The power is within you to heal any imperfection

TOPICS: How to unlock the power within you – overcome illusion of separation – people block the power of God through them and this creates disease – key is to change consciousness – seek to resolve psychology before seeking to heal the physical symptoms –

Question: Dear master Jesus, if God resides in each one of us, then do we not have the power to heal ourselves and each other just as you did? As an example if some one has cancer can they not, through the power of their belief, be able to heal themselves, or at the very least allow God to cure the cancer? What I am asking is with the proper tools could not everyone running around on the planet be cured of all the illness that exists?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You are essentially correct but the question is how to allow God to cure the disease. One of my most important – and most overlooked – statements is, “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). So you do have the power within you to heal any imperfection.

However, to unlock that power, you have to come to the point in consciousness where you realize that you, meaning the outer self, cannot heal. It is God within you who is the healer. This is expressed in another saying of mine, “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work” (John 5:17). To arrive at that point, you have to manifest a high degree of Christ consciousness so you can overcome the sense of separation from God. It is this sense of separation that blocks the flow of God’s power through you.

This is where the problem arises. As I attempt to explain throughout this website, the pain and suffering on this planet was not created by God. It was created by human beings, and they created it because they separated themselves from God—in their minds. The power of God can easily erase all imperfections, such as disease, but God will not do so until people have learned their lessons and abandoned the state of consciousness that caused them to create the problem.

Let us take your example of a person with cancer. The cancer is a result of the fact that the person has descended into the consciousness of separation. And because the person is in that state of consciousness, the power of God cannot flow through the person. It is, so to speak, all locked up inside the person. This puts the person in a catch-22. The very consciousness that created the cancer also prevents God within the person from healing the cancer. The obvious solution is to change the consciousness that created the problem.

My point is that in many cases a disease is the physical manifestation of an unresolved block in the person’s psyche. Therefore, healing is not a matter of magically finding a way to let the power of God remove the disease. The only solution is to uncover the psychological blocks that led to the manifestation of the cancer. Only when the person resolves the wounds and imperfect beliefs, can the power of God be unlocked and heal the disease. A disease can also be the manifestation of a person’s karma or world karma, and I talk more about the cause of disease elsewhere.

When I performed my healings, I acted as an external agent who could unlock the power of God to heal the person. Yet you will notice that I did not heal everyone. The deciding factor was people’s faith. If a person had faith, it meant that the person had attained some level of Christ consciousness and therefore could accept that the power of God could heal the disease—although the person did not have a high enough level of Christ consciousness to heal himself. If the person was still trapped in separation, he or she was not able to believe in the power of God and thus I could not heal the disease.

However, even when I performed healings or cast out evil spirits, a person could suffer a relapse. The reason being that my healing was meant as a grace to give the person an opportunity to change his or her consciousness without being burdened by the disease. If the person was not able or willing to change consciousness or to maintain a new attitude to life, the person could quickly recreate the disease, as I describe elsewhere.

So you are right that if people had the right tools and applied them, everyone could be healed. Yet these tools must include tools for the resolution of the psychology and for the manifestation of Christhood. My point being that healing is not a matter of finding the philosopher’s stone or the Holy Grail that will magically remove all disease without you having to change your life. True healing is a process that involves the transformation of consciousness. I recommend that people use Mother Mary’s rosaries to build their faith and resolve the blocks in their psychology that prevent the healing of a disease. Obviously, there are other tools available, as I describe elsewhere.


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