The correlation between ascended master teachings and the teachings of Freud, Jung or other psychologists

Question: Is there any correlation between the selves we are studying and the psychic structure model of Sigmund Freud’s id, ego and superego?


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Well my beloved, we have told you several times that even the teachings we give cannot, when they are expressed in words, be the full truths about every topic because there's difficulty in translating ideas from the ascended realm into words. Of course, it’s the same thing when you're talking about conditions in the physical realm, in the material world. It is always difficult to translate this into words, especially a topic like the psyche. Therefore there are many different models of the psyche that can all have some validity and you can certainly come up with correlations between ascended master teachings and the teachings of Freud, Jung and other psychologists.

Some of the newer forms of psychology are much more in alignment with ascended master teachings but this will have to be explained by someone who has experience in that field and who has been trained, has studied the field and is open to ascended master teachings. This person would need to know the vocabulary that is used, the concepts that are used in that particular field, in order to come up with the correlations. Naturally this messenger could do it by studying Freudian psychology but this just isn't a priority for what we want him to do. So again, if there were some ascended master students who had experience with this kind of psychology or another kind of psychology, they could certainly study the teachings and then come up with some correlations. Depending on their openness they could even get directions directly from us. 


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