The Easter story is the story of every person

TOPICS: Easter story is not about Jesus – story of every person – Jesus’ life demonstrated his universal teaching – the struggle to rise above worldly expectations and express your spiritual individuality – inspire people with courage to fulfill their missions – being willing to lose your human life to fulfill your mission – many people persecuted by others – the human must die for you to be resurrected to your true identity – letting your man-made images of Jesus die –

Question: What do you want us to know about Easter?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The Easter story is very rich and complex, and therefore it can be interpreted in many different ways that can all be valid, because each interpretation exposes a different facet of the totality of the story. However, I would like to present one perspective as food for thought.

One of the main messages I seek to get across on my website LINK is that I never desired to be elevated to an idol who was set apart from the rest of the people on this planet. I am not an egomaniac, as I am being portrayed by many Christians who insist on taking the biblical story literally or even embellishing upon it and making me into a God or a Savior. I never wanted to be seen as so far above the people that they cannot possibly reach me or follow in my footsteps.

Therefore, the message I would like all open-minded people to understand about the Easter story is that it is not about one person; it is not about me. In reality, it is the story of every lifestream, and it is meant to illustrate the path that every lifestream can follow. I realize that many Christians have been brought up with an idolized version of Jesus Christ, and they find it very difficult to free themselves from that idolatry. Therefore, they insist that I was a unique person who is above and beyond anyone else ever to walk this planet.

I was indeed a unique person, and I did come on a unique spiritual mission. Yet a very large part of that mission was to give forth a universal spiritual teaching relating to the spiritual potential for every lifestream on earth—because truly everyone is unique in the eyes of God. I not only gave that teaching through my spoken word, I more than anything demonstrated the teaching through my life. Therefore, every aspect of my life illustrates a part of the universal, inner teaching that I came to bring to this planet, and the Easter story is no exception. In other words, the Easter story is an illustration of the path that every lifestream can follow on its way to Christhood and the permanent ascension into the spiritual realm. The Easter story illustrates the very last part of the lifestream’s journey.

The Easter story can be broken down into three main elements. The first element is my entry into Jerusalem, where I was welcomed by many people as a king. We might compare that to the birth of every child, because most children are welcomed by their parents and family and treated as if they were someone special—which they are.

The second phase of the Easter story is what happened between my entry into Jerusalem and my resurrection. This phase illustrates what happens to the lifestream as it begins to grow up. You will note that the reason people welcomed me into Jerusalem was that they had a certain image of me. They had certain expectations of me being a king who would deliver them from the Romans, and they wanted me to live up to those expectations. However, it did not take long before many of them began to realize that I was not about to fulfill their expectations of me. Take note of how quick they were to turn on me, when they realized I would not be bound by their expectations. Some of the same people who shouted hosannas at the gate were crying “Crucify him!” at my so-called trial.

This then is the story that the lifestream experiences as it grows up and begins to discover and express its individuality. The choice that every lifestream faces is whether to conform to the expectations of the world, including parents, family and society, or whether to develop and express its unique spiritual individuality and fulfill its spiritual mission.

I am not hereby saying that every lifestream has the same spiritual maturity or spiritual mission. If you look at my discourse on the levels of spiritual development, you will see that some lifestreams are not ready to complete the spiritual journey because they need healing or the resolution of their psychology. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable that some people live a life that is not particularly spiritual and that does not challenge the expectations of society.

However, for the more mature lifestreams there will come a point where the lifestream faces the choice of whether to deny its true individuality and spiritual mission in order to conform to the expectations of the world. My life was meant to illustrate that when you do reach that point of maturity, you need to be true to who you are, and you need to fulfill your mission no matter what the world throws at you in response. My story was meant to inspire people with the courage to endure whatever persecution the world directed at them, and even go all the way and allow the world to kill their bodies, if the world decided to do so.

Fortunately, we have now moved into a more civilized phase on this planet, and in many parts of the world you are not likely to be killed for expressing your spiritual individuality or pursuing your spiritual mission. Nevertheless, you are still likely to be exposed to a fair amount of persecution, as you can even see from some of the negative responses to this website. In fact, some of that persecution will come from people who consider themselves to be good Christians.

The important point in the Easter story is not the fact that I was killed. The important point is that I was willing to let the world kill me, if the world wanted to do so. This is expressed in my saying that he who seeks to save his life shall lose it, and he who is willing to lose his life for my sake shall find it. The meaning of that statement is that if you submit to the expectations of the world and deny your spiritual identity, you will lose your life in a spiritual sense. Yet if you remain true to your spiritual identity and mission, even to the point of being willing to let the world kill your physical body, your lifestream will find immortal life in the Christ consciousness.

The reality of the situation is that most people who dare to express their true identity and pursue their spiritual mission will be persecuted by the world. They might even be crucified in a spiritual sense, meaning that they will not be nailed to a physical cross but that they will be nailed to a spiritual cross by people’s expectations. For example, many people have been spiritually crucified by the media in terms of a smear campaign or character assassination that has portrayed them as falsely as I was portrayed by the temple priests.

The point is that if you are willing to allow the world to do whatever it wants to do with you, yet never for a moment deny your spiritual identity, you have the opportunity to go through the spiritual initiation of the resurrection. In my case, it was a physical resurrection to illustrate the potential that every lifestream can be resurrected into a higher state of consciousness and a higher sense of identity. This was meant to illustrate that the lifestream can overcome death and win immortal life. What has not been understood by most Christians is that to win immortal life, the lifestream must be willing to let its mortal sense of identity die on the cross.

The point being that even while I was hanging on the cross, I was facing the test of whether I would hold on to any part of my human sense of identity or whether I was willing to completely surrender that identity to God. Even though I momentarily felt abandoned by God, I did eventually surrender myself completely unto God. At that moment, my physical body and my mortal sense of identity died, and at that moment I passed the spiritual initiation and won my resurrection.

Obviously, I am not saying that every person has to go through the experience of being physically nailed to a cross and dying on that cross in order to be resurrected. Yet every lifestream must go through the experience of expressing its spiritual identity regardless of the persecution directed at it by the world. If the lifestream remains true to its spiritual identity and is willing to give up every aspect of its human, or dualistic, identity, then the lifestream can win its resurrection. The resurrection means that the lifestream has now transcended all human identity and has fully embraced a new identity as a son or daughter of God. The lifestream has then passed the final exam on planet earth and has qualified for the ascension into the spiritual realm. In other words, the lifestream is no longer bound by the wheel of rebirth and does not have to come back into embodiment on this planet. The lifestream can permanently move into the spiritual realm and continue its journey from there.

It is my great hope that those who are spiritually ready, those who have ears to hear, will embrace this inner teaching about the Easter story, so that in their minds and hearts they can experience a resurrection of my true inner teachings. In other words, the first thing that needs to happen to a spiritually aware person is that you are willing to be true to my inner teachings, no matter what kind of persecution you receive from the world, including from your fellow Christians who hold on to orthodox doctrines.

If you are willing to let go of all the man-made idols about me and my teachings, if you are willing to let these idols die, if you are willing to let your human sense of identity based on those idols die, then you can be resurrected into recognizing my true inner teachings. At that moment, you will see – and know through an inner knowing that is beyond doubt – that my life outlines a path that you too can follow until you too win your ascension in the light. After you recognize the validity of that path, you can begin to move along that path much more quickly than ever before.

It is my hope that my inner teachings can reach a sufficient number of people who are ready at inner levels to embrace the true inner path that leads to the resurrection and the ascension. This is indeed one of the main purposes behind the original Easter events, and it is one of the main purposes behind the creation of my website. May my true teachings be resurrected in your heart, and may your lifestream be resurrected and follow in my footsteps until I can greet you as you enter our Father’s kingdom.


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