The ascended masters have the power to change the world; we have the authority

TOPICS: Masters have the power to stop war, but they do not have authority to override human free will – spiritual warfare in the astral realm – war starts in higher realms – dark forces control people through emotions – war and a vortex of emotional energy – people’s consciousness makes them vulnerable to dark forces – Hitler backed by dark forces – people can turn the vortex around, but only if they are willing to look at themselves – spiritual warfare for the minds of human beings – ascended masters respect free will, dark forces do not – the masters were able to do much behind the scenes and did save the lives of millions of people according to prayer and karma – prayers and decrees prevented a nuclear war – masters could have stopped second world war, but not enough people invoked their intercession – the masters can stop negative spirals in the astral plane – masters need our authorization to intercede in world affairs – the masters are always here for them, but we have to accept their help –

Question: Master Jesus, What were you and those of the ascended masters doing during the latter part of the 20th Century in spirit. I’m a history buff and watch the history channel. In my awakening, I see the horrors of the 20th Century no longer as intellectually interesting, but as tragedies. I am just curious what the ascended masters was doing during WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and GULF WAR I. 

PS. I am in no way questioning your actions or inaction, I’m just curious what happens on the spiritual, less physical side of reality when certain wars/conflicts happen on the earth plane.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Thank you for raising an important question that many people have indeed wondered about. One might rephrase your question as, “Where is God when you really need him?”

I can assure you that the ascended masters also consider these wars as tragedies, and we would much have preferred that they had never come to pass. So why didn’t we use our power to stop them? If you will take time to study some of my teachings on this website, you will see that time and time again I stress the importance of the Law of Free Will. One of the main messages I want to get across on this website is that because God has given human beings free will, there is indeed a limit to what God and the ascended masters can do on this planet. Surely, we have the power to stop a World War. Yet we do not have the authority to do this if there are not enough people who are willing to serve as the open doors, whereby our power can enter the material world.

What I am saying is that in order to stop a war, you need power and you need authority. The ascended masters have the power, but human beings have the authority. Unless people give us the authority to act, our power cannot be unleashed.

Another important message I want to get across is that there is more to life than meets the eye. In an important discourse, I describe the existence of four levels, or realms, of the material universe. One of these levels is the emotional realm, which corresponds to the emotional body of humankind. As I explain, this realm, often called the Astral plane in esoteric literature, is currently dominated by dark forces. In fact much of the imagery in the Book of Revelation actually describes the forces that exist on the Astral plane. Much of the description of spiritual warfare that is found in several religions refers to the ongoing battle between forces of light and forces of darkness that takes place on the Astral plane.

The important point is that what happens in the material realm is only the last link in a chain of events that started in higher realms. As I explain in my discourse, everything is sustained by a stream of God’s energy, and it descends through the other three levels of the world before it enters the material realm. So a war is not simply a material event. It starts in the realm of identity and then goes into the realm of thought in the form on a wrong belief or ideology. You can see this at work in the second World War in the form of Naziism. See my teaching on the Holocaust in order to understand the effect of despiritualizing human beings.

While wrong beliefs can set the stage for conflict, what really fuels a war is raging emotions. These emotions are always stirred and reinforced by dark forces in the emotional realm. Because human emotions are so volatile, dark forces have made an all-out effort to take control of the emotional realm, and through people’s ignorance they have largely succeeded. Thereby, they can control people through their emotions, and it is important for people to understand how this happens.

During the time that leads up to a world crisis, a mass consciousness starts forming. You might consider this as a giant vortex of energy that forms a maelstrom or a black hole. This vortex exists on the Astral plane and in the mental realm. People who do not have a high enough level of Christhood, will simply be overpowered by this mass consciousness. They will be sucked into the vortex and they will be blinded by the beliefs and emotions that form the vortex.

I know this sounds as if people are overtaken by forces over which they have no control. However, that is both true and not true. The vortex cannot appear out of nowhere. In other words, though dark forces might fool people into accepting wrong beliefs and misqualifying emotional energy, people still have to go along. They have to make the choices to go along. What makes people vulnerable to the manipulation of dark forces is what is already in the mass consciousness. This is the accumulative effect of the consciousness of the people. So it is actually the people’s consciousness that sets the stage for the creation of the vortex.

My point is that it is the people themselves, through their actions or inaction (often the latter) who allow a vortex to form. Once the vortex reaches a critical mass, it begins to overpower people, and it is all downhill from there. Yet before the vortex becomes overpowering, it would be relatively easy for people to stop it—if they would only see through their own wrong beliefs and take control over their negative emotions.

If you study the events that lead up to a war, you will see this mechanism at work. For example, in the decades prior to the start of World War II, you can clearly see that almost the entire German population was sucked into a mass consciousness, an energy vortex. Adolf Hitler did indeed play a big part in serving as the outer focal point for this vortex. And I can assure you that Hitler had the support of a massive array of dark forces on the Astral plane. Yet Hitler was simply a front figure. It was the collective unconscious mind of the German people that created the conditions whereby Hitler could take power.

Once Hitler had taken power, he acted out what was already latent in the consciousness of the German people. This was the erroneous beliefs and negative emotions generated by the German people after the defeat in World War I. Hitler added his own momentum to the mix and this was greatly reinforced by the dark forces. This momentum very quickly became stronger than any single German and stronger than Hitler himself. This is in essence the lesson of the story of Frankenstein. Human beings can quickly create an energy monster that turns around and attacks themselves.

I am not hereby trying to blame World War II exclusively on the German people. Several of the other nations in Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States, had their own collective consciousness that contributed to the conditions that created the second World War.

My point is that the collective consciousness of a certain population, or of humankind as a whole, is created through an accumulation of choices. These are choices made by many individuals, and they are choices that cause them to become blinded to the truth and the reality of the situation. In other words, people do not see what they are doing, they do not see that they are headed for a major disaster—until it is too late. That is why you saw me exclaim on the cross, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The people who crucified me were overtaken by a vortex that caused them to kill me without truly understanding what they were doing. Yet that vortex was created out of the consciousness of the people, and it was fueled by people’s choice to reject the living Christ.

My point here is that there is an ongoing spiritual warfare for the minds of human beings. The ascended masters are constantly seeking to enlighten people so they can avoid creating these downward spirals that lead to major disasters. We are trying to prevent people from creating situations that get out of control. At the same time, the dark forces are seeking to fool people into creating these vortices because it enables them to steal people’s spiritual light, which they need in order to survive. They are seeking to blind people, and they often do this by agitating people’s emotions to the point where it seems like war is the only or the better solution.

What I hope to help people see is that the dark forces have a certain advantage in the battle for the minds of human beings. We of the ascended masters have absolute respect for the Law of Free Will, but the dark forces have absolutely no respect for this law. We can give people directions, but if people ignore them, the Law of Free Will mandates that we stand back and let people reap the consequences of their choices. We are not seeking to control people, even for their own good. The dark forces are constantly seeking to control people for their own good—meaning the good of the dark forces. We do not believe the ends can justify the means, but the dark forces do and they will do absolutely anything to get their way with human beings.

In other words, we did everything possible to help people before the start of the second World War. Yet our attempts were ignored by the majority of the population and by the leaders of most nations. Therefore, we could not prevent this war from starting. However, this does not mean that we were completely out of the picture.

We are still allowed to do much in answer to people’s prayers or their desire for higher understanding. We were indeed able to protect millions of people through their individual prayers. We were also able to guide people, which led to some crucial turning points in the war. For example, we were able to inspire the discovery of radar upon scientists that were sensitive to our inner direction. Likewise, we played a major role in the allied forces capturing the German Enigma encoding machines. There are thousands of other examples of how we were able to intercede, and I can assure you that had it not been for our intercession, the war would indeed have lasted much longer and have caused the deaths of far more people.

Unfortunately, we were not able to prevent the war from setting the stage for the Cold War. This came about because the two main western leaders, Churchill and Roosevelt, were not open to our directions during the aftermath of the war. Had they been open, Russia would not have become the threat that it became, and therefore the Cold War would have been averted. Fortunately, we were – with the help of the people praying and decreeing – able to prevent the Cold War from escalating into a nuclear confrontation between the superpowers.

I fully understand why so many people feel like God is distant and does not answer their prayers. Yet what I hope the visitors to this website can understand is that the world you see with your physical senses and know with your outer awareness is only the tip of the iceberg of the larger part of God’s creation. What happens in the material world is often simply effects of causes that took place at one of the other levels.

For example, in the buildup to World War II, there was a major expansion of the activity and power of dark forces on the Astral plane. Once the collective consciousness of humankind had reached a certain level of agitation, the dark forces could use the misqualified energy to boost their own power, and this gave them the strength to further agitate people’s emotions. Gradually, this created the downward spiral, or vortex, that eventually overpowered people and caused physical war to break out. Once the critical mass was reached, no human power could have stopped it.

The important lesson here is that the only way to prevent the escalation of a crises is through the intervention of the ascended masters. We did indeed have the power to stop the second World War, but during the 1930’s there were not enough people invoking our intercession. Had we been allowed to act, we could have stopped the war, because it is far easier to stop a war before it has broken out in the material realm. It is far easier for us to stop the forces in the Astral plane than to stop events in the material realm.

When dealing with dark forces, we are still bound by the free-will choices made by human beings, because those choices can actually empower the dark forces on the Astral plane. Yet if only a few people choose to come apart from these dark forces, or even better call for their judgment or removal from this planet, then we can do some major work on the Astral plane. This can greatly purify the subconscious mind of humankind and make it easier for people to snap out of the vortex that makes them spiritually blind.

You will see from an analysis of history that before the start of the second World War, the entire world was truly suffering from an illusion that blinded them to the dangers of Nazi ideology. Consider how the British prime Minister, Chamberlain, met with Hitler and declared “Peace in our time.” Chamberlain was not stupid or naive, he was simply blinded by the illusion that was (partly) created by the mass consciousness of his own people.

It was this illusion that eventually led to the outbreak of war because it allowed the dark forces on the Astral plane to reinforce the Nazi regime with virtually no restrictions. Yet once people started overcoming that illusion, it did not take long before the world realized the danger posed by the Nazi regime. Therefore, we could now bind the dark forces who supported the Nazi regime, and this was a major factor in the defeat of that regime. Yet once an event has spilled over into the physical realm, it takes time to stop it. In some cases, there is not much we can do to stop it. It is almost like a forest fire. While it is still small, it is easy to put out. But once it reaches a certain momentum, you have to let it burn until it runs out of fuel.

The lesson here is that if a critical mass of people would make the effort to call for the removal of darkness from this planet, and would make the effort to come apart in consciousness from that darkness, then the ascended masters can indeed remove the darkness on the Astral plane before it manages to trigger major disasters, such as wars. Before a war has actually broken out, even a relatively small amount of prayers, invocations and decrees can stop that war. Yet once the plug has been pulled, so to speak, it takes a far greater effort to stop the downward spiral. Nevertheless, with God all things are possible.

Have I conveyed the reality, that we of the ascended masters are always here, and we are always ready to help our unascended brothers and sisters? Our only limitation is that human beings must call for our assistance and give us the authority to let the power of God remove darkness from this planet.

Have I conveyed the reality that even today there are several downward spirals that could lead to another major crisis, even a third World War? One of these vortexes has already spilled over into a physical war in Iraq, but it can quickly escalate.

I suggest that Archangel Michael’s Rosary and the World Invocations are the most powerful tools you have for preventing the third World War and many other potential conflicts. Be not the blind followers who march mechanically toward the point of no return. Stand up and make a joyful noise unto the Lord so that the Lord can respond by causing the walls of Jericho – symbolizing the walls of illusion around the minds of the people – to crumble into dust.

And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16:19)

We have given you the keys to the kingdom on the toolbox website. Use them!


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