During the conference seek an insight from ascended masters that will help you take the next step on your personal path

Question: What is the best way to prepare ourselves for the conference of the ascended masters? What should we do?  Fast or eat a certain food? What invocations, rosaries should we give? How should we use the time during the conference to maximize our advantage for the benefit of spiritual growth? What should we ponder and meditate on, and what food is best to eat? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well, the real benefit of coming to a conference is that you are out of your normal daily environment and you have the opportunity for focusing your attention on the ascended masters and seeking to have some personal, intuitive connection with us. In order to prepare yourself for a conference, well, what you specifically should do is an entirely individual matter. I cannot give a general guideline for all of you, because it is so individual. Naturally, we would say, you do not need to fast but you would avoid any kind of heavy foods, any kind of too much sugar, too much heavy meat. Of course, alcohol. Coffee, tea can also be a stimulant that for many people can give them a high and a low. But for other people, they are so used to it that it doesn't have that big of an influence. 

During a conference, again, it is individual according to your psychology. But what you seek is an insight from us that will help you take the next step or the next several steps on your personal path. When I say on your personal path, I mean in the resolution of your psychology, whatever level you are at. I trust that many of you will be ready to recognize that the path we offer, especially through this messenger, is not an outer path, it is an inner path. With that we mean that it is not a matter of eating certain foods, doing certain exercises, doing certain decrees and invocations, and you will automatically get results. It is a matter of looking at yourself, looking at your psychology, looking at your reactionary patterns, and coming to see something that helps you resolve a pattern, overcome a self, overcome an aspect of the ego, so that you move from one level of consciousness to the next up. This is the advantage of coming to a conference. And so it is really a matter of being open, being willing to receive that insight of basically saying to us in your mind: “Show me what I cannot see.” And then being willing to see it, and being willing to look at it from different angles until you have that awareness of seeing it, and in seeing it, you release it, you let it go, and you are free.



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