Terrorist attacks in Madrid, March 11, 2004

TOPICS: The old Spanish government disregarded the will of the people by supporting the war in Iraq – terrorists will see change of government as a victory – use spiritual tools to break downward spiral leading towards war –

Question: Do you have any comments on how the people of Spain should react to the recent terrorist attacks?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I explained in my comments on the 911 attacks, the American nation did not make the highest possible choice after that event. I sincerely hope that the people of Spain will make a better choice.

In that respect, let me say that the recent election results present a delicate challenge. As you will see from my comments on the war in Iraq, this war was not a justifiable war. Therefore, the old Spanish government made the wrong decision to support the United States in this war. The overwhelming majority of the Spanish people were against the war, and this shows that the Spanish people had greater spiritual attunement than the government. That attunement led to the downfall of the government, and in one sense it is good that the democratic process has reflected the will of the people. It now remains to be seen whether the new government will be able to transcend politics and ideology and attune to what is the highest possible response to the situation.

On the other hand, it is almost inevitable that the terrorists behind the bombings will see the change of government as a victory and as a sign that they can manipulate democratic countries. Because these terrorists obviously hate freedom and democracy, this is a dangerous development that could lead to future terrorist attacks on an even greater scale, especially before the American election. It is a potentially explosive situation that could cause certain democratic nations to feel that democracy itself is being threatened by terrorism. It can lead to an escalation of attacks on Muslim nations, and this could potentially lead to the large-scale war that Mother Mary spoke about in her discourse on peace.

I must say that it is extremely important for spiritual people to seek to mitigate this tension by using the spiritual tools we have given. Mother Mary’s invocations and the decrees to the seven rays are extremely important. It is also important that people understand the teachings in my discourse on the situation in the Middle East. This will allow them to make more efficient calls.

Unfortunately, I must prophesy that it is likely that terrorist attacks will escalate until western nations are manipulated into a new war that could quickly spin out of control. Only an intense effort by spiritual people can prevent this downward spiral from reaching the point of no return.

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