The effect of making the calls and free will

Question:  By making the calls for other countries, are we violating the free will of other people? Each of the ascended masters is able to remove all the darkness on earth and any of them needs only our calls. But we make the calls too many of them not only to one or two masters, I have a feeling that our calls for other countries are not so much directed to remove the darkness in those countries. But to remove something unreal within us, given that the light is not removed the darkness that exposes it, making it obvious for everyone to see. Yes, our calls are dedicated exactly to removing the darkness. And we have been giving them many times for a long period. Does it mean that the demons we make the calls to be removed are not removed, even after our numerous calls?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

When you make the calls, any of our calls, you are not violating the free will of other people, unless you make these calls with a very strong emotional overlay. For example, if you are angry, or if you charge your calls with a very strong desire for certain things to happen, then you can be directing energy at other people that could violate their free will and make karma for yourself. That is why we always have a preamble that qualifies this according to the vision of Christ, but you can still violate the free will of others if you have a very strong energy that you charge your calls with, which is of course why we encourage people to be neutral, when you are making the calls.

When you make a certain call, what we do with it is that we take it and we look at the situation (for example in a certain country) and we take the amount of energy that is released by the call and we use it where we evaluate it will do the most good. This may in some cases mean that we are not removing the specific dark forces you are calling for, because there are other forces that it is more important to remove first, or that can more easily be removed in a particular situation.

So, it is always an evaluation on our part and it is very complex and not something I decided to explain in detail because words are not very adequate for explaining this. What you can know is that your calls always have an effect. Now, in some cases the effect is that certain people are set free from certain dark forces, but they may choose not to use that opportunity and recreate the forces that were bound or taken. So that is why it may sometimes seem as if your calls do not have an effect.

You also need to recognize here that we are walking a delicate balance. On the one hand it is very important that some people will make these calls, we have seen many times how when people make prayers or give decrees, invocations and they do not get the result they expect, then they get discouraged. So, on the one hand, we need to give you the optimism that your calls will make a difference, on the other hand, if you could see what we see from the ascended level, see the amount of misqualified energy and the amount of demons and entities that are feeding off of this energy, you would realize that there is a very large amount of calls that need to be made before this planet will be purified of all of this darkness.

So, you see how on the one hand we want to give you the impression that your calls are making a difference so that you will make the calls. On the other hand, we realize that there are people who have been giving decrees or invocations for a very long time and you can then become discouraged when you do not see the results that you expect. That is where you need to step up and realize that there is actually a lot of dark energy that needs to be cleared, and with the amount of people that are giving these calls it will take time to clear it. If you had millions of people giving invocations, you would see a more immediate effect but as we have said before, you need to recognize that the calls do make a difference.

You have seen in Korea, how a relatively small number of people giving decrees and invocations precipitated a situation where the President was impeached. It was not the only cause, but also the people’s willingness to step up, the populations willingness to step up and demand change. As we have said before also, in previous dispensations the students gave hours and hours of decree services over a very long period of time and some have felt it did not have an effect, but it did in the sense that you saw the collapse of the Soviet Union and you did not see World War Three. So, you need to walk a delicate balance here.

On the other hand, it is also important that you do not become rigid about giving invocations. It is correct, as stated in the question, that part of the purpose of having you make calls is to bring about certain changes in your own four lower bodies and psychology. So, there can come a point where you have decreed for a certain amount of time for world conditions or other nations, and it is time for you personally to stop doing this and to move on to a different level of service. There are many people who need to go through a phase where they focus more intensely on resolving their psychology, including these separate selves.

Where a rigid decision to continue to make the calls, or give hours of decrees can actually slow down your progress because you are not making the effort to resolve the psychology, thinking it is more important to work on world conditions, but this is a very individual thing. As I said, you need to have a certain intuition and willingness to question: “Have I given enough invocations so that at least for time, I need to shift my focus and do something else?” Perhaps work on your psychology, perhaps use other spiritual techniques?

You need to be open to this at a certain point and you need to avoid using that outer mind that wants to say: “If I keep doing three hours of violet flame decrees every day for the rest of my life, then I’m guaranteed to make my ascension.” This is so tempting for the outer mind to come up with some goal like this. We have seen people who became rigid, who continued to do this for perhaps decades, but they made very little spiritual progress, because there wasn’t the resolution of psychology. As we have said before, the ascension is not an automatic process, it does require the resolution of psychology so that you are free to make the choice to leave the earth behind permanently.

I know very well, my beloved, that sometimes it can seem as if you are giving your invocations and decrees for world conditions, and you are just sending the energy into a black hole and there is no output, nothing happens. You need to recognize here that even though we have you make calls for specific physical conditions, those physical conditions are caused by something in the three higher realms, the emotional, mental and identity level. A physical condition may seem relatively simple at the physical level, but the causes at the three higher levels are always more complex and sometimes very much more complex.

There is a concept in Buddhism that you can benefit from studying, and that we may talk more about in the future is that of interdependent originations. In other words, the idea is that the common sense that there are these independent phenomena in the world is an illusion. There is nothing in the world that is independent, because everything is connected, everything is interdependent. So, even if you take a specific physical condition that might seem to be fairly simple, changing that condition may involve changing very complex connections in the three higher realms.

You have all seen these images of how the brain has this very, very complex neural network of connections all over the brain, but if you could see what is actually happening in the three higher realms, you would see that these connections are infinitely more complex than the human brain. This is why it can sometimes seem as if your decrees do not have an immediate or visible effect. But I can assure you that they always have an effect in the three higher realms. There will be changes, but because of this very complex network of connections it is not always possible to produce a physical change in a very short time.

But rest assured that your invocations and decrees DO have an effect. Even if you do not see a physical effect of that. There is not always an easy linear connection between your calls and the physical effect, because they need to cycle through this very complex network in the three higher realms. I am giving you this vision to give you the sense that your calls have an effect, so you can avoid becoming discouraged. I am also trying to not make it seem so complicated, that that in itself becomes a source of discouragement. But truly, everything you do has a positive effect, even if you do not see an immediate result.


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