The maximum growth happens when you are not resisting it, you’re not trying to force it into a specific matrix, you are allowing it to unfold

Question: How can one understand if he or she is making progress or just staying in the comfort zone thinking one has achieved peace and making steady progress?


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Well my beloved this is one of the challenges of the spiritual path. You have of course a certain group of spiritual people in the world who have not locked into the reality of the spiritual path which is that it is ongoing, it is constant ongoing self-transcendence. You will continue to transcend yourself as long as you are in embodiment on Earth because the ascension is the final act of self-transcendence possible on Earth. 

When you have ascended you do not stop transcending yourself, you are just transcending yourself at the level of the ascended realm. So there are many, many spiritual people on earth who think that the goal of the spiritual path is to reach some ultimate state here on earth, whether they call it enlightenment or nirvana or something else. Therefore they are seeking to attain that and some people over the years, the centuries have of course come to believe they have attained some state and therefore they don’t need to strive anymore. Basically you could say that anytime you have the sense that you don’t need to transcend yourself, you don’t need to grow anymore then you have stagnated. 

Now of course you can take this and compare it to the teachings we have given you at this conference where we are seeking to help you be at peace with being on Earth. We have said that you need to come to a point where there’s nothing you feel you have to do here on Earth but this actually doesn’t mean that you are no longer growing. 

When you attain inner peace because you have made peace with the fact that you are being on Earth, you also attain inner peace with the fact that you are at a certain stage of the spiritual path. This doesn’t mean that you are not striving to grow from there so you can reach the 144th level but it does mean that you don’t feel a compulsion to grow as you might do at lower levels of the path. It is not so my beloved that for the entire time up to the 144th level you are not going to be at peace and you’re going to feel like you’re behind and you’re not doing enough. 

There comes a point and I don’t even want to put a number on what that level is because it can be individual, where you have made peace with being on earth, you have made peace with being at your present level of consciousness, you are not feeling dissatisfied or unhappy, you’re not feeling you’re behind but on the other hand you are still very much open to the fact that you could come to see new separate selves that need to be let die, you could come to gain new insights, you can get new experiences. There are things you want to accomplish, want to experience but you are not doing it from the state of compulsion – you are, as we have said, doing it from the state of your cup is overflowing and there’s a joy in feeling it overflow. 

So basically you could say that if you feel comfortable, you are not growing enough. If you feel truly at peace it’s a different matter because peace is a dynamic state, it is not a static state. It doesn’t mean you have stopped growing or think that you don’t have to grow anymore. It just means that you are at peace with being where you are at and knowing that you will continue to grow further. You are not behind, you are where you should be but not forever, just at this stage you are where you should be and you know that there will come a next stage and it might happen tomorrow, it might happen a year from now but you know that it will happen. You’re not resisting it but you’re not frantically seeking to force it to happen either, you are flowing with the river of life, as we have said and just basically watching it unfold. 

There is a certain stage where you think you have to do but there is a higher state where you’re not doing and this doesn’t mean you are passive but you are allowing things, you are allowing life to unfold. You are not resisting it, you’re not trying to force it into a specific matrix, you are allowing it to unfold and this is actually maximum growth. 

You cannot know this with the outer analytical mind. You cannot setup a list of criteria but you can come to sense it in yourself if you are honest and willing to look at yourself and evaluate whether you’re in the one extreme of being comfortable or in the other extreme of being too compulsive.  You can strive for that middle way where you just experience the growth without having to force it or resist it.  


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