The Baltic nations are in between East and West

TOPICS: The Baltic countries are meant to be unified – forming a greater union – an open door for ideas between East and West – transcending the communist mindset without going into greed – the middle way between communism and capitalism, thereby avoiding totalitarianism of both kinds –

Question: We have talked about the role of England and the role of Sweden as representing the flame of Mother and the flame of Father on earth. What is the special role for Estonia and Baltic countries, and in particular what could spiritual seekers do in order to raise the consciousness there? Thank you. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

They should do what spiritual seekers everywhere should do—first seek the kingdom of God within themselves and then go out and share their insights and raise the spiritual awareness. The three Baltic nations are truly meant to be more unified. They are so close, they are facets of the same greater idea, that they could actually fulfill their divine plan only by coming to a greater union. They may not have to merge into one nation but they certainly have to come into much greater union than they have today.

And so, I realize that it is not realistic to expect this to happen within the very near future, but that is the vision that needs to be held by spiritual people of those three nations—of the formation of a greater union. And only then will it truly become clear to the people, first to the spiritual people, what the purpose of that union is. But as all nations, each nation has the potential to bring forth certain ideas and concepts that no other nation can bring forth. And so, this is true for the Baltic people, as well.

Having been part of the former Soviet Union but also having ties to the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic people have a unique opportunity to serve as an open door for ideas from the West that can help transform Russia and move it away from totalitarianism and toward greater freedom and true democracy. However, this must start at home with the Baltic people first freeing themselves from the lingering consciousness of wanting the state to take care of everything—without going into the opposite extreme of greed.

The challenge for the Baltic people – and also for the Russian people – is to find the middle way between totalitarianism of the communist persuasion and totalitarianism of the capitalist persuasion, the latter of which easily leads to greed and corruption that undermines democracy and takes away the freedom of the general population.

You see that in both systems, a small elite rules the population. In a communist system, those who control the party rule, whereas in a capitalist system, those who control the business institutions rule. The challenge is to establish a society that is NOT based on a man-made system, for it acknowledges the role of Spirit in human affairs. Thus, it is based on a direct influence from the spiritual realm, which makes it unnecessary to have a man-made system that controls everything.


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