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Question: Another question about the flow of energy – the masters said there was some plan to release an amount of energy for this conference. Yesterday, it was said that the energies are released through our chakras, through the chakras of all of us, and I personally don’t much feel the flow of that energy through me. And I know there are some people who feel the flow of that energy so much, almost bursting with energy. Does it mean that I am not a good conductor for the energy?


Answer from Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. NOTE: This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2015.


While I, of course, understand your question, I also need to encourage you not to analyze and evaluate yourself this way. It is very individual what you experience or do not experience. There are many people who have had their third eye opened or have had other kind of sensitivities without necessarily having a high degree of spiritual maturity or mastery. So these outer abilities are not necessarily a clear sign of any kind of attainment, and that means the absence of them is not a sign of a lack of mastery.

It may simply be that your focus is somewhere else. It may be that some people are more focused on the physical octave and changes in the physical octave, and they are therefore not as sensitive to the energies. You can, of course, develop this sensitivity, but I do not necessarily want you to focus too much attention and effort on this. It is, in fact, better, as some people have realized, to see these kinds of things as gifts. If you receive them, fine, but if you strive to attain them, then many people have tried to take heaven by force. 

There are, in fact, many people who have certain clairvoyant abilities but who have forced them (either in this or past lifetimes) because they desired to set themselves above others or feel that they were important, or other human ambitions like this. So my answer really is: Do not worry about this. If you sense it, then that is good. If you do not, do not be concerned about it, because by making the calls and being centered in the heart, you are having the effect.

I also want to comment on the concept that we had a certain plan before this conference for how much energy could be released and that you could go beyond it. We always have what we might call a low potential or a high potential, but, of course, the low potential is then much higher than the activities of most human beings. When you do come together at a conference, even the lowest potential is a very high release of light compared to people in the world. So do not underestimate that.

It is, of course, a delicate equation when you have 30, 40, 50, or more people who come together from many different physical locations and do not know each other at the conscious level. In some cases they have karma with each other from past lives. When you do come together at a conference, even though you may not be consciously aware of it, your four lower bodies start interacting with each other, and your karmic patterns may pull you into certain reactions with other people.

We have in previous ascended master organizations often seen how people could come together at a conference who had never met each other before physically in this lifetime, and all of a sudden they could be in a heated discussion over something. It was an inconsequential discussion, but both sides were completely convinced that it was absolutely necessary to prove their point to the other side. This is an example of a karmic attachment between these people. There was something they didn’t work out in a past life, and they have a desire to work it out. Now that they are together, they become anxious to absolutely work it out, but they think the only way is to convince the other side.

The way to work it out is, of course, to look at yourself and say: “Why do I have this attachment to convincing these other people, which I normally don’t feel?” Then you surrender it, you let it go. You make the calls for the transmutation of the karma or the energy, and you forgive. If you have this reaction with other people, it is because there is something you need to forgive—you need to forgive them, you need to forgive yourself.

We cannot, of course, know how people will respond when they are brought together. We can predict how people’s auras are going to stir up each other, but we cannot predict whether people will choose the higher road of letting it go or whether they will choose to go in and reinforce these patterns. What we have fortunately seen in the last several conferences, that we have given with this messenger present, has been that the majority of the people have chosen to transcend their patterns and come into a greater harmony. In other words, the harmony of the group, the harmony of yourself, the goal of serving the ascended masters, was more important than proving yourself right. That is what makes it possible for you to manifest the highest potential for a conference where we can release much more light than we imagined or planned. At this particular conference you have achieved a very high level of that harmony, synchronicity, oneness, that we look for. 

As we have said before, when you get together in a group and give decrees together, there is a multiplication of these decrees. The multiplication factor can vary, and it varies depending on the level of that oneness and harmony that you can achieve as a group. The higher that level of harmony, the more light can be released through your chakras. You have at this conference truly achieved a very high degree of this. I do not say this to cause pride, but I say it to cause the realistic assessment in you that you have been willing to set aside all of these lesser things. 

Really, it is not a matter of denying that there are issues to deal with, but it is a matter of not allowing an issue to become a downward energetic spiral. You understand that we are not encouraging you to try to create this harmony artificially, by simply ignoring or denying any issue you have with other people. We are not saying that if two people come together at a conference – or a group of people come together – and you feel there is a tension, then you should say: “Oh, now we have to keep the harmony and ignore this issue.” What we are saying is that there is a middle way, where you do not ignore the issue but where you are talking about it in a way that keeps your energies high, that keeps them flowing upwards so that they do not start creating this downward energetic spiral.

You will notice in all of your relationships how you have some people with whom you have created this downward energetic spiral. You can use our decrees and invocations to free yourself from the energetic pull, and then you can teach yourself to always keep your interactions with other people above that level so that you do not create these energetic spirals. In fact, you have a right to say, when other people come and want to drag you into such a spiral (you do not need to say it out loud, but you can say it in your mind) that you don’t want to be pulled into this. Then, you do whatever is necessary and appropriate to avoid it. 

There are many times when, if you ignore an issue or gloss it over, it will still create an energetic spiral so it is good to attempt to resolve it. If the other person is not willing to raise his or her energy so you can resolve it in a constructive manner without creating the downward spiral, then it can be valid for you to just withdraw and say: “I am not going to reinforce it.”

Truly, what we look for in a conference is that you, so to speak, create an environment that is as close to the ascended realm as possible, and in the ascended realm, of course, we are in a state of harmony. We are not in a state of sameness, but we are in a state of harmony that is far beyond what most people have ever experienced on earth and could even imagine. By coming together and maintaining this high level of harmony and union, you gain a glimpse of how we interact with each other in the ascended realm. We, of course, do not play any of these games. We don’t have these energetic spirals. We are always uplifting each other. This is possible to achieve once you have reached a certain level of working through your own personal issues. 

After all, whenever you have a conflict with other people, the reason you are in that state of conflict is that you have unresolved psychological issues that pulled you into it. It may very well be that the other person also has unresolved issues. But if you had not had unresolved issues, the other person would have had to find somebody else to pull into his or her spiral, and you would have been passed by. If you want to be free, if you want to transcend, you need to be willing to look at yourself. Because all of you who are here have been willing to already do that in yourselves before you came, you have then been able to achieve this higher degree of harmony.

It always gives us intense joy when we see a group of people, or even two people, on earth who can achieve this and who can maintain it over time. We fully understand how difficult it is to maintain something like this over time, and it is especially difficult in your daily lives. We understand that all of you, when you go from a conference where you have experienced this higher consciousness, will be confronted with a test. Most likely it will come from the people closest to you, who don’t realize what they are doing and are not doing it out of evil intention, but they will subject you to the test of whether you can keep that harmony. 

It is good to be aware of this, but it is also good to apply what I have given you here, namely that if you do fall below, then you don’t condemn yourself and analyze. You pick yourself up and move on. You think back to what you experienced at the conference. You go back into that frame of mind, even if you have been pulled out of it. That is the value of experiencing this higher harmony, that it becomes your frame of reference so when you realize that something has pulled you below it, you can make that decision to raise yourself back up.



Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels

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