The husband is to be the head of the household?

TOPICS: Monotheism is an unbalanced approach to religion – masculine is I AM Presence, feminine is Conscious You – not ego in control –

Question: What is the spiritual significance of the Biblical edict that the husband is to be the head of the household? Could the wife be the main decision maker in the household instead, if it works out for both of them, or is there anything spiritually inappropriate in this?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is no spiritual significance to this whatsoever, my beloved. It is a product of what we have exposed in recent dictations – of the unbalanced approach to religion, that is the hallmark of monotheism—that raises up God as being exclusively a male figure. Thereby, using it as an excuse for men and the male ego putting women into a secondary position.

There is a symbolical significance—if you go beyond men and women and say that “man” represents the Spirit, and that “woman” represents matter in your own individual being. That would mean that your I AM Presence is the masculine aspect and your lower being the feminine polarity of that.

And thus, your Spirit is meant to be the master of your personal “household,” so that your conscious self is in attunement, in alignment, with your I AM Presence. And therefore takes command over your “house,” over your lower being, and brings that lower being into alignment with the purpose for which you came into embodiment—as a result of you choosing – you desiring – to express your God flame, your divine individuality, in raising up the material universe to be a permanent sphere in the realm of God.


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