The current crypto currencies are not the golden age’s money system

Question: What is the role of crypto currencies in the coming years and in the Golden Age?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017

I will not give you a thorough comment on this topic for now because it has many subtle ramifications.  What I will say is that it is obvious that in the Golden Age there needs to be a different kind of money system.  And it needs to be a money system that isn’t based on, for example gold coins or seashells or seeds or whatever people have used for money in the past.  So it needs to be a currency that is created on the internet, in the virtual world – whatever you want to call it.  However the current crypto currencies will not become that money system and it’s for various reasons.  But one of them is that the money system of the Golden Age will have to be controlled by the State, not some private company.  And eventually in the Golden Age there will be a planetary money system that is controlled by a central authority.  And the money system of the Golden Age will be completely free of any self-interest and the current crypto currencies are not free of this by any stretch of the imagination.

Some of them are basically pyramid schemes set up to allow the first people who get in on it to make an inordinate amount of money, as you have a second phase of people who jump into it because they are investors looking for the next easy money.  And they think that the value of the crypto currency will go up like the value of the stock market.  And some of them are even smart enough to realise that this cannot go on forever and therefore there will come either a crash or at least various ups and downs.  But the other problem with some of these crypto currencies like Bitcoin says that there is from the start defined an upper limit to how many could ever be created and that of course cannot be a functioning money system because there could be no upper limit because the amount of money needs to go up as more wealth is created in society.  And in the Golden Age the amount of wealth will constantly be increased simply by the mechanisms we have talked about where more and more people become able to bring spiritual light into the physical octave.  And this will increase the amount of material wealth that is available.

So you need to have an open ended currency but you also need to have a currency where there’s not private people who download a piece of software, and use their computer to mine these coins.  But the amount is controlled by the State so that the amount can be adjusted up or down depending on what is needed to exchange goods and services.  I have said before that in a Golden Age a society cannot allow people to make money off of money and this is of course what many people hope to do right now with the crypto currencies.


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