The psychological cause behind the Holocaust and other human atrocities

TOPICS: Nations have not healed wounds from second world war – Germany has the deepest wounds – all of Europe needs healing – what you do to others you have first done to yourself – dehumanizing and despiritualizing yourself – human race divided into categories, some superior and some inferior – those without Christhood cling to earthly life – spiritual and dualistic survival instinct – dangerous to believe genocide can happen only “out there” – psychological mechanism in most human beings – warring in collective psyche – Germans have become scapegoats – nations have not looked at themselves to eradicate the psychological forces that caused the Holocaust – lifestreams in a downward spiral – some soldiers possessed by demons – multiple personalities – only when people resolve warring in members will atrocities be left behind – potential for genocide in the West – using the Holocaust to cover Allied war atrocities – abortion is an example of insensitivity – war on terror – the power elite and its control of the economy – Christian churches not speaking out against the Holocaust – Christianity helped set the stage for the Holocaust by perverting Jesus’ true teachings – parading satanic lies as Christian truths – Jews as Christ-killers – scientific materialism is ultimate dehumanization – How the Jews made themselves the target – Jesus desires all to be healed and transcend the duality consciousness – where do you want to go: up or down – Hitler had sold his soul to the devil – for each person killed, the Nazi’s lost momentum and this eventually destroyed them – each person killed in concentration camps saved the lives of two other people – time to move on –

Question from Kim: Jesus, given that many nations are marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, I would like to ask you some questions that I feel I have never had fully resolved. As you know, I grew up in Denmark and from an early age I heard about the Nazi occupation and the holocaust. In fact, the concept of concentration camps seemed very real to me from an early age. Yet I still was not prepared for the shock I received at the age of 13.

It happened on a bright and sunny spring day, when the birds were singing and the trees had fresh green leaves. All of the older students were called to the school’s movie theater, which usually meant we were to watch some kind of educational movie. Yet this time it was a documentary about Auschwitz, and it did not hide anything. We saw the people who looked like living skeletons, piles of hair and teeth, piles of dead bodies bulldozed into mass graves, gas chambers and crematorium ovens, where the door swung open and exposed half-burned corpses grinning at you. After the movie we were let out with no commentary or discussion. I still remember walking out into the bright sunshine, listening to the birds and being in shock that the beauty of a spring day and the horrors I had seen on that film could coexist on the same planet.

Although I have processed this experience for 35 years, trying to understand how something like that could happen, I still cannot understand how such beauty and horror can coexist in human beings. What baffles me the most is that human beings can do such things to other human beings. I mean, it is easy to reason that the Nazi leaders, such as Hitler or Himmler, were either insane or lifestreams who had rebelled for so many lifetimes that they had lost all humanity. Yet what about the many German soldiers who pushed people into the gas chambers and turned on the gas? They could not fail to know what they were doing, yet they did it anyway. Without such people to carry out their orders, the Nazi leaders would have gotten nowhere, so what is it that causes people to follow orders blindly? I feel that unless we understand this, we cannot prevent such atrocities from happening again, so please help me understand.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me first comment on your experience. There is no doubt that exposing children to such a movie without helping them process and understand it is an example of shock treatment that can easily be labeled cruel. Yet the reality was that even though your experience took place 25 years after the end of the war, the Danish nation had not processed the trauma of the second world war and thus had not healed the wound in the collective psyche. The educators, who decided to show that movie in the public schools, felt they simply could not ignore the Holocaust. Yet they could not help children understand what they themselves did not understand. I am not saying this justifies their actions, I am only saying it should make it easier for you to understand, forgive and move on—which is your personal responsibility.

Obviously, such unhealed wounds is a phenomenon seen in all of the nations involved with World War II, and the nation with the deepest wound is Germany itself. I can assure you that I would love to see the German people heal this wound and move on without it. Yet the wound is so deep that this would be a Herculean task. As and ideal scenario, let us imagine that Germany decided to engage in a national debate that exposed everything about the holocaust and at the same time, millions of Germans decided to use Mother Mary’s invocations  to consume the karmic records and the vortexes of misqualified energy. If this was done, it would still take years for the German people to heal the wound in the national psyche.

Yet if this did happen, it would lift such a heavy burden from the German people that they would literally feel reborn, and they could then begin to express their unique beauty and talents that are held back by the wound in the national psyche. It would also lift a burden from the other European peoples who are still – 60 years after the end of the war – looking at Germans with imperfect feelings. Thus, Europe as a whole would become a much lighter place if the wound left by the war was truly healed. I can assure you that the ascended masters want nothing more but to see such wounds healed.

Now for the question of how human beings can do such inhumane things to each other. One way to explain this is to take my statement, “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” Every single one of my statements is a two-edged sword of truth, with one edge pointing toward yourself. So if you turn around my statement, you could say that before you can do something to others, you must first have done it to yourself—in your own mind.

Take for example a German soldier who herds a child into the gas chamber. The simple fact is that no one could do this to a human being. So the only explanation is that the soldier did not look upon the child as a human being. How could this be? The soldier had been programmed by a philosophy that defined Jews as not being fully human; in other words, Jews had been dehumanized and turned into non-humans. I know this is completely irrational, yet if someone hasn’t realized that the human psyche is capable of irrationality, then that person has some serious studying to do.

My point is that before you can dehumanize another person, you must first have dehumanized yourself. I realize this will sound contradictory, given that the Germans were programmed to believe they belonged to the superior race and were better than all others. Nevertheless, this belief in German superiority is not actually in conflict with the dehumanization of the Jews; it is simply the other side of the same coin.

You see, the very idea that the human race can be divided into separate categories and that some are better than others springs from the dualistic mind. This duality is based on the fact that the lifestream has separated itself from God and therefore no longer sees itself as a son or daughter of God. The lifestream has now lost its own sense that it is a spiritual being who sprang from the one God, and thus it cannot see that other “human” beings came from the same source. This sense of separation is the source of all – and I mean ALL – human atrocities and conflicts.

When you lose the sense of oneness with your source, one might say that you have dehumanized yourself. Yet it would be more correct to say that you have despiritualized yourself. And in so doing, you despiritualize everyone else, because you cannot bear the thought that they are something you are not. And when you have gone through this process, you inevitably become vulnerable to believing in a philosophy that defines one group of people as superhuman and one group as subhuman. Yet defining yourself as superhuman is still a despiritualization of yourself.

My point is that the German soldier had despiritualized himself, and this made it possible for him to despiritualize even a child. The soldier’s despiritualization of himself had opened him to accepting the belief that the human race can be divided into categories and that those categories can be assigned value based on a relative scale defined by certain people. In this case, the scale was defined by the Nazi leadership, but over the cause of history many other nations and leaders have defined other relative scales and used them as a justification for numerous atrocities.

In this particular case, the Nazi leaders had defined the Germans as superhuman and the Jews as non-human. So once the solider had bought into this philosophy, he could push the child into the gas chamber without feeling the remorse that any normal person would feel for killing another human being. He literally did not believe he was killing a human being.

Kim: Okay, I can understand about despiritualization, but I still don’t understand how a person can buy into such a philosophy. It seems almost inconceivable to me that a person can accept a philosophy that dehumanizes certain people and then blindly carry out orders without thinking at all about what he is doing. How can someone become so insensitive? Or am I just being a hypocrite who cannot see the beam in my own eye?

Jesus: Well, yes and no. In another discourse, I talk about the levels of spiritual development, and when you reach a certain level of spiritual maturity, when you reach a certain level of Christhood, it does become inconceivable to you that a person could blindly carry out orders to kill other people.

Yet the deciding factor here is really how attached you are to your physical life. Look at the situation of a person who was drafted into the German army. He knew full well that if he refused to carry out orders, he would be shot as a deserter or traitor. So the only way he could refuse to push people into the gas chambers was by being willing to be killed.

When a lifestream reaches a certain level of Christhood, it becomes aware that the lifestream lives beyond the body, and therefore the long-term survival of the lifestream is more important than the short-term survival of the body. This will make a lifestream willing to lose its physical life in order to take a stand for principles and thereby advance its spiritual development. Yet when a lifestream is still below that level of Christhood, it simply isn’t capable of reasoning this way, and thus its survival instinct is entirely focused on the body. We might say that there is a higher – spiritual – survival instinct and a lower – dualistic – survival instinct. This is what I described in my statement:

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. (Matthew 16:25)

If you seek to save the life of the body at the cost of compromising God’s law, you will eventually lose the life of your lifestream. Yet if you are willing to take a stand for the truth of Christ – even if your body is killed for it – you will win the immortal life of your lifestream.

My point being that the majority of humankind are still below the critical level of maturity, which means that they could all be manipulated into doing what the German soldiers did at Auschwitz. So if you are willing to die in order to defend the right of others to live, then you are not a hypocrite by finding it inconceivable what the soldiers did. It truly is inconceivable to you, but only because you value the spiritual life of the lifestream more than the physical life of the body. And thus you would have been willing to die rather than carry out your orders—and I can assure you that you would have died.

If you are not willing to die to defend the lives of others and at the same time you judge the German soldiers, thinking you could never have done what they did, then you are taking a hypocritical stand. Because if you had been put in a similar situation – being forced to make the choice between dying or following orders – you would have done what the German soldiers did—followed orders without asking questions.

Kim: That’s a pretty radical statement that I think will be offensive to many of the people who experienced the war. I mean, I didn’t experience it, but I was still brought up with the belief that Nazism was a unique form of evil that could only have happened in Germany.

Jesus: Yes, and that is a very dangerous belief, which actually increases the danger that similar atrocities could happen again elsewhere. The simple fact is that evil thrives in the shadows and it only grows in the dark, meaning when it is not recognized. And thus the people who condemn the Germans as being solely responsible for the Holocaust are actually helping to set the stage for the next atrocity.

What I said above was that the real problem here is the despiritualization of human beings. This is what makes it so easy for people to judge one another and to divide the human race into groups, of which some are good and some are bad. So the only way to prevent genocide is to re-spiritualize the human race by promoting the truth that all human beings are sons and daughters of the same God. By demonizing the Germans and making them solely responsible for the Holocaust, you obscure the real cause of the Holocaust, namely a psychological mechanism that is present in the majority of human beings.

You see, the war and the Holocaust were not solely the responsibility of the German people. It was a manifestation of the warring in the collective consciousness of humankind. Thus, the true cause of the war was the warring in the collective psyche, and the people of most nations had contributed to those vortexes of negative energy. The German people played a role in this man-made drama. And it is true that there were – and still are – certain characteristics in the German national psyche that made them more vulnerable to the philosophy of Nazism than some other nations. And that is why Nazism did arise in Germany. Yet Nazism – or a similar totalitarian force – would have arisen anyway, and it could have happened in several other nations. It would have taken a bit longer to take hold, but it would have happened because the forces in the collective unconscious, as Carl Jung put it, would inevitably have surfaced in the material realm.

Kim: Okay, I know that will be a tough pill to swallow for many people, and I assume only those with a certain level of Christhood will be able to accept it?

Jesus: That is correct. Those with an insufficient inner maturity, will refuse to look for the beam in their own eye and will continue to focus on someone else, making them the scapegoat that gives them an excuse for not changing themselves.

Kim: So are you saying that the world has made the German’s into scapegoats, and thereby many people have been able to actually ignore the true cause of the Holocaust, using it as an excuse for not changing themselves?

Jesus: That is exactly what I am saying. The Holocaust was a giant shock to humankind, and from a spiritual perspective it was a unique wake-up call. It was the manifestation of forces in the collective psyche, and it should have awakened people to the need to change that psyche by changing themselves. All nations should have looked for the beam in their own eye.

Unfortunately, most nations looked only at the mote in the eyes of the Germans, and thus they missed the opportunity to truly eradicate the psychological forces that caused the Holocaust. Thus, these forces are alive and well, and that is why you have seen several examples of genocide since the Holocaust—and unfortunately you could still see a genocide far worse than the Holocaust.

Kim: Let me return to the German solider. Many people believe that the soldiers responded the way they did because they had grown up in prewar Germany and had been brainwashed by Hitler. You seem to be saying that the cause is found much farther back, and it started before that particular lifetime?

Jesus: That is correct. The real cause was the despiritualization of the lifestream, which started when that particular lifestream fell into the consciousness of duality and lost its connection to its source. As I explain in the discourse on the levels of spiritual development, after a lifestream falls, it can enter a downward spiral or an upward spiral. If it goes downward, it can descend into deeper and deeper levels of selfishness, which makes it increasingly insensitive to other forms of life.

That is why you see a variety of reactions among the German soldiers in the death camps. Some bought the Nazi philosophy hook, line and sinker and would do anything without giving it a second thought. Others were simply forced into the army and were usually assigned to tasks that didn’t require total insensitivity. In other words, the Nazi leaders had some insight into the lower levels of human psychology and deliberately selected the most insensitive people for the most cruel tasks. That is why you see some SS soldiers who became literal monsters when they were given absolute power over the lives of others. Yet every nation on earth has a certain part of its population who could respond in a similar manner if put in a similar situation. Why do you think the American soldiers in the Abu Grahib prison did what they did?

Kim: So help me understand what makes a lifestream so insensitive, especially what makes a lifestream able to shift between a seemingly normal life and incredible cruelty. I mean some of the German soldiers would gas Jews all day and then sit down and enjoy a classical music concert or a Shakespearian play at night. I just watched a documentary about Auschwitz, and I was struck by the fact that the commandant lived in a mansion with his wife and children. He was seemingly the perfect father to his own children at home, yet then he put on his SS uniform and planned the systematic extermination of hundreds of thousands of children—who from a spiritual perspective were no different from his own. How could there be such contrast within the same lifestream?

Jesus: As I have explained elsewhere, the soul vehicle can fragment or divide. This can create a vacuum in the soul that can be filled with a dark spirit. So some of the most cruel German soldiers were literally possessed by demons. The demons would take over when these people were carrying out their orders, and then the demons would become so drunk by the misqualified energy that they would leave the person alone for a while, allowing him to go back to a more normal personality.

Yet when a lifestream falls into the duality consciousness, there will be a certain split or division within the soul vehicle itself. This makes it possible that the person can develop multiple personalities, and the person can – often almost seamlessly – switch from one personality to another. Thus it becomes possible that a person can have a highly educated and cultured personality, as did the commandant of Auschwitz. And at the same time, the person has another personality that is completely insensitive to the kind of people that it believes are subhuman.

This is a universal pattern that you see all over the world, and it has brought about some of the worst human atrocities. The simple fact is that this “warring in the members” of the lifestream is the beam in your own eye, and until you pluck it out by putting on the mind of Christ, you will be part of the problem instead of part of the solution. You might also note that this multiple personality phenomenon is what prevents people from seeing that they are doing the same thing which they find abhorrent in others. Thus, people cannot see that they have the same psychological mechanism as the German soldiers and that they would have done the same thing if they had been in a similar situation.

Kim: That seems like an essential point, so can you give me an example of this from outside of Germany?

Jesus: Well, take the American Founding Fathers who were working on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, yet some of them were slave owners. Thomas Jefferson would travel away from home and write the immortal words that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with inalienable rights. Then he would go back to his farm, which based its existence on slave labor. How do you explain that unless the lifestream of Thomas Jefferson had a split that allowed him to play two incompatible roles without seeing the incompatibility?

Kim: So you are basically saying that until a critical mass of people resolve this warring in our members, the potential for genocide will remain?

Jesus: Correct. The only way to remove the danger of genocide is to re-spiritualize the human race, and the key to doing so is the Christ consciousness, which allows the lifestream to reconnect to its source and see itself as a son or daughter of God. This allows the lifestream to see that all other lifestreams came from the same source, and thus genocide becomes unthinkable. As I explain elsewhere, it really is up to the most spiritually advanced lifestreams to change the national and planetary consciousness by raising themselves to a higher level of Christ consciousness and thereby pulling other people up.

Kim: So you are saying that even in today’s world, there is a real potential for a new genocide? I feel that most western nations would immediately point the finger elsewhere and say it could never happen here, but is that really true?

Jesus: Well, if you consider that a western nation could exterminate six million Jews or other people, then you are probably right that it could not happen. But my point is that the very consciousness that caused the Holocaust has not been eradicated from any nation, and it has not been eradicated because people have not been willing to look at the true cause and then pull that beam from their own eyes. So the forces behind the despiritualization of human beings are very much at work in every nation, and therefore there is a real potential for a systematic violation of human rights. No nation is currently exempt from this.

Kim: Can you give me an example of how these forces are working in the United States?

Jesus: Where do you want me to start? The very fact that this country has a Constitution based on inalienable rights yet allowed slavery shows a split in the national psyche from the very beginning, a split that has not yet been fully healed. The fact that it took violence to stop slavery demonstrates this split and the nation’s propensity to see violence as a solution to problems.

Then take the end of World War II. In 1945 the American and British air forces carried out massive bombing raids of German cities that killed tens of thousands of women and children. There were no military or strategic targets; it was simply a systematic punishment of the German people, partly with the purpose of making sure Germany would never again rise to become a threat. Thus, this action rightly deserves to be called genocide, but very few people in America would accept that fact.

Sure, the bombing didn’t kill as many people as were killed in the concentration camps, but was the difference in kind or only in degree? Look at how this atrocity was covered over by the publicity around the Holocaust. The message was that because the Nazis were so bad, anything the allies did during the war was excusable or insignificant in comparison. Yet when you cover over atrocities by making others the scapegoats, you have only reinforced the despiritualization of the human race.

Now take the fact that since 1973 tens of millions of unborn babies have ben aborted in what some have called the silent Holocaust. Only a massive split in the national psyche could allow a democratic nation to become so insensitive to the unborn. And most other western nations have legalized abortion.

Then take today. You have a president who claims to be working to spread freedom, yet he has been willing to kill tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians in order to spread his version of freedom. At the same time he claims to have planted the flag of Liberty, yet true Liberty cannot exist without an uncompromising respect for human rights. And this very president has kept 600 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay for over two years without trial.

This kind of imprisonment without recourse was one of the major reasons the American revolutionaries rebelled against the English king. It was one of their major goals to create a nation where such imprisonment could never happen. Yet here it is, and where is the public outcry? You cannot claim to be a representative of Liberty when you have divided human beings into categories of which some have no inalienable rights defined by God but only those defined by your state.

Then there is the issue that a small power elite maintains a stranglehold on the U. S. economy, which keeps millions of Americans living below poverty level in what is claimed to be the richest nation on earth. In truth, no nation can claim to be rich as long as one of its citizens is living in poverty.

Finally, let me mention the fact that the American psyche is deeply split between two forces that both maintain the despiritualization of humanity, namely scientific materialism and orthodox Christianity.
Do you want me to continue?

Kim: No, I think you made the point that there is a beam in the eye of the American nation. Since you are bringing up the issue of Christianity, there has always been some talk about the Christian church not doing enough to speak out against the holocaust. What is your position on that.

Jesus: My position is that the orthodox Christian churches did something far more serious than not speaking out. In reality, mainstream Christianity was one of the major factors that set the stage for the Holocaust. Again, the true cause of the Holocaust is the despiritualization of human beings. The only way to reverse this is to reconnect lifestreams to their spiritual source, so they can see that all people are part of the One Body of God on earth. I came to give humankind a spiritual philosophy that would help them make this transition in consciousness, as exemplified in my call:

And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy lifestream, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. (Luke 10:27)

You can love your neighbor as yourself only when you realize your neighbor is part of the greater self of which you too are a part. There is no other way to neighborly love.

Yet, as I explain throughout this website, my message of unconditional love was turned into an orthodox, fear-based religion. The greatest crime was that I was defined as the only son of God and all other humans were defined as being far below me. Not only did the Catholic Church define people as NOT being sons and daughters of God, it defined them as sinners by nature. These ideas are a clear reinforcement of the despiritualization of human beings, and they dominated the intellectual life of Europe for 1500 years before the Holocaust. Obviously, Protestant churches did virtually nothing to challenge these doctrines, and most modern Christian churches are endlessly parading these Satanic lies as Christian truths.

You can add to this the fact that many Christians looked at the Jews as the people who killed Christ—once again failing to see the beam in their own eyes. Yet the major problem with orthodox Christianity is truly the despiritualization of human beings by defining me as the only son of God and all other people as sinners, thus dividing the human race into two categories—me and everyone else.

On top of that, you have the philosophy of scientific materialism, which defines humans as being just more evolved animals and denies the existence of God or any spiritual aspect of human nature. Yet this very philosophy simply would not have gained ground had it not been for the fact that orthodox Christianity had already programmed the collective psyche with an anti-spiritual philosophy.

If you care to take a closer look, you will see that even the Nazis needed some justification for their actions. And they used a very peculiar and very irrational blend of Christian and scientific dogma to position themselves as superhuman and the Jews as subhuman.

So there is no doubt that both orthodox Christianity and scientific materialism carry part of the responsibility for the fact that the Holocaust took place and the fact that the collective psyche has not yet been healed. Thus, both sides are to this day serving to maintain the despiritualization that could precipitate the next Holocaust.

Kim: You are certainly not mincing words here!

Jesus: No, but do you think the topic of the Holocaust deserves to be treated gently, so as to avoid offending people’s egos?

Kim: I don’t, actually, I was just a bit surprised by your directness. With that in mind, let me bring up a question that I haven’t seen anyone ask: Did the Jews themselves contribute to the consciousness behind the Holocaust?

Jesus: And you are calling me direct? Well, if you want to make yourself the target of being accused of spreading anti-semitic propaganda, I am not the one to stop you. It is obvious that the Jews have a very old consciousness of seeing themselves as “God’s  chosen people.” And by now it should be obvious to those with a discerning mind, that this is very much what I have called the despiritualization that causes the division of the human race into categories of those who are superior and those who are inferior. So, yes the Jews have indeed contributed to this consciousness on a world-wide scale, although they are not in any way the only people to do so.

Yet what you need to recognize here is that there is indeed a very dark and satanic consciousness that is always seeking to create these power struggles, where one group of people feels justified in seeking to exterminate another group. You might see this as a consciousness that is constantly looking for both a perpetrator and a target. As I said, there were indeed certain characteristics in the national psyche of Germany that made Germany vulnerable to becoming the perpetrator. Yet, you also see such a mechanism in the national psyche of Russia, which led to Stalin’s genocide, and in China, which led to Mao’s genocide.

So it is indeed equally true that there are certain characteristics in the collective psyche of the Jews that made them the target. In fact, had the Jewish people heeded the changes I came to bring, they would have long ago transcended the “God’s chosen people” consciousness and thus would not have become the target for the Nazis or other perpetrators throughout history and in many nations. Those who become the target are those who have already made themselves a target in their own minds. Their own self-image literally magnetizes them to the situation.

And again, for those with discerning minds, it is obvious that the Jews have not transcended this consciousness. Why can’t the Jews forgive and move on? Because they are still making political hay from the Holocaust. They have managed to portray themselves as the victims of the worst atrocity in human history. Yet Stalin and Mao killed many more people, so where is the sense of proportion?

The brutal reality is that the Jews – who portray themselves as victims – do not want the world to forgive and move on from the Holocaust. They want to keep the memory and the wounds alive forever, so they can continue to manipulate other nations into treating them as “God’s chosen people.” If the world truly did heal and forgive, then the Jews could no longer claim this special treatment.

Kim: So what would you like to see the world do to heal the wounds of the Holocaust?

Jesus: I would like to see people recognize the true spiritual and psychological cause and make a sincere effort to remove the beams from their own eyes. I would like to see the world forgive the German people and I would like to see the German people accept God’s forgiveness. I would like to see the Jews recognize the beam in their own eyes and then forgive the German people, recognizing that it is meaningless to make one nation responsible for what is truly caused by the planetary psyche.

Kim: So you have no desire to punish the German people? I mean, many people seem to think that God wants to punish them?

Jesus: Absolutely not. I have no other desire – and I can assure you that God has no other desire – than to see all sons and daughters of God enter their Father’s kingdom and remain there forever. Yet to enter God’s kingdom – which as I explain on this website is a state of consciousness – you have to leave behind the dualistic, human state of consciousness. You have to leave behind all human sense of hurt and non-forgiveness. And you have to leave behind the sense that you are separated from God and from other people. Being in God’s kingdom truly means being one with God. There is no other way to enter the kingdom than through the sense of oneness.

So yes, I wish all people would learn the lessons they need to learn from the Holocaust, use it to remove the beam from their own eyes, and then simply move on and enter God’s kingdom.

Kim: Yet so many people will say that it is impossible to just move on and leave such an atrocity behind.

Jesus: Yes, but by maintaining this belief, they only work to uphold the despiritualization that WILL inevitably set the stage for the next Holocaust. Why do you think I told people to turn the other cheek? It was because only by doing so can you stop the spirals of violence and atrocities that have been going on for millennia on this planet. Someone has to take the first step and forgive everything that happened in the past. As Mother Mary explains, only total forgiveness can lead to total freedom. When you forgive, you are truly setting yourself free from the past.

So where do you want to go? Do you want to enter the kingdom of those who have reclaimed their spirituality by leaving behind their duality? Or do you want to remain in your current state of consciousness indefinitely? I can only point the way to the kingdom of God; I can’t make the choice for you.

Kim: One final question. It seems to me that most of the people who really understand what happened in the Holocaust are struck by the senselessness of so many innocent people dying and under such appalling conditions. It just seems so utterly meaningless. Do you have anything to say about that?

Jesus: I do. If you look at the war, you will see that in the first years, the German armed forced had an uncanny success; they were almost unstoppable. The reason for this was that Adolf Hitler and his closest associates, had despiritualized themselves to the point where they fell for one of the temptations of the devil, as described in this quote:

5 And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.
6 And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.
7 If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.
8 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (Luke, Chapter 4)

So, Hitler sold his soul to the devil to fulfill his dream of world domination. And the devil gave him a large amount of misqualified energy, which is what gave the German forces their military victories. However, God is not mocked, and God has designed this planet so that no single power can dominate it. Because of this, the devil might promise you the world, but he simply does not have the power to deliver on his promise.

One reason for this is that the law of cause and effect, the law of karma, mandates that when you kill others, you lose some of your power. And when you kill civilians, especially children, you incur a greater karma than by killing soldiers on the battlefield. So the reality is that for each person killed in the concentration camps, some of the dark energy, some of the momentum, behind the Nazis was taken away. And thus, from the moment the Nazis built the first death camp, they sealed their fate and opened the door to a much swifter defeat. I can assure you that had the Nazis not built the concentration camps, it would have taken longer for them to run out of dark energy, and thus the war would have lasted longer. As a result many more people would have been killed in regular fighting.

I know this is of little comfort to the survivors and their families, yet it is a fact that each person killed in the concentration camps saved the lives of at least two other people by diminishing the dark power behind the Nazis and their war machine. It was a situation not dissimilar to the many Christians who were executed by the Romans and who contributed to the downfall of the Roman empire. So in a way, you might say that their deaths weren’t senseless after all. They did serve a greater purpose, although a purpose that the ascended masters would rather have avoided.

Please understand that I am in no way trying to diminish the horrors of the Holocaust or the responsibility of the Germans. I am trying to point out that God never wants people to remain stuck in the past. He wants people to learn their lessons, meaning that they respiritualize themselves, and then move on. And truly, it is high time and past time that the world moves on and permanently leaves behind the consciousness that caused the Holocaust.


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