The treatment of farm animals and eating meat

TOPICS: People have reduced themselves to commodities, and this is how they treat animals – many spiritual people too disconnected from life – eating meat is a way to be more grounded –

Question: Do you see any changes coming in the treatment of farm animals? They often suffer greatly at the slaughter houses and before. How do you feel about people eating meat? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As humankind raises its consciousness, it is inevitable that there will be changes in the treatment of farm animals. What has happened currently is that animals have been reduced to pieces of property, to commodities. This is a reflection of the state of consciousness of a large portion of humankind who have reduced themselves to pieces of property, to commodities, in the name of profit and greed.

Nevertheless, this state of consciousness simply will not stand for the inevitable changes that are being brought forth by the release of light from the ascended masters. You will indeed see dramatic changes in this area within the next few decades.

As people continue to raise their consciousness, there will truly come a point where no human being will eat meat. Yet I also recognize that we are currently not at that level of collective consciousness. Therefore, it is currently acceptable and necessary for many people to eat meat, not only to gain physical strength but also to help them anchor themselves in the material realm.

Please do not misunderstand the following remarks. I am not saying that all spiritual seekers should eat meat. However, it is a fact that what is needed in the coming decades is that all truly spiritual people work diligently to bring about changes in the material world. Currently, many spiritual seekers are striving to attain a higher state of consciousness, and this often makes it difficult for them to deal with the material world or to bring about changes in this world. They are simply so absorbed in a spiritual state of consciousness that they cannot handle the challenges of the material world and therefore tend to withdraw from them.

However, there is a great need for these people to attain the balance of the Christ consciousness which allows them to maintain a spiritual state of consciousness while still working to bring about changes in the material world. This requires these people to be somewhat grounded in the material world, and eating moderate amounts of fish and fowl can help many people achieve this goal.

Once again, I am not here by making the statement that all spiritual seekers should eat meat. I am simply saying that for many people eating moderate amounts of meat would indeed help them fulfill their sacred labors of working to change the physical world for the better.


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