The transition to democracy in Kazakhstan

Question: We fear the situation in our country, Kazakhstan. We understand that the time of our respectable ruler, our President, is coming to an end, because of his age. Many people fear what the future of the country will be. What can we do as a Christ involvement as a people who want to be part of our country, society and region, to help change the system without any revolutions or changes with violence, without fighting between national groups.

Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

One of the reasons why we encourage the transition to democracy worldwide is precisely that if a country has a very strong leader, then there will always be a power vacuum when that leader can no longer govern as, of course, time respects no man and therefore time eventually runs out for everyone. What you have in Kazakhstan is a situation where you do not have as many factions that are opposing each other as you see in many other nations. You will, for example, see in Iraq where Sunni and Shia Muslims and the Kurds form three very powerful blocks that all vie for power.

Because of the nature of the Kazakh people and their peace flame and their tolerance, you do not run the same risk here. Certainly, there will always be groups who will seek for any opportunity to take power. You, as the spiritual people, can envision and hold the vision that your President, while he has time, will institute and set in motion the change to a democratically elected government.

This is, of course, the vision that we of the ascended masters hold for Kazakhstan, as we do for most other nations on earth. It is realistic that the change can happen without any revolution or even major bloodshed. This is the vision that you can hold as the spiritual people. You can also hold the vision, of course, that more and more people in Kazakhstan will step up to what Saint Germain talked about, the level of Christ consciousness that allows them to be the open doors for the ideas and even for taking the actions that will facilitate a peaceful transition into a more democratic society. I can assure you that there are already people in the government who are wrestling with the very same question, including the President himself.

Thus, you can hold the vision that those who are the more balanced people will catch the highest possible vision of how this transition can take place. You can also hold the vision that those who are not yet part of the government will be awakened to step in and fulfill their roles so that this nation can build on its upward spiral and work towards greater prosperity for everyone by sharing the wealth from the natural resources, so that they do not go to an elite and so that they do not go to foreign companies.

You can, of course, also hold the vision and you can make the calls for the protection of the integrity of the nation from foreign interests. With that I, of course, include the big neighbor to the North, the big neighbor to the South, but also the international corporations and financial interests that are always seeking for an inroad into any nation, especially when that nation has great natural resources.

You must, though, understand that in any nation the consciousness of the people must be allowed to outplay itself so that the people can have an opportunity to see why they had the leader they had and why they may have difficulties making the transition to a more democratic system.

You will notice, when you look back at Europe for example, that you had many countries that had a very old history and they struggled to make a peaceful transition into a more democratic system. What is happening now both in Kazakhstan and in many other nations, especially the former Soviet Republics, is that after having been under the Soviet Union for so many years, they now are facing the situation of having to make the transition into a more democratic form of government much more quickly than the older nations or the nations of Europe.

This, of course, creates a very complex situation where you have the main concern being: “Are there enough people who can step up and provide a new form of government to replace the old one without these people forming a new elite to replace the old elite, as you for example saw in France and several other nations?” It is clear, of course, that when you have a ruler as you have had in this nation, there will be a certain elite forming around him. You need to hold the vision that the more balanced people in the government will prevent that another elite takes over and seeks to create a system where the people do not have freedom to choose their own representatives. This is something you can make calls for in your decrees and rosaries, and you can hold the vision as well.


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