The roles of Saint Germain and Jesus

TOPICS: Saint German is the hierarch for the Age of Aquarius – Jesus and Pisces – Saint Joseph – dispensation to release violet flame – 

Question: Do you consider Saint Germain to be the herald of the New Age, if so, what is your mission in this Plan, for if ALL ascended masters are ONE, you must truly be part of this Universal Scheme to fix the earth and its attendants.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Saint Germain is the spiritual hierarch of the Age of Aquarius, as I was the hierarch for the age of Pisces. This does not mean that Saint Germain has replaced of displaced me. It means that I have moved on to a higher level of service. I now hold the office of World Teacher for planet earth and Savior for humankind.

There is no competition or rivalry in heaven. Saint Germain was embodied as my father Joseph, and I honor and love him as my true brother in spirit. It is indeed valuable and important for those who are open to the energies of the Aquarian age to familiarize themselves with the Presence, the teachings and vibration of my beloved Saint Germain. He has given extensive teachings since the 1930’s, and it is valuable for all spiritual seekers to study these teachings.

Concerning my mission, see my comments given elsewhere.

NOTE: This is what Jesus says about Saint Germain in The Christ Is Born in You:

I earlier told you that my father, the beloved Saint Joseph, is today an ascended being, an ascended master. His name is Saint Germain, and he has been appointed as the spiritual hierarch for the Age of Aquarius. I can assure you that I have the utmost respect and admiration for my Brother of Light, Saint Germain. I am extremely gratified that he has been appointed as the spiritual leader for the next 2,000 years.

When Saint Germain was appointed to be my successor, he clearly realized the predicament of humankind’s returning karma, as I have described it to you. Therefore, Saint Germain saw the need to release a spiritual technique that was more efficient than anything previously released on this planet. This was not a straightforward matter, because people have shown a great willingness to misuse any spiritual technique given to them. As people have been willing to misuse atomic energy, they have also been willing to misuse spiritual energy.

Therefore, Saint Germain had to apply for a cosmic dispensation, and after much deliberation by the spiritual hierarchs above us, that dispensation was granted. Saint Germain was granted permission to publicly release a spiritual technique that for thousands of years has been known only by a small group of advanced lifestreams. In the past, this technique has been known by many names. Saint Germain chose to release this spiritual technique under the name the “Violet Flame.” The name refers to the fact that this technique is aimed at invoking a form of spiritual light that vibrates at frequencies just above the material universe (violet light has the highest frequency of visible light).

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