Spreading the golden age ideas among Turkish, Iranian and Altai nations

Question: What can we do to remove obstacles to the widespread acceptance of the Golden Age ideas and teachings or elements of teachings of the ascended masters in all of the Turkish, Iranian and Altai peoples including the Islamic ones? What calls can we make for greater progress in these countries and regions?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, it depends on whether you live in these areas or not. If you live in these areas, you can use the invocations we have given that invoke Golden Age ideas. You can especially select the invocations that deal with issues that are most relevant in your country. And you can make the calls, also, that Islam will change, other people’s views of Islam will change, that there’s a rising awareness that, these nations need to become secular democracies, as we have said at this conference, where you look at the historical evolution and you can see that it is inevitable, what needs to happen in these nations.  You can make the calls that those who have embodied in your nation in order to drive this evolution will be cut free, will be awakened and that, as many people as possible will be cut free to awaken these ideas.

This is a somewhat long-term proposition here. You cannot expect to get immediate results of this, because there is such an opposition, such a resistance to this in the majority of the people, but there are, of course, already tendencies. You can also make the calls that there will be a rising awareness of the need to create economic reforms. For example, to overcome the rising youth unemployment in these nations. You cannot have a functioning nation if a majority of young people cannot find a job, even if they have an education.

One of the most realistic ways that will force a change in these nations is simply, the economic reality that either changes are made, so that the nations become more secular and open up more to businesses or the economy will collapse. And then there could be a violent revolution. I’m not saying you should call for a violent revolution, but you can call for an awareness and if the economy isn’t changed, then there will be a violent revolution because this can motivate some leaders to accept changes. You can, of course, also call for people to be cut free from these demons, these mass entities—collective entities, that are keeping them trapped in this Islamic fundamentalist mindset where they are simply so trapped, that they cannot see what is obvious to at least some people in these nations.

Now, if you live outside of the region, then you can make general calls for the Golden Age ideas to be accepted. If you’re living outside, you don’t need to make direct calls for these nations because it’s just better to actually make calls for your own nation. So that, you will raise the collective consciousness in that nation and this will help pull up on these other nations. It is sort of a two-prong approach here, where some of these fundamentalist Islamic countries, they cannot, in the short term be pulled up by themselves. So, they must be pulled up by the rest of the world by a raising of the collective consciousness. But for those people who live in the countries and are open to ascended master teachings, you can make the calls for your nations.


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