive people by spreading false ideas.

Kim: The book also says that the Holy Grail represents the divine feminine and that you came to elevate women and the divine feminine to their rightful roles in society. Is there any truth to that claim?

Jesus: Yes, there is indeed some truth to this claim in the sense that I did come with the hope of bringing about the spiritual equality of the sexes by elevating women to their rightful role. I have explained this in some detail in the answer to a question about Mary Magdalene.

However, I did not come to simply bring about an outer change in society. I also came to help people understand that the only way to become a whole and balanced human being is to have the correct relationship and the correct balance between the masculine and feminine qualities of the lifestream. I explain this in further detail in the discourse on the spiritual cause of homosexuality.

However, once again I must tell you that the Holy Grail is not one woman, it is not Mary Magdalene, and it is not the divine feminine.

Kim: What about the Priory of Sion. Is there any truth to the existence of a secret society that maintains documents about early Christianity and the divine feminine?

Jesus: There were a number of secret societies that sprang up during the Inquisition. Whenever you have a situation in which a totalitarian power suppresses freedom of speech, you will see the emergence of secret societies as a protection for those who will not follow the party line.

We of the ascended masters sponsored several secret societies during the Inquisition, including the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons and some of the guilds that built the cathedrals of Europe. I am not hereby saying that these societies are necessarily sponsored today.

People might consider that if a secret society was formed during the Inquisition, then what is the point of continuing that secret society in the present age with freedom of speech? There can be some validity to a society which does not give all of it spiritual teachings to the public, but gives certain advanced teachings only to students who show a greater commitment to the spiritual path. However, we have now moved into an age where spiritual knowledge can and should be given freely to all who are willing to partake of it.

It is one thing to have a society which keeps some of its teachings for advanced students, and it is another to have a society which seeks to remain secret and to guard a secret for an indefinite period of time. We of the ascended masters may sponsor secret societies out of necessity, but that doesn’t mean we like such societies. In fact, we would prefer not to have any secret societies because in such a society secrecy always becomes an open invitation for the abuse of power. It is so easy for a small elite in the top leadership of a secret organization to misuse their power. There is literally no way for the members of such an organization to challenge an abusive leadership because everything can be swept under the rug under the guise of keeping the society or its teachings secret.

In terms of the Priory of Sion, as described in The Da Vinci Code, what could possibly be the value of a society which keeps a teaching or documents secret for an indefinite period of time? You might see the value of keeping something secret to escape the persecution of the Catholic Church and thereby preserve the information for posterity. But if the information is kept secret indefinitely, what is the point of the secret society? Why not simply destroy the documents and thereby permanently prevent the secret from falling into the wrong hands? One of the problems with a secret society is that it easily becomes an end in itself. In other words, the goal of maintaining the society becomes more important than maintaining the spiritual teachings that it supposedly has.

I agree with the argument raised in The Da Vinci Code that if a society truly had a secret teaching about Christ, that secret should be released in this age, when there is freedom of speech and better forms of communication than ever before. What better way to preserve a teaching than to put it on the internet where it can be seen by all? If you leave a valuable teaching in the hands of a few, you always run the risk that it could be lost, as the story line of the book describes.

Kim: What about the fertility cults and the sex rites described in The Da Vinci Code. Is there any validity to such rituals or the teachings behind them?

Jesus: There is an inherent contradiction in an organization which claims to preserve a secret about Christ and at the same time performs sex rites that never originated with me and never were part of Christianity. It is the same kind of contradiction found in the claim that Leonardo Da Vinci was the secret head of an organization worshiping the divine feminine, yet he was a homosexual.

There are a number of older religions that have a tradition for worshiping the divine feminine, and as part of this tradition some sects had various sex rites. Such rites were never part of Christianity and were never condoned by me whatsoever. There is a body of universal teachings that existed before Christianity, and some of them have value. There are certain teachings that worship the divine feminine that have value. Yet performing sex rites, as described in The Da Vinci Code (or other variants of such rites), has no spiritual value. It truly serves to feed the light of the participants through the people who are the center of the ritual and into the demons or entities behind them.

The sexual force, or the Kundalini light as it is called in the East, is a very powerful form of energy. Therefore, dark forces have come up with a number of ways to make people misuse this energy and thereby give their light to the dark forces. One of the most blatant of these methods is modern advertising and entertainment. There are many forms of so-called entertainment that are nothing more than disguised sex rites with the purpose of stealing the life force from people who indulge in this without having any idea that they are being spiritually raped.

Kim: Another legend about the Holy Grail that has survived for many centuries is the idea that the Holy Grail was the cup you used at the last supper. This cup supposedly has magical abilities and will bring eternal life to whomever drinks from it. Is there any truth to this legend?

Jesus: This legend also started in the centuries after my crucifixion, and the people who perpetuated it did believe there was truth to it. Once again, it was the result of a somewhat overactive imagination, which did not fully understand the mysteries of Christ and therefore attempted to give them a material form as the Cup of Christ.

In reality, there was a cup that I used at the last supper. That cup was taken by my beloved mother to Glastonbury in England and was hidden there. Now, please don’t ask me where it is hidden and how to find it because the reality is that it simply does not exist any more.

However, the cup does not have the magical powers ascribed to it. Simple logic should have revealed this. All of my disciples drank from the cup at the last supper, yet none of them are alive today. Why would people think that if the cup of the Holy Grail did not bestow eternal life upon my disciples, who drank of the cup from my own hand, that the cup could somehow acquire magical powers at a later time?

Kim: So if the Holy Grail is not Mary Magdalene, is not the divine feminine and is not an actual cup, then what is it? Is there any truth to the legends of the Holy Grail? After all, these legends have been very persistent, and many people have become obsessed with finding the Holy Grail. Are all these people simply on a wild goose chase, or is there some hidden reality that people have not yet understood?

Jesus: There is a reality to the concept of the Holy Grail. That reality has been kept secret from the general population for centuries because we of the ascended masters deemed that people were not ready to grasp this truth. This was demonstrated by the fact that so many people followed the outer doctrines of orthodox Christianity instead of looking for the inner spiritual meaning of Christianity. Therefore, we were happy with the fact that people were seeking the Holy Grail as a material thing, a Cup of Christ.

As I explain throughout my website, and especially in my discourse on spiritual cycles, humankind has now risen to a higher state of consciousness. Therefore, it is time to reveal the true secret of the Holy Grail, and I am happy to do so here. Do you remember that The Da Vinci Code talks about the fact that you do not find the Grail but that the Grail finds you?

Kim: Yes, I thought that was a very profound statement. I was also struck by the fact that it sounds similar to the old saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Jesus: And right there you have the secret of the Holy Grail. In reality, the Holy Grail is the open door between heaven and earth, between the spiritual realm and the material realm. The Holy Grail is therefore that which allows a human being, a son or daughter of man, to raise his or her consciousness to the level of the Christ consciousness and thereby become a son or daughter of God.

On a personal level, the Holy Grail is your Christ self. It is only through your Christ self that you can manifest Christ consciousness, and it is only through Christ consciousness that you can attain eternal life by becoming an ascended being.

The Holy Grail can also be a spiritual teacher. Such a teacher can be an ascended being, or it can be a person in embodiment who temporarily serves as a substitute for the Christ self until a student is ready to make contact with his or her Christ self. Yet it is extremely important to realize that the outer teacher must never become an idol that replaces the inner teacher of the Christ self.

If you allow an outer teacher or, as many people have done, an outer object, doctrine or church to replace the inner teacher, then you are following the way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. This then becomes the outer path that I described in great detail in one of my discourses.

You will notice that I taught the multitudes in parables, and the reason was that they were not ready for my inner teachings. Those are the people who became fascinated by the idea that the Holy Grail was a cup, a physical object. And if only you could find that cup, then by drinking from it you would automatically receive eternal life without having to follow the rigorous path of spiritual initiation. This is truly the dream of an automatic or guaranteed salvation, and it is the greatest pipe dream found on this planet.

Although some seek to take heaven by force, there are no shortcuts. You will never enter heaven without following the inner path that leads to Christ consciousness. If you do not wear the wedding garment, you will not be able to enter the wedding feast, and you will find yourself in outer darkness, bound hand and foot by your own wounded psychology and false beliefs.

Even the notion that the Holy Grail is a woman and that a man will attain union with God through sexual union with a woman is the dream of an automatic salvation. However, there is a greater truth here in the sense that when a person attains balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of the lifestream, that person, be it a man or woman, will begin to have glimpses of Christ consciousness, which will lead to union with God. The dream that union with God can be produced as the automatic or guaranteed result of sexual union is the fallacy behind the practice of tantric sex that has been especially popular in the East. Take note that I am not saying the philosophy of raising the Kundalini is wrong or that this cannot be done through sex. I am saying that it is not an automatic result of sexual union.

There have always been people on this planet who attempted to take heaven by force and produce spiritual enlightenment without going through the work of healing their psychology and purifying their minds and hearts. These are the people who are not ready for the truth about the Holy Grail. These are the people who for centuries have been pursuing the quest for an outer object or some mysterious secret that will automatically give eternal life to anyone who finds it. The secret of eternal life is union with your Christ self, but that union will never be the automatic result of outer actions. It must be the inner mystical union spoken of by so many true spiritual philosophies found around the world.

When I was alone with my disciples, I taught them many things, including the fact that every human being has a Christ self and can attain union with that Christ self. Yet even my disciples were not able to fully grasp the truth behind this teaching. That is why I gave them the outer ritual of breaking the Bread of Life as a remembrance of me. The true inner meaning of that ritual is that the Bread of Life is the universal Christ consciousness, which has been broken for every human being in the form of that person’s individual Christ self.

The individual Christ self then becomes the cup which can hold the blood, as a symbol of the stream of consciousness of the universal Christ mind. When your lifestream unites with your Christ self, you raise the chalice of a whole mind and lifestream, and thereby the stream of the universal Christ consciousness will begin to flow through you. Your thoughts, feelings and actions will then be built upon the rock of Christ, meaning the Christ consciousness, instead of the shifting sands of the human consciousness.

Thus, we might say that when you truly find the Holy Grail in the mystical union with your Christ self, you actually become the Holy Grail. You become the cup of Christ through which the universal Christ consciousness can give teachings and light to other people. We might also say that you cannot find the grail; you can become the grail. You become the open door between heaven and earth as I was that open door while in embodiment.

This is the true secret of the Holy Grail that people have been seeking for 2,000 years. If they had paid attention to one of my most important statements, they would not have sought outside themselves. My statement that the kingdom of God is within you demonstrates that the Holy Grail must be found inside of you, inside your mind, inside your consciousness.

Let me say that the Grail legend has truly served a purpose in terms of helping many lifestreams have an outer focus for the true inner longing for the Christ consciousness. I am therefore not saying that there is anything wrong with people’s fascination with the Grail. The problem is that many focus all attention on an outer object instead of seeking a deeper understanding.

I realize that many people will find my explanation to be far less colorful and romantic than the grail legend itself. Yet if they will shift their consciousness from being focused on the material world to focusing on the inner world, they will discover that the inner walk with Christ is far more romantic, exciting and rewarding than the pursuit of a material cup.

I am the Holy Grail.
Go into your heart and find me.
If you seek me with a pure heart and an open mind, you will find me.
And then I will surely give you eternal life.


 Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels