Do not use the outer analytical mind to compare different teachings

Question: Some people have activated Merkaba’s: expanded light bodies. When you the ascended masters work through these people, do you have a wider range? Can you give some insight in the difference from the earth if people activate their light bodies, and what ascended masters and angels can do with these energy fields?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.


Well, yesterday, we talked about the impact of words, and I gave the advice that you are free to study all kinds of teachings, whether the previous ascended master dispensations or other teachings that are given today. And if they give you an experience that helps you shift your perspective, raise your awareness, then that is good. But, do not use the outer analytical mind to try and compare different teachings and do a point by point comparison to find out how they exactly parallel. What we are giving in our teachings is that you have certain energetic bodies that we have called the four lower bodies. And you can purify those four lower bodies, and the more you purify them, the more the light can stream through from your real light body, your I AM Presence.

The more you remove the filters, the blockages in your four lower bodies, the more you can come in contact with what we call your Causal body, which is all of the positive experiences that your I Am Presence has had, since you first descended into embodiment on earth, or on a natural planet. Again, we don't really want to do these point by point comparisons. Because there are many, many teachings out there that use different wordings, different concepts, because they are based on a particular tradition. And it's not our aim to create this mindset that the ascended masters teachings is the only true one or is the highest one that therefore should replace all other teachings on the planet. This is not our goal at all. We simply put out a teaching, we let those who find that the teaching resonates with them, use it however they can see to use it. And if they need to use other teachings, and as well, then that is perfectly fine. But we don't intend to create some kind of mapping between our teachings and every other spiritual teaching on the planet. 


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