The Old Testament becoming obsolete

TOPICS: Jesus objects to seeing Bible as infallible – Old Testament becoming obsolete – mythical consciousness – OT fulfilled its mission for its time –

Question: It seems that your aversion is primarily focused on the New Testament and Christianity. The Old Testament is of great relevance to the history of the New Testament and Christianity but you rarely mention it. Do you have a personal aversion to Christianity in particular?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I do not have an aversion to the New Testament itself. I have an aversion to the approach that many modern-day Christians, and for that matter the Christians of centuries past, take to the New Testament. You will see these objections in my discourse on whether the Bible is the word of God. LINK

I especially object to the elevation of the Bible into an infallible doctrine that leaves no room for progressive revelation. This is simply a misuse of spiritual scriptures, and it was never intended by the ascended masters. It is upheld by people who seek to use religion to control the population, to obstruct the work of the ascended masters and obscure the true meaning behind releasing a spiritual teaching.

I rarely mention the Old Testament because it is becoming increasingly obsolete as a spiritual teaching, thereby becoming primarily relevant as a historical document. I am fully aware that the Old Testament contains many teachings of a timeless nature. Yet, as I explain in great detail elsewhere, the consciousness of humankind is continually being raised to higher levels. The Old Testament was given to people in a much lower state of consciousness than what most people have today. Therefore, the consciousness of the people put some very stringent limitations on what could be released in Old Testament times.

Because people’s consciousness has now become more rational, they find it increasingly difficult to relate to the mythological teachings found in the Old Testament. This does not mean that I dishonor the Old Testament or see it as unimportant. On the contrary, I greatly honor the contribution that the Old Testament has made to the spiritual progress of humankind.

The Old Testament by and large fulfilled its mission during its time. However, time is simply running away from many of the teachings found in the Old Testament. They need to be replaced by higher teachings or they need to be reformulated in the language of today. This is partly what you see happening on my website and in the books I am releasing through this and other messengers. Indeed, we of the ascended masters have released many spiritual teachings over the past century that are the modern version of the teachings given in the Old and New Testament.

The Old Testament will always have value as a historical document, and it should be revered as such. However, I can tell you that there are indeed inaccuracies in the Old Testament, and there are passages that could be taken out as erroneous or unimportant. Indeed, some modern-day scholars have attempted to compile a more modern version of the Old Testament, and I do not discourage such efforts. However, I wish the people taking on this task would be more open to receiving directions from the ascended masters.

My views on modern Christianity have been described in great detail in the following section.


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