The money changers today

Question: Jesus, what would he do with the money changers in the temples now?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

Well my beloved, today the money changers are not just in the temple but in every institution of society. The money changers are not simply those who exchange money. That was just one expression of them at that particular time. But the money changers are always those who set themselves up in a privileged position so that they can take advantage of the people. 

There has always been a tendency for the evolution of a priesthood that wants to set themselves up between the people and God but the money changers are those who want to set themselves up to gain some special advantage here on Earth. So one expression of the money changers in today’s society are those who are in a governmental position where they have some special authority to, for example, get money from the people even what you normally call corruption but sometimes even in a more sanctioned way where the people have to pay them. Or the people have to be afraid of them and pay them special respect. And so, you see this in every society but in some instances more than others.

In many of the more developed countries in the world you see that bureaucracy is a huge enterprise in society and many people in the bureaucracy have these special privileged positions. Sometimes they are like mini gods who can decide the lives of the people, what they can do and what they cannot do, if they can build a house, or where they can build a house and many of these other things. So this is really the greater meaning of the concept of the money changers. Many of these money changers are taking advantage of their position to extract money in the form of corruption, but not all of them. Some are honest, some are even well meaning but they believe they know better than the people. Some of them even believe they know better than the politicians who have been elected by the people even though the bureaucrats have not been elected. And so there are many among them who are like semi gods, like gods on Earth where they are in such a position that no body from above or below their position in society can actually gainsay them, can correct them, can question them, and this is what is the true meaning of the money changers.

What would I do with them today? Well, I would do what I have been doing by making people aware of the path to Christhood and helping them walk that path so that they raise themselves above feeling that they need to pay special respect to these money changers. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to go out and object or rebel against them. There are many cases where as the Christed being you render unto Caesar that which is Caesars’ in the sense that you just do what you need to do to do the practical things in your life and then you don’t pay much attention to it. But I can tell you that the only real solution is, as in any other area, that you first of all raise the collective consciousness to a higher level but then you also raise the conscious awareness of the people where you will see that there are actually countries, mostly in the west where they have gone through different phases where the people have become dissatisfied with the bureaucracy and have simply demanded a change. You have seen in some nations where it has led to a gradual shift so that there has been a willingness by the politicians, by the media, to focus on the bureaucrats to not allow them to put themselves in these privileged positions and this has caused a shift that the bureaucracy is there to serve the people, it is not the people who are there to serve the bureaucrats.

And so in some nations considerable progress has been made where people do not fear the bureaucracy, they do not accept that they have to pay bribes where bribes simply are not accepted, corruption is not accepted, and you have this attitude that the bureaucrats are there to serve the people. This means that those who could not make that shift in consciousness have retired or fallen away and you have attracted a new kind of people to the bureaucracy who have the attitude of be willing to serve. And so this is of course is a very important shift in every nation including here in Russia something you can hold the vision for, make the calls for, but at any point in time there is a certain bureaucracy and you need to do what you need to do to move forward with your own plans or with your plans as a group. And so you render unto Caesar that which is Caesars’ in the sense you do what you need to have to but you do not let that hinder your Christhood or your progress on the path.


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