The experience of a higher state of consciousness

TOPICS: Spiritual experiences often given an overlay by the person’s outer mind – this causes conflict between religions – taking heaven by force – more than one true experience – purpose of crucifixion not only forgiveness – Christ consciousness cannot be trapped in any form – overcoming ego means overcoming attachments to anything in this world – the messenger will color the message – many messengers needed – Sanat Kumara and Maitreya sponsored Jesus – more than words on this website – no human being can produce the light – true faith is attunement –

Question: Hello, I think your site is amazing and I can not find fault with it on many important points. You correctly point out that the Church of Rome has prevented people from achieving Christ Consciousness for centuries. However none of what you say could not be deduced or learnt by a reasonably intelligent, educated person of modest spiritual attainment. In other words, I am not sure if in fact I am addressing the avatar of the Galilean Jew Jesus.
I achieved samadhi in July 1998, receiving for a while the supreme blessing and bliss of Christ Consciousness, and later was given God realization and was provided with certain revelatory experience, a small part of which was a glimpse into part of the life of Jesus, who, until that point in my life had not interested me personally as I could never accept the doctrine of vicarious atonement. However, I was told that the main reason for the crucifixion was to demonstrate the power of love and forgiveness, and that this was necessary occasionally in History, in order to push evolution upwards. I was told that certain Divine entities gave Jesus his powers and granted his entry into Christ Consciousness – a level of consciousness by the way, I was told, that was the highest attained at that time in that area. I was shown that they then asked him at the time if Mankind should be forgiven for its accumulated collective taint. His answer, that humankind should of course be forgiven, resulted in the supreme test of that forgiveness and as such provided the primal demonstration of the power of that forgiveness in the events following the crucifixion (which details were not revealed to me directly, by the way, so I must rely on conditioned verbal instruction for the truth and manner of the ‘resurrection’ ). However, I was shown that the lesson of that event was the necessity to practice love compassion and forgiveness, and that forgiveness was actually a yogic act necessary in order to transcend ego.
I am surprised that you have not made this the central point in your response to questions concerning this matter, and I am wanting to know whether or not my revelations are false and the product of ego-delusion.
I guess, to speak truthfully, that I am also looking for some statement from You that could not have resulted from study or reflection, but that could only come from the person you say you are. I ask this with respect. I believe it certainly possible to channel the Divine. I just find it unlikely that the whole personality of an historical personage should inhabit a 21st century human using the phraseology and intellectual idioms of a modern human, although it is I suppose a clever attention-grabbing heuristic device.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me first say that your revelations were not false nor the result of ego-delusion. However, as I am sure you realize, an experience of a higher state of consciousness goes well beyond what the outer mind can fathom or express with words. Words are inherently ambiguous and can mean different things to different people. It is therefore very difficult to describe a spiritual experience with words. Likewise, the human intellect, the logical rational mind, cannot deal with the infinite nature of a spiritual experience.

So what inevitably happens to all people who have a spiritual experience is that the spiritual experience and especially the processing of that experience will be influenced by the person’s outer consciousness. I give a long discussion of this in the book Save Yourself. However, the essence of the discussion is that when a person has a spiritual experience, the person’s outer beliefs and the images associated with those beliefs can actually be superimposed upon the experience. For example, a Catholic having as mystical experience will tend to see it through the imagery found in the Catholic faith, and that is why the person often feels that the experience, which felt extremely real, has affirmed the Catholic faith. Likewise, a Hindu having a mystical experience will feel that the experience affirms the reality of his Hindu beliefs. This then is the cause of much of the conflict between various religions.

The real problem here is that many people have received spiritual experiences without having the maturity to put such experiences in a proper context—meaning a universal context. It it quite possible that people can have a spiritual experience while still influenced by the relativity of the dualistic mind. When that happens, they often seek to force the experience to conform to a relative, dualistic framework instead of realizing the universal nature of the experience. In reality all spiritual experiences are meant to help people look beyond the dualistic interpretations and embrace the universal nature of the spiritual realm.

That is why I warned people against attempting to take heaven, meaning the experience of a higher state of consciousness, with force. You will see that, throughout my website,  I repeatedly stress the importance of remaining balanced in all things. In fact, one of my main purposes for our websites is to present a teaching that is balanced and that encourages a balanced approach to the spiritual and material side of life. Imbalance causes people to be trapped in a dualistic state of mind. Only by attaining balance can you escape that downward pull and embrace the universality of true spirituality.

My point is that your experience was real and that the insights you attained were valid insights. However, they were not necessarily the only way to experience the infinite reality of the spiritual realm nor was your interpretation of the experience the only way to interpret it. This does not mean that your interpretation or your experience was wrong. It means that there could be more than one right way to experience and interpret the infinite reality of the spiritual realm.

When people have a spiritual experience and when they attempt to express it through the words and images in the material world, it is inevitable that they must translate an infinite experience into a finite expression. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, as long as people don’t fall into the trap of thinking that their particular interpretation or expression is the only possible or the only true one. It is especially problematic when people begin to feel that it is their holy duty to eradicate all diverging views or interpretations.

So it is correct to say that one of the main purposes for my crucifixion was to show the value of forgiveness. Yet it was not the only purpose. In fact, the overall purpose of the crucifixion was to demonstrate that the Christ consciousness, although it is embedded in every form as the word incarnate, can never be confined to any form in this universe. In other words, I came to demonstrate that when a person has attained Christ consciousness, people in a lower state of consciousness cannot force that person to conform to their images and world view. That is why I challenged people’s doctrines and their interpretation of the scriptures. That is why I challenged them by performing miracles that they thought were impossible. My ultimate challenge was to let them kill me and demonstrate that even death could not limit a Christed being.

It is correct that forgiveness is necessary to overcome the ego, but there are also other requirements. Basically, you must overcome every aspect of the ego, and the ego is made from the perversions of the qualities of God. So to fully overcome the ego, you must also overcome anger, hatred and other negative emotions. Yet the overall purpose is to overcome all beliefs and emotions that cause you to feel attached to anything in the material world. The ego is simply a conglomerate of attachments to the things of this world, and they must all be overcome before you are free of the ego. That is why I said that he who seeks to save his life – his sense of identity based on the ego – will lose it. Only people who are willing to let go of all aspects of the ego will find the eternal life of the Christ consciousness. That is why I do not exclusively stress forgiveness on this website—so many other things are also needed.

Concerning whether humankind should be forgiven, it is correct that I chose to give people a temporary reprieve from the burden of their sins. As a result of that, I was required to carry the burden of humankind’s karma for the past 2,000 years. I have explained this in some detail elsewhere.

You say that you find it hard to believe that my whole personality inhabits a contemporary human being. My whole personality is not inhabiting the person who is serving as the messenger for this website. He is simply allowing me to speak through him, and therefore my light and my words are streaming through his consciousness as the Living Word. As I explained in another section about being a messenger, it is inevitable that the teachings I give through a particular person will be colored by the phraseology used by that person and by the images in a person’s mind. It is inevitable that the teachings will be limited by the person’s knowledge.

That is why it is so important for people to rise above duality and embrace a universal approach to life. I am the real Jesus Christ giving the teachings on this website. Yet I am not confined to the person creating this website—I am more than Kim and Kim is more than I AM. I can use other people as messengers, and although my message through other messengers will be similar, it will not be exactly the same nor will it be expressed by using the same words or images. My message through a given messenger will be adapted to the audience I am trying to reach and the purpose for bringing forth that teaching—which is always to raise the consciousness of a particular group of people.

The law of the teacher-student relationship is that the teacher can multiply only what the student brings to the altar. Therefore, I can multiply only what Kim brings to his messengership. I cannot give something through him that is not already in his consciousness as a seed. In other words, I could not give a meaningful discourse through him concerning a topic about which he knows nothing. That is why I would like to have many people who can serve as the open door for the Living Word.

Concerning your vision that two spiritual beings sponsored my mission in Galilee, you are correct. I was indeed sponsored primarily by Lord Maitreya and Sanat Kumara, although I also worked with other ascended beings.

You say that a reasonably intelligent person could have attained the knowledge found on this website through study. I beg to differ. I cannot give a meaningful discourse if the messenger knows nothing about the topic, so I can only multiply the knowledge in the messenger’s consciousness. Yet there is much more on this website than what is found in the outer words and the outer teachings. There is indeed a vibration of light on every page of this website, and I can assure you that no human being could have produced that light.

A person of a certain spiritual attainment can serve as the anchor point for that light, but the person cannot produce the light because it comes from a higher source. As I said 2,000 years ago, I of my own self can do nothing, it is the Father within me who is doing the work. To fully sense what is actually on this website, hidden behind the outer words, you need to tune in with your heart. If you are willing to do that, you will experience that there is truly no human being who could have created everything that is on this website.

Let me also say that I have no desire to give an irrefutable proof that I am indeed the real Jesus. First of all, there is no irrefutable proof. There is no proof which the dualistic mind, with its relativity and duality, cannot doubt and dispute. Furthermore, it is a law that the spiritual student must learn to discern spiritual truth by reading the vibration behind the outer expression of that truth. If the student is not willing to do so, he or she will inevitably become co-dependent upon an outer teacher. I have no desire to see anyone become co-dependent upon this website or my messenger. Therefore, I have no desire to provide an outer proof which could prevent people from striving for the inner attunement that is the ultimate proof.

The serious spiritual student has a responsibility to close the circle between the teacher and the student. You will see from the Bible that I constantly chastised my disciples for not having enough faith. Faith is the lower aspect of what is required by the student in order to close the circle. The higher aspect of faith is attunement with the Christ self, whereby the student attain an inner knowing which goes beyond belief or outer proof.

Finally, let me say that all religion is a heuristic device.


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