The Divine Feminine role in the Golden Age

TOPICS: God has both masculine and feminine aspects – you cannot ascend by ignoring the feminine – the material universe was not created by the demiurge –

Question: I have a two part question for Mother Mary. Mother Mary, we enjoyed your fiery discourse earlier and I would like to know what your vision is if and when Christianity is restored, what is your vision of your role? As you’ve been idolized by the Catholic church, how would you like to be portrayed in a new Christianity? And what is your vision of the Divine Feminine in the Golden Age, being able to balance having the abundant life and also being a nurturing presence in the world?

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels:

My beloved heart, my vision is of course that the feminine aspect of God is restored to its proper place in the consciousness of the people, so that they realize that God has a masculine and a feminine aspect but that this does not detract from the oneness of God.

I desire to have all people realize that it is precisely the separation from oneness, caused by the duality consciousness, that has set up a separation between the masculine and feminine aspects of God and even men and women on earth. Thereby creating a conflict between men and women and leading to the unfortunate state, where for thousands of years the western world has been in the grips of a false religion that has ignored or even degraded the feminine aspect of God, raising up an idol of the masculine aspect of God.

For surely, as the Bible says, “I AM Alpha and Omega.” Thus you will know that you can only have the fullness of God when you have both the Alpha and the Omega. And so I desire – in a new Christianity – to be seen as the holder of the office of the Divine Mother for earth, thereby being the representative of the Divine Feminine for all people on this earth, not just Catholics.

Nevertheless, of course, in a new Christianity we do look to maintain some elements of the Christian tradition, and therefore I will still be known as Mother Mary, as Jesus will still be known under the name Jesus, and not some other fancy New Age name or some other spelling or what have you.

The Divine Feminine, my beloved, needs to be seen as the inseparable companion of the Divine Masculine, as the very element that completes the Divine Masculine. For without the Divine Feminine, there can truly be no transcendence, there can be no return to the source. It is not true that you can ignore the feminine and actually ascend to heaven.

Those who have ascended to heaven – be they masculine or feminine ascended masters – have ascended by achieving balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of their beings— that are truly representatives of spirit and matter. You will not ascend by ignoring matter, by degrading matter, by seeing matter as being only sinful or even as being evil.

For my beloved, the material universe was not created by the demiurge, by the devil or by a false god. The material universe was created by God to give an opportunity for growth to a great number of lifestreams. And they obtain that growth by attaining mastery over the material world and demonstrating that mastery in alignment with the higher vision of the spiritual aspects of their beings, so that they bring together the spirit and matter, so that they can be here below all that they are above.

For you see, my beloved, it is only when you attain that oneness of spirit and matter that you can ascend to the spiritual realm. For only then have you actually honored God and what God has done for you in giving you an expression of itself as a platform for your growth in the world of form.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels