The purpose of ice ages

Question: Why are there ice ages on the Earth? And what are souls doing during this time when they can’t incarnate here?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

The ice ages are basically a way to erase the traces of a previous civilization. In some cases there have been previous civilizations who engaged in nuclear war and the only way to really erase the nuclear pollution in a relatively short time span is that the ice has this effect. It can to some degree absorb the radiation. It can also break down rocks into their smaller components so that they can more easily release the radiation.

It is not just a matter of nuclear radiation it can also be the energetic records that can even be stored in physical matter to some degree. It can also be a matter of giving a certain portion of land a certain time to, what we might call rest; where it can be freed of these records so that when it becomes habitable again, people can start without having the same energetic records that they had before. This means that a society or humankind as a whole can be given a clean white slate and start a new track instead of being so burdened or condemned by the past records to continue that track.

There are people in the world who have said that reincarnation can’t be a reality because 500 years ago there were far fewer people in embodiment, so where were all these souls? This is not really an argument against reincarnation because the reality is that, first of all, some souls can go to the astral plane, the emotional realm, some go to the mental realm, some go to the identity realm of Earth.

There are many souls that embody on other planets. It is not so that an unnatural planet is entirely isolated. There are usually two or three planets that are somewhat linked together even though they might be separated by great distances in the physical octave, so that souls from one planet can incarnate on another. This gives these souls an opportunity to grow before the planet becomes able to support greater numbers, a greater population.

It is of course very individual where souls go. It depends on their past history and their individual psychology and it’s a rather complex task for the Karmic Board to decide what to do in these situations. That’s why we very much prefer to avoid these cataclysmic events where an entire civilization breaks down and the population of a planet is reduced drastically in a short time span. We do everything we can to avoid it but obviously it cannot always be avoided due to the mechanics of free will and the absoluteness of free will.


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