The importance of the idea of the basic humanity in the Muslim nations

Question: Jesus said that the masters would like to see the peoples of the Islamic meta culture less fragmented and more united. In what forms can this convergence and unification take place and on what basis from the point of view of the ascended masters? What calls can we make to contribute to this process?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, if you look at history and go back, you will see that before the time of Mohammed, there was tremendous conflict and basically what you would call tribal warfare in the Arabic nations. They were highly divided into all of these tribes that were constantly warring with each other over grazing for their sheep or whatever the excuse was. It is not necessarily so that we want to see a unification of the Arabic people as such. We wanted to see an end to this kind of very destructive tribal warfare. And this was the point of Archangel Gabriel releasing the original teachings of the Quran through Mohammed.

It was the hope that this could unify the Arabic people and stop the warfare. Of course, it has not exactly had that effect. In a certain sense, it has unified people as Muslims, but it has not stopped the internal conflict between them. And certainly, it has created another level of conflict between Muslims and the rest of the world.

This just shows you how difficult it is to unify people on a planet like Earth. Again, even today, we do not necessarily see that all Arabic or all Muslim nations should be united. As Saint Germain just talked about, in the future, there will be regions and there will certainly be regions of people that go across what you today can call Muslim nations. But we would, of course, like to see that the internal conflict and the conflict with the rest of the world is overcome, is transcended. And the best hope for that is what we have called the “basic humanity”. To some degree, also the essential humanity. But quite frankly, many people in Muslim nations are not able to grasp that.

The best hope is that they will be able to grasp the basic humanity, where they will want a better life for their children than they have had. And they will also see that there are certain things that a government should not do to its own people. For example, you should not put a woman in jail for driving a car in Saudi Arabia or any other nation. You should not execute her for these seemingly, to a western mind at least, not serious offences. You should not have people whipped in public for just being a woman.

There are so many examples of how these Muslim societies and the Sharia law, lead to these very inhumane treatments of people. The best thing to make the calls for is that people will begin to see this. There is also, as Saint Germain just said, the whole concept of the economy in these nations and how the economy can possibly survive, especially with the youth unemployment. Again, these are the two areas where there is the biggest opportunity for some kind of change that will soften up the black and white thinking in Muslim nations.


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