Hearing voices

Question: I hear voices on a regular basis. They feel not clearly evil but they feel invasive. They mostly comment on my life and my mind. I would like to know what they are and if their presence is beneficial and if I should get rid of them and how?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

You already know that their presence is not beneficial or you would not have asked the question. Clearly anything that feels invasive is not beneficial to your mind. It is not beneficial to the exercise of your free will regardless of how unfree it might be. 

These voices can in some cases come from separate selves but in most cases they come from beings outside of your four lower bodies. This can be disincarnate souls, in other words people who have died and their souls could not move on into the light or even move into the emotional realm but are trying to stay with the physical and therefore looking for a vehicle to express themselves through. It can also be entities, demons in the emotional realm or the mental realm or even in the lower identity realm. It can also be fallen beings although they would probably be more aggressive and more evil; more easy to see as being evil. 

So you will have various degrees of people who hear voices, some that are more aggressive and more destructive and some that are more subtle. Therefore it is more difficult to judge whether they are beneficial or not but any time you feel something is invasive, it’s clearly not beneficial to your growth. 

Now you can always debate or talk about what do you mean when you hear voices? Do you hear it physically or does it at least seem it is a physical voice you hear even if the physical voice is inside your head? Or is it more subtle, at the level of thoughts, at the level of feelings where it isn’t something you would experience as a physical voice? So the more physical it is the more invasive it is but it’s still invasive. You have a right to have your four lower bodies be your domain that is not influenced by any outside force. Therefore you need to make a decision that you do not want this. 

Too many times my beloved, people are not making that decision and it is sometimes because they have a certain psychological issue that causes them to invite certain spirits into their force field because somehow you think you will gain some advantage for this. Even sometimes not feeling alone or even the sense of being important or having some kind of direction that you could hear or not wanting to make decisions. It can be many different things but people can invite these in and that is when it can be difficult to evaluate, are they beneficial or not. 

The reality is they are never beneficial but in order to get rid of them, you of course need to look at why did you invite them in? And it is always a separate self that causes you to invite them in. So you need to expose that separate self and use the tools we have given for that purpose. 

Now when it comes to what you should do on a short term basis, you need to invoke spiritual protection - calls to Archangel Michael, the rosary to Archangel Michael, calls to Astrea to cut you free even Violet Flame to set you free from the energies that might be attracting them. You can also use many of the invocations and rosaries we have given over the years that are applicable to your particular situation. If for example, these voices give you a certain sense that you feel loved then you might have a problem loving yourself and you could then use the invocation for loving yourself, the invocation for self-esteem and so forth and so on, depending on what your individual psychology is that have caused you to be susceptible to these voices. 

You could say that if you are hearing voices it’s because there’s something in your four lower bodies, specifically the three higher bodies that are making you vulnerable. There are plenty of entities and demons and beings that are constantly projecting at human beings. You could say that all human beings are being exposed to a certain amount of projections. 

So why is it that most people are not hearing voices? Well it’s because they don’t have that specific vulnerability that enables these entities to enter their force fields. So you need to make that decision that you will not allow this, you need to make the calls for protection and then you need to on a more long term basis uncover what was it that caused you to be vulnerable to invite them in and overcome those separate selves. 


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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