How are the answers on this website brought forth?

By Kim Michaels


If you want to understand how the ascended masters communicate with those of us who are still in embodiment, you need to understand the Law of Free Will. The purpose of our existence is to grow in self-awareness, and this can happen only when we make choices and experience the consequences of them. Thus, we might say that planet earth is like a cosmic classroom in which we – the students – have the potential to learn certain lessons.

There are many such classrooms throughout the material universe, and each has certain characteristics. Planet earth still belongs to a category in which it is possible to have a very specific experience, namely that one is a separate being – separated from God and separated from other humans – and then awakening from that experience.


This experience is made possible by the density of the energies that make up planet earth. There are planets in the universe that have risen to a higher level, in which “matter” is not as dense, meaning one can directly perceive that it is made from a finer substance, namely spiritual light. On such planets it is no longer possible to have the illusion that one is a separate being, but on earth this is still a possibility.


Why plausible deniability must be maintained

According to the Law of Free Will, the density of the energies that make up a planet is a product of the consciousness of the inhabitants of the planet. It is quite possible that the earth will be raised in vibration, so that it one day becomes impossible to believe that matter is separated from Spirit. In fact, the ascended masters – along with many of us in embodiment – are working towards that point. Yet until a critical mass of people voluntarily raise their consciousness to the level where this shift can occur, the masters will respect the Law of Free Will.


This means (among other things) that the masters cannot simply appear in the sky or through some undeniable manifestation. Instead, they can communicate with humankind only in such a way that the basic illusion of separation can be maintained by those who still want to see themselves as separate beings. In other words, the basic principle that the masters must follow is that plausible deniability must be maintained. It must be possible to deny God’s existence, to deny that there is a spiritual reality beyond the material world, to deny that ascended masters exist and to deny that they can communicate with us.


This goal is attained by the masters communicating with humans in very specific ways, so that it is easy to overlook or deny this communication. Up until the mid 1800s the masters were not actually allowed to make their existence know through any public means of communication, such as books that could be found by anyone. Instead, they worked exclusively with so-called secret societies in which the existence of the masters was revealed only to people who had passed certain initiations.


Yet in the second half of the 19th century, the masters were allowed to make their existence known through public forms of communication, such as books and organizations that openly proclaimed to be receiving communication from the masters. Since then, there has been a string of books and tools published by single authors or organizations. Yet in each case, there was no undeniable proof that this was coming from beings beyond the material realm.


How the masters communicate

The ascended masters can communicate with human beings in various ways. Truly, it is important not to be too intellectual in wanting to confine the ascended masters to categories that can be grasped by the human intellect (the reason being that the masters can help us only if we are willing to rise above the linear mind). Yet it can be helpful to talk about two different types of communication: direct and indirect.


Indirect communication can be compared to what a radio or television station is doing. The ascended masters are constantly broadcasting certain energies and messages from the ascended realm. Yet it is important to realize that these signals cannot be received by people in what is currently the “normal” or common state of consciousness. The minds of all of us do have the ability to tune in to these signals, but it can only be done by raising one’s consciousness beyond what is currently normal. However, anyone willing to raise his or her consciousness can indeed tune in to what is being broadcast by the masters.


Throughout history, many people have made use of this ability. In many cases, people were not even consciously aware of where the ideas came from, which has given rise to the classical idea of muses or inspiration. Some people have been able to receive an idea only once in a lifetime, whereas others have had a higher degree of attunement. Nevertheless, through such general broadcasts, the masters have been able to bring into the physical realm many ideas that had a positive impact on the evolution of humankind. Yet beyond this indirect or non-specific communication, the masters can also communicate in a more direct manner. 


This happens only to people who acknowledge that ascended masters exist. In some cases people receive direct communication and put it into books without exposing the source. Yet in other cases, people do expose that the messages they receive come from ascended masters. And for such people it is possible to receive communication, where an ascended master can speak directly through a person in embodiment. This has traditionally been called “a dictation” or a message. Some people write such messages, while others speak them aloud, even in front of a group of people.


The teachings and tools on this website are brought forth as a link in this tradition of the ascended masters giving more direct forms of communication. Since 2002 I, Kim Michaels, have been receiving both dictations and tools from the ascended masters. My wife, Helen, has been doing this since 2009. Yet despite the fact that I have been doing this for some time, I feel I am still in training. I think it is wise to recognize that earth is a schoolroom, and as long as we are here, we have more to learn.


In some organizations, the person receiving dictations has been called a “messenger.” Personally, I feel that this should be seen as a very humble position. Unfortunately, some organizations have idolized the position of being a messenger, making the person more important than the members, almost as if the messenger was the only link between people and the masters. Therefore, I prefer to refer to myself as simply an “open door.” And I recognize that all people have the ability to tune in to the ascended masters. In fact, if the tools on this website are successful, they will empower many people to attain such attunement.


What is a dictation?

For many spiritual people, the process of communicating with the masters will be what they know as channeling. However, “channeling” is a word that has been used to describe a wide range of phenomena. So in this article, I will describe how I receive my material from the masters. This is not to in any way put down what others are doing; it is simply to clarify what I am doing.


Let me begin with dictations. A dictation is where I attune my mind to the Presence of a specific ascended master. I do not go into a trance, because it is my understanding that the ascended masters do not work with trance channels. The reason is that this is a violation of free will, as the channeler is not aware of what the channeling entity will do or say during the trance. So I am fully conscious during the process, but I have been trained to go into a neutral or pure state of mind, where my personal thoughts or feelings are not engaged.


In most cases, I have no conscious awareness of what a master will say during a dictation. In some cases I have an awareness of the topic, and I often have a beginning thought that has been given to me ahead of time—just to get me started. Yet once the dictation starts, it is my task to stay attuned to the master without being distracted by external noise (I have taken dictations in front of groups up to 100 people and also in public places) or my own internal noise. I have often started a dictation without having any idea of what the master will say, and the dictation has lasted for over an hour, giving a perfectly consistent message—something my outer mind simply would not be capable of doing.


What the master releases to me is not words that I hear in my mind and repeat. Nor do I see them in flaming letters and repeat them. What I tune in to is a stream of consciousness that is beyond the linear vehicle of words. This stream of consciousness is then “translated” into words in my mind. I literally hear the words as they are being spoken, but I could, of course, choose to interrupt the process at any time. 


However, the most important element of a dictation is not the audible words, but the stream of spiritual light that is carried by the words. A dictation always has a message that can be grasped by the linear, intellectual mind. Yet if you read or hear a dictation only with the mind, you will miss the most important part, namely the light. Because I have taken dictations for so long, I am used to the process, but I recently had an interesting experience. I took a dictation (during a conference) from the Maha Chohan. In the audience was a person who was new to the concept and somewhat skeptical. After the dictation, he made the remark that it simply wasn’t possible for a human being to speak for nearly an hour with such power in his voice, and even to increase that power towards the end of the dictation. I realized this is true, and it brings up an important point.


My dictations often last an hour or more, and in most cases I am standing up the entire time. Yet I never feel physically, mentally or emotionally tired afterwards. Instead, I feel energized and feel my consciousness has been raised to a new level of clarity. I would be concerned if I felt depleted afterwards, because that would mean the being dictating had taken energy from me. Instead, the ascended masters give me light during a dictation, and at the same time they release light to the audience. If you want the full benefit from a dictation, tune in to the light (which is best done by listening to the recording).




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Korea 2017 conference sound files



The sound files with the dictations have now been uploaded to the subscriber's website.

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The importance of this spring’s conferences


Mother Mary has asked me to convey that the masters consider the three conferences we are holding this spring as being very important. She hopes as many people as possible will make an effort to attend. There is a need for people to make this effort because the masters have relatively few students who can be open doors for the light they want to release. It is not enough that people listen to the dictations later, as it cannot release the same amount of light as being there in person.

The more people come, the more of a multiplication factor there is when we give invocations. It also allows the masters to release more light during dictations, and this means the light can have a greater effect on the collective consciousness. 



The Korean conference is important in terms of making sure the current saber-rattling does not lead to armed conflict. However, even more important is the long-term need to secure the best new government in South Korea that can implement a more open policy towards North Korea, as the masters described last year. Even beyond this, there is much more to Saint Germain’s vision for Korea and Asia.



Because of Brexit and the refugee situation, Europe is facing special challenges in terms of an attempt by dark forces to break up real unity. Saint Germain considers it important to spread a new vision for European unity that goes beyond what has been seen so far and that can take Europe closer to his golden age ideals. We also need to hold a spiritual balance that does not create a rift between EU and Britain bit opens up for close ties in the future.



The masters want to create a new impetus that can help the Russian people rise above the hopelessness and the sense that “nothing will ever change.” This will set the stage for the election next year and (in the long run) that the real changes that are already happening in the higher octaves can begin to break through to the physical octave. Saint Germain also wants to give an impetus for people grasping his golden age vision for Russia.


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