The Brotherhood of Light and the brotherhood of darkness

TOPICS: Brotherhood of ascended masters seek to raise all life – dark brotherhood seek to enslave people – two polarities in the dark brotherhood – black brotherhood appears dark – false hierarchy appears to be benign – impostors of ascended masters – look for unity behind appearances – key to growth is to overcome sense of separation from God – path to Christhood is the only way to escape dark brotherhood and serpentine lies – dark forces very clever in deceiving – only way to tell difference is vibration, and that is Christ discernment –

Question: Is there a Brotherhood of Light and a Dark Brotherhood?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is indeed a Brotherhood of Light, and there is also a brotherhood of darkness.

The Brotherhood of Light has traditionally been referred to by many names, such as the Saints Robed in White, the Great White Brotherhood, the White Lodge, the Ascended Host, the ascended masters, the heavenly Host and others. In the 1800s we received a special dispensation to work more directly with humankind and to make our presence known to all who are willing to listen.

We have given spiritual teachings through many organizations and individuals. The dark brotherhood has attempted to counter our efforts by giving forth teachings that are aimed at deceiving people. Therefore, not all teachings that claim to represent the ascended masters is truly from us. Let me explain how this works.

I have given more detailed teachings elsewhere, but here is the short version. In Taoism, you find the symbol of the Tai-Chi. This symbol depicts two complementary forces and their harmonious interaction gives rise to the entire universe. This is a correct teaching and a wonderful illustration of divine principles.

Take note that the key issue here is that the two forces depicted in the Tai-Chi are not mutually exclusive. Although they have different qualities, these qualities are not opposites. Therefore, when the two forces, or polarities, are united, their interaction creates a new aspect of reality. This new creation is in accord with the laws of God, and therefore it is sustainable. It will not self-destruct. Take note also that these two polarities have no relative value judgment, and talking about a good that is opposed to evil is meaningless.

What the fallen beings have done is to set themselves outside of this creative polarity. They have rebelled against the creative flow of God, and they can do this only by going into the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality. In this state of consciousness, you cannot see a quality as having no opposite. Thus, the dark brotherhood cannot actually see the absolute or unconditional good of God. All they see is relative good and the relative evil. Yet both of these opposites were created through the duality consciousness.

If you put relative good and relative evil together, they will destroy each other, meaning they can never create something that is sustainable. In fact, relative good and relative evil will always be locked in a struggle. The dark brotherhood wants you to believe that you need to take part in this struggle and that you need to help relative good win over relative evil. This is all a smokescreen, because if relative good managed to eradicate evil, then it would annihilate itself at the same time. Yet relative good can never annihilate its relative opposite, and thus the struggle can continue indefinitely.

What you see through Christ discernment is that the dark brotherhood have formed two polarities within themselves—as they MUST do when in duality. So one polarity is what most people would see as a black brotherhood, meaning beings who appear clearly dark or rebellious. These are beings who seek to lure people with the beliefs that evil is simply the opposite of God and that if evil wins, this will still serve a greater cause. They seek to lure people with power, for example through raw force, black magic, witchcraft or satanic rituals. They seek to make relative evil conquer the earth.

Yet the other polarity is what we normally call the false hierarchy, and they are beings who do not appear dark at all. On the contrary, they appear to be perfectly benign, even spiritual. In fact, some of these beings will claim to be ascended masters, which makes them impostors. A substantial portion of the so-called ascended master channelings that you find on the internet come from these beings. One way to see this is to realize that these beings do see themselves in opposition to the dark beings, and they will seek to draw you into this struggle through a very subtle form of logic, which we call serpentine logic. They seek to make relative good conquer the world by destroying evil.

Another major difference between the Brotherhood of Light and the brotherhood of darkness is that the Brotherhood of Light always seeks to unite, whereas the brotherhood of darkness seeks to divide. The most basic spiritual truth is the simple fact that everything in the entire universe is created from God’s substance, God’s energy. No matter what the outer appearances may be, everything is created from God’s being. Therefore, no matter what the outer appearances might be, there is a fundamental unity that transcends all differences.

The essential key to spiritual growth is that a human being must overcome the illusion that there is anything that is separated from God, including him- or herself. The only real problem for human beings is a sense of being separated from God. The key to spiritual growth, the key to enlightenment, is to overcome this illusion of Maya.

The dark brotherhood will do anything they can possibly think of to prevent human beings from overcoming that illusion. The dark forces made the choice to separate themselves out from God. Some of them actually believe that they have somehow created a world that is outside of God or in opposition to God.

In reality, there is nothing but God. God is all there is, and God’s substance is everywhere. If God is omnipresent, how could there ever be a place where God is not found? In reality, God truly is everywhere, but because certain beings have been given free will, they have the ability to create the illusion that they are separated from God. However, that illusion only exists inside their own minds and it can only continue to exist as long as they give it power by choosing to uphold the lie.

The central message of my website is to encourage everyone to walk the path of personal Christhood. As you walk that path, you gradually become able to see beyond the illusion that you, and anything in this world, are separated from God. You gain the ability to see the unity behind diversity. You also begin to get an intuitive sense, an inner discernment, that allows you to see through the illusions and lies perpetrated by the brotherhood of darkness.

Make no mistake, these forces have been around for a long time and they have developed a certain cleverness. They are very skilled at creating ideas or belief systems that contain many statements of truth, yet contain a few statements that perpetrate the illusion of separation. In some cases, the only way to tell the difference between light and darkness is by vibration. As you walk the path of personal Christhood, you will attain the ability to read vibrations and to tell the difference between light and darkness.

If you have not yet attained this intuitive ability, our website contains tools that will help you speed up this process. However, it will also help you to always keep in mind that the brotherhood of darkness seek to divide whereas the Brotherhood of Light always seeks to unify

Note from Kim: If you want more detailed and extensive teachings on this, I recommend the book, Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, which was dictated by Lord Maitreya. It contains the most detailed description of the fall found anywhere.


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