The healing art of Reiki

TOPICS: Reiki was inspired by the ascended masters – energies invoked are Holy Spirit – diversification in Reiki movement – cannot force Spirit – questionable beliefs in the movement – healing energy affected by practitioner’s consciousness – chi is not psychic energy – must be part of spiritual lineage – all healers should invoke spiritual protection – the intent of the practitioner – be non-attached to results – your job is to be pure channel for Reiki energy – practitioner can take on patient’s karma or energy – developing Reiki further –

Question 1: I practise the healing art of Reiki. I am currently reading a book on the subject, which has raised some questions for me that I hope you are able to answer. About Dr Usui, who re-discovered Reiki energy, is he now an ascended master? Is Reiki, your healing energy, and Buddha’s healing energy, one and the same? Thank you for taking the time to read this email and to answer my questions. With love, Renee

Question 2: Dear Jesus, Can you please tell me something about Reiki and if it is a transformational tool? I do Reiki and I have seen some incredible things happen with it. Can you give some insights on just how Reiki works and how we can utilize it fully? Is Reiki a tool given by the ascended masters? Thank you so much. Ro

Question 3: I apply to you with the request. This letter is a part of the long inner spiritual work, that has been lasting for several years. I’d like to describe shortly what has troubled me. It will be short – because it is impossible just through the words in the letter to convey all the depth of my inner experience for all these years. The question is of the Natural Healing System – Reiki.
The author of the System is Mikao Usui, Japanese by nationality (his birthday is the 15th of august, 1864). When he was a boy he was sent to be taught in a Buddhic monastery, and that laid the foundation for his healing practices. Having studied the ancient scriptures in the libraries of Kioto Mikao, Usui was convinced more and more that there was some method to reunite with the energy of the Universe. After many years of searching he came to meditate in the temples of Kurama not far from “the point of Force.”
It is known from the authorities that the Sacred Mountain Kurama is situated not far from the former capital of Japan – Kioto. The mountain is more than 1700 feet high. The Temple Complex was founded in 770 as a guard of the Northern Side of the capital. It is half way to the top of the mountain.
Kurama Mountain is covered with ancient cedars, encircled with antique Temple buildings, there are lots of Holy Springs, and the whole energy of that place is very powerful. In such surroundings Mikao Usui was to pass through “shiu gio,” that is a powerful three-week rite of Purification, and have many other spiritual practices at the same time. During the last meditation his purpose to attain sattori was achieved, and Mikao Usui came into contact with the Powerful Energy, which he called Reiki. He found out that the ultimate aim of his life was “Anshin Ritsumei” – the state of absolute peace of mind and the consciousness of his life mission given him by God. It occurred in approximately 1914.
The main postulate of the philosophy of Kurama Temple is Sontan, translated as the Source of all of Creation, the absolute Truth and stands beyond the differences between all the religions.
This energy penetrates all the Universe and certainly all mankind, as well. Sontan is represented on the earth, in three main manifestations: Love, Light and Power. It is formed from this trinity, but each component is quite self-sufficient.
Love is corresponding to the Moon. Its sponsor is Sendji Kanzeon Bosatsu, who is one of Buddha’s manifestations (Avalokiteshvara in India). Light is corresponded to the Sun. Its sponsor is called either Bishamonten or Tamonten (Vaishravana in India). Power is symbolized by the earth and represented Gohomaosan, the Divinity, who belonged to Kurama Temple primordially and according to the legend descended to the mountain from Venus six and half million years ago. The Trinity (Love, Light and power) form Sontan. The name of Sontan is known as mantra of the master Reiki symbol.
Reiki permits one to heal people of the most difficult (serious) diseases by laying hands directly on the body of a patient, conveying Reiki energy to him for healing (it is the Reiki energy that heals, but not the one of a healer), as well as doing it at a distance. For healing at a distance the Reiki symbols are used. There are four of them, and each of them has got its own name or mantra. The symbol focuses the energy and conveys it at a distance, and the patient is healed.
I have had the understanding of Reiki in my inner being, but I’d like to have outward Teaching and I want to ask Jesus to give the true Teaching of Reiki. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The ascended masters inspired the original Reiki healing method upon Dr. Usui and sponsored him to teach it to others. This was done by several ascended masters who have worked with eastern students to teach them about Chi, going all the way back to the Yellow Emperor, who is today an ascended master. Dr. Usui was indeed a mature lifestream, and he has now completed the process of qualifying for his ascension.

The spiritual teachings that form the foundation for the Reiki method are very similar to the teachings on spiritual energy that I give on this website. They are similar because they came from the same source, namely the universal brotherhood that I here call the ascended masters, but which has been known under many other names throughout history.

The healing energies invoked by the Reiki method – when done correctly – are the same energies that Christians call the Holy Spirit and the same energies known in Buddhism.

As most Reiki practitioners know, Reiki has become increasingly diversified, and therefore some branches have moved away from the original teachings released to Dr. Usui. In fact, I must tell you that none of Dr. Usui’s original students had the same level of Christhood that he had attained. Therefore, the method was somewhat degraded after Dr. Usui’s transition, even by those who claim to follow his method.

The simple fact is that Dr. Usui gave a somewhat unstructured training because there is a limit to how much you can force Chi – or the Holy Spirit – into a structured system. Dr. Usui understood that a system can only form a chalice that allows the energies of the Holy Spirit to stream forth without being scattered. Yet it is very easy for a system to start restricting the flow of the spirit, and when that happens, the system will begin to be a hindrance rather than a chalice.

I have given some teachings on healings through the Holy Spirit that also apply to practicing Reiki. Some of the leaders that followed Dr. Usui did not fully understand that structure can restrict the spirit, so starting with Dr. Hayashi the movement has begun to become more structured, which has caused some branches to go too far. This has caused certain questionable beliefs to creep into the movement. Here are some of them:

  • There is a belief that anyone can learn Reiki and that by running a group of people through a structured training course, they will all be able to channel the Reiki energy.
  • There is a belief that anyone trained to channel Reiki energy will do so without any involvement from the person’s ego.
  • There is a belief that because the Reiki energy has wisdom, it will heal only what should be healed, independently of the practitioner’s belief or consciousness.
  • There is a belief that the practitioner will never take on karma or energy from the patient.

These beliefs are not unconditionally correct. The simple fact is that because the Reiki healing method makes use of a practitioner, the healing energy is channeled through the practitioner’s consciousness. If it wasn’t, there would be no need for the practitioner. Therefore, it is a simple fact that the energy can be affected by the practitioner’s consciousness. In other words, the quality of the Reiki session is in direct proportion to the purity of the practitioner’s consciousness. Physician, heal thyself!

It is a dangerous illusion to believe otherwise. This is similar to the fact that some New Age people believe anyone can learn to channel messages from non-material beings. The statement is true, because almost anyone can learn to turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to a realm beyond the material. Yet the question is what kind of beings the person tunes in to, and the same holds true for a Reiki session. If you are a true healer, you need to have and use Christ discernment.

Not only are there different forms of Chi, but there are many lower energies that we might call psychic energy. As stated in my teachings on Holy Spirit healings, these energies can actually produce what seems like healings.

You will see that Dr. Usui received the Reiki method after having followed the spiritual path for many years. In other words, until he had reached a certain level of spiritual attainment, a certain level of personal Christhood, he could not be the instrument for bringing Reiki into the material universe. Likewise, until a person has reached a certain level of Christhood, that person cannot be a pure channel for the Reiki energy. To believe otherwise is to ignore not only the value of Dr. Usui’s personal efforts but also the entire lineage of the Master-Disciple relationship that the ascended masters have sponsored for millennia.

Dr. Usui had become part of that lineage, and to be a true Reiki practitioner, you must also become part of that lineage. In other words, you cannot necessarily become a full-fledged Reiki practitioner by taking a standard course. Some will already have attained a level of Christhood before taking a course, and they can immediately serve as pure channels. Others will not be pure and might need a long process to reach a reasonable degree of purity. Our websites contain many tools that can help people go through that process.

In fact, all Reiki practitioners would do well to follow the path to personal Christhood and to see Reiki as a life-long learning process that will never be completely finished. You will not know everything there is to know about Chi while you are still in embodiment. To believe otherwise easily leads to pride, and this can influence your Reiki practice in a negative – and very subtle – way.

I would strongly recommend that all practitioners of any kind of healing, especially one that involves direct physical contact, make a sincere effort to use Archangel Michael’s Rosary for protection and Mother Mary’s rosaries to clear their energy fields.  These rosaries do invoke certain Chi energies. For the less advanced Reiki practitioner, protection and transmutation of energy can make a major difference in the quality and purity of the Reiki sessions. In other words, by using these tools you can still practice Reiki as you grow toward Christhood.

Another important consideration for all types of healing is that the intent of the practitioner can – at subconscious levels – influence the session. It is especially important to be on guard for the intent to heal any ailment. This is particularly important when a practitioner is charging for the session and therefore can feel a subtle pressure to give the patient value for his money—a tendency that is very common in the West.

In reality, not all ailments will be healed by the Holy Spirit, as was demonstrated in my healings. Yet if the practitioner is not completely non-attached, it is easy to use psychic energy to produce a healing that does not come through the Holy Spirit. I have spoken in more detail about this in the other discourse, and it is highly relevant to the practice of Reiki.

The key insight here is that it is not the Reiki practitioner’s job to produce the healing of a particular symptom or even a feeling of well-being. It is the job of the practitioner to be the purest possible channel for the Reiki energy. The practitioner simply lets the energy flow and is completely non-attached to any noticeable results or absence of results. For a practitioner to reach this kind of purity, he or she must completely overcome the tendency – so common in the West – to measure success by visible results. Do right action and be non-attached to the fruits of action.

Furthermore, if the practitioner does not have pure intentions, it is always possible that the practitioner can take on energy or karma from the patient. This often happens before of after the actual channeling of Reiki energy. If this was not possible, the Reiki healing technique would have to override the practitioner’s free will. As explained throughout this website, no technique that is of the Light will override people’s free will.

As another indication that the practitioner’s consciousness can limit the flow of energy, let me make it clear that because Kim has little knowledge of Reiki, I cannot give any more detailed teachings through him. Yet there are many Reiki practitioners who already have a deep understanding of what I have stated here and are on the right track to developing Reiki even further. In any endeavor such as this, it is always necessary to find a balance between remaining true to the founding principles, yet allowing the method to evolve. Christhood is the key to finding that balance.

Currently, the field of Reiki is a mixed bag. Yet there is much of value and there are many sincere people who could take it to a higher level. And I can assure you that the ascended masters are willing to work with those who will place themselves in the line of the Master-disciple relationship, as Dr. Usui did. I also believe the tools and teachings I have given on this website could be of value to these people. Seek first the Kingdom of God – the Christ consciousness – and all else will be added unto you.


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