The spiritual cause of allergies

TOPICS: Allergy is individual – seek a balanced diet – allergies caused by psychological condition – allergy caused by trauma – fear makes you want to avoid something –

Question: I think this can be considered a general question, not personal. Is soy milk and products healthy foods, or are the phyto-estrogens problematic for little children? (My son and daughter drink rice milk and eat some soy because of food allergies.) 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There are virtually no health-related questions that are general questions. Allergies are inherently individual conditions. While some children are allergic to soy products, others can eat them with no negative effects. This also holds true for cow’s milk and other dairy products, although this is not sufficiently recognized by the medical profession.

In general, let me say that rice is one of the least allergenic foods on the planet. However, in all matters of diet it is important to maintain balance and to avoid eating too much of one particular kind of food. I therefore recommend that you seek the advice of someone who can test your children to find out about their allergies to certain foods. This can be done not only by medical professionals but also by skilled practitioners of muscle testing.

Let me also say that contrary to present medical theories, allergies have their origin in psychological conditions. And without recognizing the reality of reincarnation, you simply cannot attain a correct understanding of allergies.

It is possible to develop an allergy towards just about anything in the material universe. An allergy usually begins with a traumatic experience that causes a lifestream to develop a fear of a particular substance or condition. If the trauma is strong enough, or if it is reinforced over several embodiments, it will manifest as a physical allergy in the lifestream’s next embodiment.

Fear is a repulsive emotion, so the lifestream will seek to get away from what it fears. When this manifests as an allergy, the body will reject whatever food or condition is associated with the fear of the original trauma. That is why the body will manifest physical symptoms. The symptoms are simply the body’s way of sending the message that it does not want to be exposed to a particular substance or condition.

Although you can take physical means to lessen the impact of the allergy, the only way to resolve the condition is to use proper psychological techniques to go deep within the psyche and resolve the original trauma. There are many examples of people who have gone through this inner healing and instantly overcome life-long allergies.


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