The economic future is not dependent upon the power elite

TOPICS: Power elite killing the goose that lays the golden egg – the lie that people cannot survive without the elite – if the power elite economy collapsed, a new economy would emerge – a banking system run by the people – spreading wealth instead of concentrating wealth – real wealth from good and services versus artificial wealth of the elite – a free economy beyond the elitist system –

Question: I have a question about the economic future of the United States. The deficit is growing great, they are printing money constantly, there are goods manufactured outside of the country, mainly in China and India, so what do the Masters think about the economic future of America?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels.

As I have mentioned before, there are indeed many aspects of the U.S. economy and the world economy that are entirely based on greed, where there is a power elite that is so blinded by greed that they are literally doing everything they can to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Thus, there is no question that in the future of the United States, there will be, there must be, major changes in the economy—as there must be major changes in the world economy.

I have no desire whatsoever to sound alarmist, for I, as always, want you to hold the positive vision. The most dangerous form of the manipulation that has been precipitated upon the American people, and the people of the world, by the power elite now for many generations, is one very simple lie that makes the people believe that they could not survive without the elite. Thus in the field of economy you have the very subtle belief that hardly anyone recognizes, namely the belief that if the manipulation of money itself, if the power elite and their influence on the economy collapsed, then the economy itself would collapse with it, and you would have a situation similar to or worse than the great depression.

However, this is not the only possible scenario, nor is it even the most realistic scenario. For even if Wall street and the international monetary fund, the World Bank, the international monetary elite, even if those international financial institutions collapsed tomorrow, people still need to eat. And thus, what you would see would be an emergence of a new economy that is based on the real needs of real people, and not on the manipulation of a small elite that has an insatiable need for wealth and control.

And so, I do not in any way want you to hold a negative image. I want you to rise above the dualistic scenario of victory and defeat, black and white, collapse or growth. Where you see that there is a potential for the transformation of the economy into a much higher state, where the power elite simply cannot maintain their control. And where their institutions begin to collapse like the house of cards that they are, without actually taking the real economy down.

One of the most encouraging developments in the world economy is what you actually see in third world countries, so to speak, where you have the phenomenon of micro lenders that extend very small and often unsecured loans to people to start a business. And therefore, they are willing to do something that the big banks are not willing to do.

And so, you see here the emergence of what will eventually come to replace the banking system as you have it today: namely a banking system that is run by real people, that is run for real people, and therefore is not in any way based on extracting wealth from the population and concentrating it at the hands of an elite—but is in fact based on a philosophy that is aimed at spreading the wealth among the population.

What truly drives the economy is what I would like to call real wealth, which is the wealth generated by the production of goods and services that benefit real people. On top of that foundation you have the house of cards built by the power elite, who are manipulating every aspect of the economy, including the money system itself. But if that system collapsed, there would still be the underlying fundamentals in the economy. And what would indeed happen is that – after a period of adjustment – there would be more wealth, spread among many more different people than what you see today—where the wealth is concentrated through the various schemes for manipulating the economy. And so the realistic scenario is that after the power elite’s schemes for controlling the economy fall apart, there will actually be more wealth, more abundance, than what you see today. And this is, of course, the vision I desire you to hold.

The world economy is a very complex topic, and so I will not here go in depth with it. But I can tell you that not only the banking system, but also the money system itself needs to be completely transformed before we can have a Golden Age economy. And it is possible this can happen without the collapse of the money system. But I can tell you that I myself have no concerns for the collapse of a system that is run by the elite. For I know that if it does collapse, then necessity – the mother of invention – will bring forth a new, better system that in fact might not even be a system, but will be a more free economy.


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