The radiation in Chernobyl

TOPICS: How invocations and decrees can consume any vibration –

Question: As with God all things are possible, I want to ask could we do a kind of spiritual work to neutralize the radiation in Chernobyl and what exactly could we do for that cause? The same question I want to ask about the negative energy radiation of cemeteries.

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels:

As always, my beloved, the answer is: “Use the tools we have given.” Give the invocations and decrees, do visualizations,  use your God Flame to radiate into that condition. There is not just one invocation that can counteract the vibration of radioactive material.

Although I must say to you that the radiation from Chernobyl is not one of the primary concerns for bringing in the Golden Age. And thus, I would kindly suggest that you do not spend an inordinate amount of time on this, unless you feel a strong impulse from within.

Yet all of the invocations will serve to counteract negative vibrations, including the vibrations from cemeteries. Yet I must tell you that one of the best rosaries for counteracting physical radioactivity is the Fogiveness Rosary, and the East-West Invocation, where you visualize the flow from East to West that consumes the vibration. You might even visualize that Chernobyl is the nexus of the figure eight, and thus the light flows through it in both directions and consumes it.

You can do the same with a cemetery. Yet again, clearing cemeteries is not one of our primary concerns, unless you feel a strong personal impulse, perhaps by living close to one, and thus feeling the need to rise above those vibrations.

Also, for any type of vibration in the four levels of the material universe, do not forget to invoke Shiva, who can consume anything that is out of alignment with the perfection of God.


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