The ego wants to turn a valid spiritual experience into a block to your growth

TOPICS: True purpose of spiritual experience is to show you that you are more than any human label – you can rise above any limitation – the masters love all people unconditionally – judging based on perception – duality has two extremes: rise above both – wise as serpents – dualistic mind can influence spiritual experiences and your interpretation of them – unconditional love wants you to rise above conditions – a false sense of identity based on the dualistic mind – Christhood means letting the human identity die and being reborn into a spiritual identity – misusing a spiritual experience to reinforce a limited identity – the ego will do anything to keep you trapped in a limited identity – imposing an ego-based interpretation on a spiritual experience will block the recurrence of that experience – you cannot experience unconditional love if you are attached to certain conditions – an emotional attachment can prevent you from rising beyond a certain level of the path – how people put truth in a mental box – do you truly want spiritual experiences – are you willing to do what it takes to manifest Christhood – 

Question: Hi: I was very intrigued with your site until I read your “answers” on homosexuality. I am not going to yell at you or toss around expletives like some of your previous commenters.

I would like to comment though, that as with all people who believe they are a channel for Christ, there have been problems getting an entire message clearly.
I will agree with you that God didn’t make homosexual souls. But he didn’t make heterosexual souls either. The soul does not enter into the world of duality as our egos do. The soul is, for simplicity’s sake, a piece of the the God Energy. The soul is pure and comes from love. God is love. The soul is love.
You are also right when you say that heterosexuality and homosexuality are not decided at the time of birth. As we choose our experiences here prior to our birth on the earth plane.
Somewhere we have learned to equate sex with guilt, instead of recognizing that meditation, creativity and orgasm are the closest we can get to the “feeling” of God’s love that we, as humans, forget when we are born. Sex, with love, was meant to be a beautiful experience reminding us of what pure love feels like.
As Jesus uses many people as a channel for His truth, as well as yourself, I am sure, I will tell you that I had a remarkable experience myself, several years ago, now.
I was really down on myself for being gay and was in a form of meditated prayer. With my eyes closed I strangely felt this incredible feeling of love, like I have never felt before or since. I saw Jesus there and he spoke to me. I was trying to remember everything he said to me, but a voice told me the words didn’t matter, only what I felt as he came to hug me. The fact that I was gay didn’t matter and I was (and am) perfect as the human being I am and the only thing that mattered, really, was love. He loved me.
I wish I could live that experience over and over again, but unfortunately, although meditation has brought me close, it has never been able to capture what I felt that day.
As creativity is a channel of God, God has written all the beautiful music, all the meaningful plays, all the great movies and painted all the great pictures. We are but simple conduits of that Godly love.
As a writer yourself, I am sure you recognize when you are “in the flow” and when those words are not really coming from you. In that way, we are all channels of Jesus. If this last statement makes you feel angry or possessive of what you feel comes through you, then you have an issue to deal with.
I believe homosexuals are here for a reason. Me among them. It is our duty to bring people face to face with their own sexual issues, be they straight or gay. We are targets, in some cases, as often disabled people are (for example) for abuses of power. Being disabled and teaching people of their own fears of their own loss of power and their own potential for disability or mortality is a gift received from God, via them.
As I mentioned earlier, we as humans have completely lost sight of the reason for, and the beauty of, the sexual experience. Gays and lesbians are here to make us realize that who we are and what attracts us, are not the issues. Our evolution, is to realize that it is about communicating love…plain and simple, yet very complex.
There have been aboriginal groups who have put homosexuals up as medicine men or women as they have had the opportunity to be in touch with both sides of themselves. Very unlike the way you have described us.
I also notice that when you speak of homosexuality, just as in the Bible, you make very little mention of women as homosexuals. As I believe that Christ finds men and women equal, if this were a pure channeled source (at least in this instance), that just wouldn’t happen.
I believe that you do speak for Jesus, as we all do, if we actually listen, and I may even give you the benefit of the doubt that you have a clearer channel than most, but on this issue there are some significant problems. Even with my own beautiful experience aside.
Gays and lesbians are trying very hard, right now, for acceptance of ourselves as children of God, just as you are. We eat, drink, buy groceries and love our children, just as you do.
Please correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t recall a single instance of Jesus condemning homosexuals in the New Testament. In fact, I believe it was Bishop Spong who pointed out that the only “serious” reference to homosexuality was made by Paul. Some scholars believe Paul, himself, was a raging homosexual who was filled with self loathing.
We have enough “religious texts” making us targets for bashing, sexual assault and murder, as well as suicide. We didn’t need you to add to this. If I may be so bold as to ask you to please clear your channel and ask again. Try setting your own ego aside and listen with a clear heart and a clear mind. I think then, that you might hear something a bit differently…

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

My beloved sister, thank you for sharing your beautiful experience. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on a topic that is extremely important for all spiritual seekers, namely the topic of having a spiritual experience and how to avoid having your first experience be your last.

Let me first say that the purpose of your experience was to show you that you are much more than a human being. In reality, you are a spiritual being and your real identity and individuality is anchored in your spiritual self, your I AM Presence. The spiritual self resides in a higher realm and is therefore completely untouched by any of the experiences you have had in the material world. Because your spiritual self is anchored in a higher realm, your lifestream has the potential to rise above any of the conditions you are currently experiencing in this world. This applies whether you are a homosexual, a heterosexual or a mass murderer.

What you experienced was the unconditional love that your I AM Presence has for the Conscious You and that I, and all members of the ascended masters, have for the Conscious You. We love all human beings with an unconditional love, and that love is driven by a desire to see all of you rise above the limitations and imperfections you face in this world. So the true purpose of giving you, and many other people, an experience like this is to help you understand and accept that you are more than your human limitations and that you have the potential to rise above those limitations.

The important aspect of such an experience is that all human beings are loved unconditionally by their ascended brothers and sisters. It truly does rain love upon the just and the unjust. Unfortunately, this is a point that most people find it extremely difficult to understand and accept, including most Christians. Most people are trapped in the dualistic state of mind. This dualistic state of mind causes them to define an image of reality and then judge themselves and everyone else based on that perception of reality.

This can cause people to become extremely judgmental toward those who are different from themselves, and this has led to untold atrocities throughout history. One example is that many Christians have become very judgmental toward homosexuals, to the point that they believe that I or God could not love homosexuals. Your experience was meant to show you that both God and myself do indeed love you regardless of your sexual orientation. This then is a lesson that many Christians would do well by learning, but I think my previous remarks about homosexuality already reflect this for those who have ears to hear.

Unfortunately, the tendency to judge others is not the only effect of the relativity of the dualistic mind. As I explain throughout this website, the dualistic mind causes people to polarize toward one of two extremes. One extreme causes people to become judgmental, meaning that they can love only those who fit into their mold, and the other extreme causes people to become non-discerning, meaning they think they should approve of any kind of behavior. In this case, the one extreme is people who become extremely judgmental toward homosexuals. However, the opposite extreme is people who say that homosexuality should be viewed as perfectly natural, even as created by God.

I am sure you will disagree with this viewpoint based on your personal experience. And while I do not want to in any way discredit your personal experience, I am a spiritual teacher and as such it is my job to help you rise to a higher level on the spiritual path. So bear with me as I try to explain this more clearly.

What I attempt to explain throughout this website is that the goal of the spiritual path is to rise to the fullness of the Christ consciousness. As I said 2,000 years ago, you cannot serve two masters, meaning that you cannot be in two states of consciousness at the same time. If you want to rise to the Christ consciousness, you must leave behind the relative viewpoints, the mental idols, of the dualistic mind. This means that you must abandon this state of consciousness and the very subtle reasoning that springs from this state of mind.

The dualistic mind can also be called the serpentine mind, and when I told people to become wise as serpents, it was precisely because you cannot successfully walk the path to Christhood unless you learn to see through the relativity of the dualistic mind. As part of the process of acquiring Christ discernment, you must also come to see how the dualistic mind can influence your spiritual experiences and especially your interpretation of such experiences.

In the book Save Yourself there is a lengthy discussion about this topic. The essence of the discussion is that as you begin to walk the spiritual path, you will gradually rise to a point where you can and will have a spiritual experience. Such an experience allows you to temporarily see beyond the relativity of the dualistic mind. For a short while you will see some aspect of life with the clarity of the Christ mind. However, in the beginning it is possible that your spiritual experience can be colored by your dualistic beliefs. And it is likely that, after the experience, your dualistic mind will interpret that experience in ways that are simply out of alignment with the reality of the experience. Your dualistic mind will impose a mental image upon the experience because it cannot see the reality of Christ truth.

This is why you will see people who believe they have had a spiritual experience in which Allah himself told them to kill all Jews or Americans. This is why some Christians during the middle ages believed they heard me tell them to kill all Arabs in the Crusades. That is why many Christians today have a so-called born-again experience, in which they believe they have received proof that a fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible is the only key to salvation and that anything else will send you to Hell.

My point is that your experience was a true experience. You experienced that I have an unconditional love for who you truly are as a spiritual being. You experienced that my love has in no way been diminished by any limitation you currently face in this world. However, it is extremely important for you to understand that unconditional love does not mean that I want you to remain in your current limitations. Unconditional love will not allow any human being to stay in their current limitations, as is clearly demonstrated in the beautiful discourse by the Presence of Unconditional Love. Precisely because my love is unconditional, I do not want you to stay in your current limitations, and I will do everything I can to help you rise above them. That is why you saw me challenge the scribes and the Pharisees 2,000 years ago.

In our constant efforts to help every human being rise above their current limitations, our response is very much tailored to the individual lifestream. In your case, you felt very down on yourself because of your homosexuality, so the first step toward helping you get into a positive spiral was to help you overcome those negative feelings through the experience of unconditional love. However, it was not my intent nor my desire to have you use the experience to reason that you were perfect as you are, meaning that you are perfect as a homosexual or even as a mortal human being.

You are not perfect as a homosexual or as a human being. You are perfect as a spiritual being who sees and accepts herself as a spiritual being. I have no desire to see you remain stuck in a limited sense of identity. I have a desire to see every human being rise to a correct sense of identity, in which they accept themselves as sons or daughters of God. Therefore, I want people to rise above all of the limitations that spring from the duality of the dualistic mind—and I mean ALL of them.

You have already acquired a sophisticated understanding about the soul, what I prefer to call the lifestream. As you say, the Conscious You was not created in the state of duality. Yet you are not correct when you say that the Conscious You does not descend into duality, because it does. The physical body lives in the world of duality, the lifestream has descended into that physical body and therefore your Conscious You has descended into duality. This is not a problem as long as the Conscious You maintains its identity as a spiritual being. However, although the soul vehicle is a very complex creation, the core of the soul is your sense of identity.

In reality, you are a spiritual being. However, at the level of the soul vehicle, you are who you think you are. This is what makes it possible for people to fall into a lower state of consciousness and lose the contact with their spiritual selves. This happens because they gradually build a false sense of identity as being separated from God, and that false sense of identity will inevitably be based on the duality of the dualistic mind.

As I explain in my discourse on homosexuality, your identification with human sexuality is a product of your descent into the dense physical bodies people wear today. The Conscious You has been embodying in male or female bodies for so many lifetimes, that it has built a soul that is predominantly male or female, and thus it has come to identify itself based on human sexuality. Yet as you walk the path towards Christhood, you will transcend this tendency to identify yourself based on sexuality or any other human characteristics.

My point is that is not correct to say that God created people as homosexuals. God did not create human beings as sexual beings. Human sexuality did not appear until after the fall into a dualistic state of consciousness. Thus, the simple fact is that human sexuality is a product of the lower state of consciousness, and therefore homosexuality is also a product of this consciousness. To fully rise above the dualistic mind, you must leave behind all human sexuality.

Please do not interpret this to mean that I am saying sex is wrong for all human beings or that people should feel guilty for having sex. At a certain evolutionary stage, it is acceptable for people to have sex when done with love and not just to satisfy the body’s insatiable desires. What I am saying is that there does come a point on the spiritual path when a person must stop defining himself or herself in terms of human sexuality in order to manifest the full Christ consciousness. So it is the identification rather than the act itself that you need to transcend.

My point here is that what I desire to see for you, and everyone else on this planet, is that you attain the fullness of Christ consciousness. To attain that state of consciousness, you must be willing to lose your life for my sake, meaning that you must be willing to lose your dualistic, human, mortal sense of identity in order to win the eternal life of the Christ consciousness. This means that you must leave behind any sense of identity that is based on these human limitations.

If you were to study the lives of some of the greatest saints, you would see that they rose above any human sense of identity. They did not define themselves as man or woman, as white or black, as homosexual or heterosexual. The greatest among them even rose above religious beliefs and no longer defined themselves as Christians, Buddhists or Muslims. They defined themselves as children of God, and a child of God is not bound by any human limitations. And unless ye become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom.

Do you see my point? The spiritual experience you had was real, and it showed you that you have the potential to rise above any and all human limitations. The highest potential of that experience is that you use it as a springboard for rising above limitations. If you use the experience to reason that you are perfect as a limited human being, whether you are homosexual or heterosexual, then you are misusing your experience. You are allowing your dualistic mind to impose an interpretation upon the experience.

One of the most important things you can realize as you walk the spiritual path is that there is a part of your mind, often called the human ego, which does not want you to attain Christ consciousness. This part of your mind will do anything it possibly can to keep you trapped in a limited sense of identity. And as long as you do not see through the dualistic mind, the ego will find it very easy to keep you trapped in such a sense of identity.

I can assure you that we of the ascended masters would love to see every human being experience our unconditional love. Yet I can also assure you that one of the saddest things we experience is when a person attains an experience of unconditional love and then uses that experience to reinforce a limited sense of identity instead of using the experience to rise above the limited sense of identity.

You state that you would love to have the experience again. Let me now explain to you why you have not been able to attain this experience. When you first had the experience, two conditions were met. First, you had a very strong desire for a higher understanding, in this case about your homosexuality. Second, at some level of your mind you were open to receiving any answer I might give you. In other words, you were open to a higher understanding of the situation than you had at the time, and you did not have a preconceived opinion about what the answer should be or what you wanted it to be.

Unfortunately, what happened after the experience was that your ego and dualistic mind managed to impose an interpretation upon the experience, an interpretation that you accepted and still accepts. Therefore, the ego used the experience to cement your sense of identity as a homosexual being rather than a spiritual being. This means that when you now attempt to have a spiritual experience, you subconsciously set limits for what I can show or tell you. You are no longer as open about your homosexuality as you were when you had your original experience. In other words, you don’t think it is necessary to rise above the homosexuality because you think it is perfectly in order for you to remain in that sense of identity. It is precisely this belief that prevents you from having the experience of unconditional love, because that unconditional love calls you to rise above all of your human limitations—including your homosexuality.

So the simple fact is that if you want to repeat the experience, you need to once again clear your mind from any preconceived opinions about your homosexuality. If I were to give you another experience, you would only become more trapped in your current sense of identity. Therefore, I simply cannot give you that experience. However, the moment you again become open and willing to rise above your current sense of identity, I can and will give you another experience. Obviously, this applies to every person who has ever had or will ever have a spiritual experience and that is why anyone can learn from these comments.

The simple fact is that I have no desire to have people’s spirituality be based on the outer scriptures or an interpretation of those scriptures. I want everyone to experience the reality of the spiritual side of life, and you can do that only through and inner, intuitive experience. Yet to have such an experience, two conditions must be met. You must have a strong desire for a higher understanding, a higher experience. And you must have at least some degree of openness that makes you willing to see beyond your current beliefs, your current sense of identity.

If those two conditions are not met, you cannot break through the veil of energy that separates you from the spiritual self, and therefore you will be stuck in the human state of consciousness. Many people have been stuck in that state of consciousness for a lifetime precisely because they were not willing to give up, to surrender, to leave behind, some belief that had become part of their sense of identity. I see so many devoutly spiritual people who never go beyond a certain level because they have become emotionally attached to a particular belief that they are not willing to give up.

I see many people who have a spiritual experience that should have been the start of an ascending spiral. Yet their egos manage to impose an interpretation on the experience and therefore people close their minds. Instead of starting an ascending spiral, they simply become frozen in a certain sense of identity. This has happened to millions upon millions of religious people from every religion. It is precisely this problem that prevents many Christians from accepting the teachings I give on my website.

The important lesson is that after you have a spiritual experience, it is extremely important that you remain open and do not impose any particular image or interpretation upon the experience. The reality is that God and the spiritual realm is above and beyond any of the images, the idols, created from the dualistic mind. To experience God, you must be willing to look beyond those images. If you have a spiritual experience and then impose an image upon the experience, you will prevent yourself from having more experiences. The reason being that a dualistic image, an idol, causes you to close your mind to the experience of the spiritual reality.

Therefore, even though a spiritual experience can seem very real and seem like the ultimate experience, it is extremely wise never to put that experience in a box created by the human mind. In fact, the best piece of advice I could possibly give you in this regard is that you never put God or an ascended being into a box made from the dualistic images of the human mind. If you seek to limit truth, you will only limit your own ability to experience truth. Here is an example of putting an ascended being in a box:

“I also notice that when you speak of homosexuality, just as in the Bible, you make very little mention of women as homosexuals. As I believe that Christ finds men and women equal, if this were a pure channeled source (at least in this instance), that just wouldn’t happen.”

Could the reality possibly be that the people who previously responded to my comments on homosexuality were male? In my original remarks on homosexuality, and throughout this website, I take great care to state that men and women are equals in every way. Here is another example of how the dualistic mind reasons:

“I don’t recall a single instance of Jesus condemning homosexuals in the New Testament.”

Many people have used this argument to reason that since I didn’t specifically condemn homosexuality, I must have approved of it. They apparently reason that silence means consent. Yet did I specifically condemn abortion or child molestation? Did I tell people not to fly airplanes into skyscrapers? So if you follow this line of reasoning, you can obviously justify any form of behavior that I did not specifically condemn—or can you?

Although homosexuality was not uncommon 2,000 years ago, it was not part of the public debate as it is today. However, the real reason I did not mention homosexuality was that I did not consider it an important issue. First of all, before my resurrection I believed that we were nearing the end times, and therefore people’s sexuality would soon become a moot point. Secondly, I knew from experience that when people begin to attain Christ consciousness, they rise above human sexuality.

In closing, let me present you with a few questions. Do you want to have more experiences—do you really want to have more spiritual experiences? If so, all you need to do is to clear your mind of preconceived opinions and beliefs about who you are. This includes the belief that you are a homosexual and that you don’t need to rise above that dualistic sense of identity.

You already agree that God did not create homosexual or heterosexual lifestreams, so why is it so difficult to see that in order to reclaim your true identity, you have to rise above human sexuality? Well, it is difficult because you have allowed your dualistic mind to trap you in a blind alley of dualistic reasoning. This is the way that seems right unto a man – or a woman – but the ends thereof are the ways of death—meaning the consciousness of death.

My other question is this. I would like you to read the following discourse and seriously consider that you have the potential to be one of the people I am talking about. You have the potential to manifest your Christhood in this lifetime. The question is, “Are you willing to do what it takes to manifest your Christhood?” Are you willing to rise above any limited sense of identity, including the idea that you are a homosexual, in order to manifest your Christhood?

One more question. You have no doubt heard about near-death experiences and how people have a life review. Imagine yourself having a review of your current lifetime. What would you like to say during that review? Would you prefer to say that, “I spent my lifetime fighting the cause of having society accept homosexuality as natural and normal.” Or would you rather say that, “I spent my lifetime manifesting my Christhood and helping everyone else manifest their Christhood, so they could rise above all human limitations. Therefore, I made a valuable contribution to helping Jesus bring God’s kingdom into manifestation on earth.”

I am here to tell you that you cannot do both, so you must choose which sense of identity you will serve.


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