The teaching about the difference between inner vision and clairvoyance

Question: Is there a difference between inner vision and clairvoyance? Do ascended masters students need to develop a vision? And if so, are there any special techniques for developing inner vision or clairvoyance? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well, it depends on how you use words. In the way we use words, we do not talk about clairvoyance, because it has been used in many different ways by different groups of people. We generally talk about an inner vision instead and we do not actually mean the same thing that most people mean when they talk about clairvoyance, because they talk about somebody who has the ability to clearly see or even physically see, for example, your aura, or the astral plane or other phenomena. What we desire our students to develop is not what you normally call clairvoyance, but the inner vision, where you have the ability to receive impressions from inside yourself.

Now, for some people, they are more visually-oriented. It is easier for them to see in images or understand things that are shown to them in images. Other people are more auditory, and therefore they understand things better when they hear them. We are not trying to say here that one thing is better than the other. In fact, when we talk about inner vision, we mean first of all, that you get an intuitive impression from within. And whether this comes in the form of images that you see from your inner eye, or in the form of words that you received from your higher self, or even more subtle sensations that you received from your higher self or the masters. This is just a matter of what type of person you are, and how it is most easy for you to receive these impressions. It is not that one is better than another. But generally, what we mean with inner vision is that you are not having your eyes open and seeing something at the physical level, or even beyond the physical level. It is something that goes on inside your mind, and is not really related to your physical senses.

Most people when they talk about clairvoyance, they talk about something that is related to the senses and often an extension of the senses. In other words, you can see energies that most people cannot see with their physical eyes. This is not something we deliberately encourage people to develop, if it happens, it happens, it is part of your divine plan. But there are many, many people who have, many spiritual people who have developed this ambition to, for example, have their third eye opened. And it can often have a not very constructive, even dangerous effect on people because they might even force their third eye open and be able to see the astral plane and they will find it very difficult to deal with. What we encourage is a much more balanced approach. What can you do to develop inner vision? Well, you walk the path, you use the tools we have. First of all, you need to clear your three higher bodies of lower energies, but also resolving psychology, resolving these selves that actually block you from receiving the impressions from your higher self and from us.



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