Holes in the auric field

Question: I have holes in my auric field. I believe this may have occurred during this life and the past by taking heaven by force. I am using invocations and decrees from the masters but are there any specific practices and invocations I can follow to heal and/or repair these holes?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

First of all, you need to be very careful here. Ask yourself whether you perhaps are using invocations and decrees with the momentum you feel you have from past lives of trying to take things by force. There is a certain number of ascended master students who have used our decrees in a forceful manner. This is of course not what we recommend. Certainly it will not help you overcome the problem to do more and more with that same state of mind. Naturally you can invoke spiritual protection, Astreas to cut you free from any dark forces and the violet flame to consume any energies in your aura. This can help heal these holes in the aura but you also have to be aware that there was a separate self that caused you to attempt to take heaven by force; in fact, there is likely more than one. You need to use the teachings and the tools on the birth trauma and the separate selves to try to uncover what they are. We have given you quite a number of examples of what separate selves can be like. When you consider that thousands of avatars have descended to Earth and thousands of original inhabitants have also received trauma, you can see that there are many individual reactions and so we cannot possibly list them all. In a case like this it is clear that, as a reaction to your birth trauma, you attempted to take heaven by force because you built a self that has some kind of belief of why it was necessary to do this and why it was justified.

Now, of course, it is more common that fallen beings attempt to take heaven by force. I am not saying this to give the person asking the question any fear of whether you are a fallen being; that is not the case. I am simply mentioning that the intent to take heaven by force naturally comes from the fallen beings and the fallen mindset. This is why it can also be appropriate in a case like this to make the call to cut yourself free from any ties you might have to fallen beings or black magicians who, in previous ages and even today to some degree, have had these so-called mystery schools where they have attempted to teach students how to supposedly take heaven by force. Naturally you can never take heaven by force but you can of course use force in the four realms of the material world.


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