The real story of 9/11

TOPICS: The duality consciousness creates an opposing force – America is neither the great Satan nor the great saint – many conspiracy theories produced by a power elite to overwhelm people – if the elite had the power to control all aspects of life, it would already have happened – if the power elite had attained complete control the planet would have disintegrated – the power elite is not as sophisticated as people think – the elite inevitably creates an opposing force that neutralizes much of their power – the Elohim designed the earth to be too big for centralized control – God is more powerful than any elite group – the towers of power will crumble under their own weight –

Question: What is the real story of 9/11?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:

The real story is that you cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem. And thus, when you have created a problem and you refuse to rise above that consciousness, you create an opposing force and sooner or later that opposing force must break through to the physical. And someone who is also in the dualistic consciousness then decides to attack you because they have come to see you as the great Satan.

And while it is indeed incorrect to see America as the great Satan, it is equally incorrect to see it as the great saint. For America, as I have explained previously, is not by any means an innocent force in the world. America has gone very far beyond my vision for this nation in becoming a pawn of the power elite. And the American government and military have for far too long been doing the bidding of the power elite and the big multinational corporations, who have no allegiance whatsoever to the American nation or to the vision of Saint Germain behind that nation.

So this truly is the real story—if you want the real spiritual story. There are, of course, many details here of how this came about, and this is a very intricate web of force and counter force, both inside the United States and outside the United States. What I will say is that once again the wild conspiracy theories that are out there are completely out of touch with reality, because they are produced by people who are unbalanced and therefore also become pawns in the game.

As I have said before, when the power elite could not stop the internet – and the free spread of information that is possible over the internet – they have taken Plan B of flooding the internet with so much misinformation that people become overwhelmed and so confused that they don’t know what is up or down. And so, there are certain power elite groups that have produced the wild conspiracy theories in order to confuse and overwhelm people.

But, I must tell you that there was not a single coherent conspiracy within the United States government or military or CIA that produced 9/11. Nor was there a single unit that allowed it to happen. There was information that if it had been put together could have prevented 9/11. But that information was not put together by any single individual or group who then decided to withhold it and allow 9/11 to happen.

It is not realistic of you to indulge yourselves in these conspiracy theories and believe that the power elite is so sophisticated that they have all these secret plans and that they can control everything that happens on this planet. For if the ascended masters had the authority to bring in the Golden Age by our own power, do you not think it would already have happened? And again, you can reverse that question and say: “If the power elite had the power to control every aspect of this nation, do you not think it would have happened?” And if the power elite had attained complete control of this planet, I can assure you that the planet would have disintegrated from within and you would not be here to ask the question of whether the power elite can control the earth.

So this should give you some consolation. For I must say to you, very clearly, that the power elite is not as sophisticated as you think. They are not nearly as smart as you think. Do not give them that much credit, that much importance. For those who are trapped in the duality consciousness, as we have now explained several times, will with everything they do create an opposing force. And that opposing force will neutralize their power.

Throughout the ages you have seen one power elite group create an opposing force that became manifest as another power elite group. And thereby they have weakened each other and taken away each others power. And that is indeed why the power elite groups have never been able to control this entire planet.

God does indeed work by creating through sacred geometry. And geometry is the proportion of things. So the Elohim are not unintelligent, and when they created the earth, they foresaw that the earth could become a home for certain lifestreams with very big egos. And so they dimensioned this planet to be just so big that no ego could possibly control it all. And that is indeed why you see that all of those who attempted to conquer the entire planet have eventually failed, be it Alexander the Great, Napoleon or Hitler or the Soviet Union, or any multinational corporation or banking system.

This planet is just a little bit too big to be controlled by any one force, except of course the force of God. And that is why you must realize that you must get yourself out of the consciousness of fearing that there is a power elite that can control this planet behind the scenes and that there is nothing you can do to counteract them. You must become practical realists and realize that God in you is more powerful than any power elite group that ever has existed or ever could exist on this planet.

And that is why, when you become the open door for the power of God, then those power elite groups, that might seem to be mighty, will be as straw in front of you, and they will be blown over by the winds of the Holy Spirit. As they have indeed been blown over in many past civilizations where, when the people reached a sufficient level of consciousness, it was as if a shift occurred. And suddenly, the towers of Babel, the towers of power, began to crumble—for they crumbled under their own weight when the people would no longer give their light to upholding these illusions.


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